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Trip to the Zoo
The Gosselin family takes a trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo for the day, where they get a special behind the scenes tour of the exhibits. They entire family is amazed that they have the rare opportunity to feed giraffes, pet a penguin, and hug an alligator.
7 Jan. 2008
Day in the Life
With the twins starting grade one, a typical day in the Gosselin household begins much earlier. Jon and Kate take viewers through a day in the life of the Gosselin family.
14 Jan. 2008
Twins Turn 7!
The twins are 7 today! Unfortunately they have to go to school while Jon stays home from work and helps Kate with the sextuplets. They go to jamboree class in the morning and prepare for birthday celebrations in the afternoon. The whole family will eat out at a restaurant in the evening and then go back home for cake, ice cream, and presents.
14 Jan. 2008
Kate Hires a Nanny
The Gosselins decide it's time they hired some help, so Kate screens prospective nannies through the agency "Nannies 4 Hire". Although the interviews allow Kate to form a first impression on the candidates, she believes that putting them to the test with all eight kids will show her how well they can cope with the chaos.
21 Jan. 2008
Potty Training the Boys
With much success Kate has potty trained Leah, Hannah, and Alexis. Now Kate turns her attention to try and potty train Joel, Collin, and Aaden but one of the boys remains determined to stay in diapers.
21 Jan. 2008
Winter Preparation
With winter on the way, Jon and Kate fear being stuck inside a cluttered house with eight kids. Kate, with the help of Beth, sets out to organize the house from top to bottom.
28 Jan. 2008
Family Photo Shoot
The Gosselin family gets a new formal picture taken with a photographer who has shot the family since the babies were 6 weeks old. But no matter who the photographer is, it's never easy to get a perfect picture with eight kids who don't want to sit still.
4 Feb. 2008
Kate's Wardrobe Makeover
Winter is coming soon, and Kate is looking for fun activities for the kids that will get them outside the house. They hire a Tumblebus, a school bus filled with activities inside instead of seats. Then, Jon takes Kate out for a shopping date to buy her a much needed new wardrobe.
11 Feb. 2008
Behind the Scenes of Jon & Kate Plus 8
Jon and Kate give viewers an inside look into how an episode is made on Jon and Kate Plus Eight. They discuss how their family has changed since the sextuplets arrived and the effect the cameras have on their day-to-day lives.
18 Feb. 2008
Gosselin Family Christmas
The Gosselin family gets into the Christmas spirit by baking cookies and caroling for family friends who have helped them in many ways over the past few years. Then on Christmas day, the family enjoys a nice, relaxing day together filled with lots of presents and sugary treats.
25 Feb. 2008
Plane Ride to Utah
The Gosselins get invited to travel to Utah for a skiing vacation. After a long and excruciating plane ride, they finally arrive in Utah and begin their holiday.
25 Feb. 2008
Viewer FAQ
With eight kids and two sets of multiples, viewers of Jon and Kate Plus Eight are always curious as to how Jon and Kate cope with such a large family. The couple answers some of the many emails they receive each week.
3 Mar. 2008
Gosselins Go Skiing
When all ten Gosselins are settled into their house in Utah, they begin their skiing vacation. The eight kids take skiing lessons while Jon snowboards and Kate, despite feeling very ill at first, relaxes with Beth in the spa.
10 Mar. 2008
Twins Get Musical
After Mady's teacher suggests that Mady be involved in an extra-curricular activity, Kate and Jon decide to enroll Mady in violin lessons and Cara in piano lessons. They buy a new violin for Mady and receive a complimentary piano for the whole family.
10 Mar. 2008
Cooking with the Twins
Kate signs Cara and Mady up for cooking classes where they learn proper cooking skills. Back at home, the sextuplets pass the flu around giving Jon and Kate many extra tasks to complete, like vomit laundry.
17 Mar. 2008
Carpeting the House
While the kids recover from the flu, the Gosselin house is re-carpeted from top to bottom. Jon and Kate begin to look at properties as they are searching for their next house.
17 Mar. 2008
Valentine's Day
On the day that's all about love, Mady and Cara are at school while Kate and Jon make everything heart-themed at home for the sextuplets. Then, when the twins get home from school, all eight kids go on a treasure hunt for one big Valentine's Day gift.
24 Mar. 2008
Color Me Gosselin
Now that winter has arrived, Jon and Kate take their eight children outside to play in the snow. Then they all visit a Crayola factory where Jon and Kate realize that outings do not get any easier as the kids get older.
24 Mar. 2008
Leah and Joel
Jon and Kate take Leah to Bounce-U, a building filled with inflatables for her to play with. Then Jon takes Joel to Hands-on House, where he explores and asks many, many questions.
31 Mar. 2008
Hannah and Aaden
On Hannah's special day, Jon and Kate take her to go ride a horse. Then it's Aaden's turn and Jon takes him to a dairy farm.
7 Apr. 2008
Alexis and Collin
Knowing how much Alexis loves alligators, Jon and Kate take her to a reptile park. Then it's Collin's turn and Jon takes him to a railroad museum.
14 Apr. 2008
Cara's Day
For her special day, Cara decides to go roller blading with a new pair of roller blades. While she spends the day with Jon and Kate, the remaining seven Gosselin kids stay at Aunt Jodi's.
14 Apr. 2008
Mady's Day
Kate and Jon take Mady out alone to get her ears pierced and then to a restaurant for lunch. The remaining seven go to Aunt Jodi's and when they return Kate makes a startling discovery.
21 Apr. 2008
Games Gosselins Play
The Gosselin's love to play games, especially ones that involve the entire family. From hide-and-go-seek, to duck, duck, goose, the family explains the variety of fun games they play on a daily basis.
28 Apr. 2008
Oprah Here We Come
Oprah Winfrey invites the Gosselins to visit her show in Chicago. As they prepare for a two hour flight, Jon and Kate look back on their previous traveling experiences and feel that they can confidently take on this trip.
5 May 2008
Household Chores
Jon and Kate begin to include the sextuplets, as well as Mady and Cara, in completing the daily chores. Although the little kids don't always do everything perfectly, Jon and Kate are very grateful for their enthusiasm and willingness to help.
12 May 2008
Gosselins Take the Stage
Mady and Cara want to put on a talent show starring the sextuplets. But when things don't go as planned, Kate and Jon decide to make it a fashion show, knowing how much the kids love dress-up. They also discuss their own wardrobes and the changes that have occurred over the years.
19 May 2008
Jon & Kate's Special Day
Now that each of the kids has had their own special day, Jon and Kate get a special day for just the two of them. They get their teeth whitened and go to a restaurant for a romantic dinner.
26 May 2008
Memorial Day Picnic
Jon and Kate take their eight children out for the day, to church in the morning, followed by a picnic lunch in their favorite park, and then ice cream for dinner.
2 Jun. 2008
With eight kids and eight unique personalities, Jon and Kate believe that discipline is key to surviving in their household. They discuss some of their most effective parenting techniques and talk about the positive and negative qualities of each child.
9 Jun. 2008
Jon's Hair Raising Experience
Jon accepts an offer to have a hair transplant procedure done in California. While he and Kate are away, uncle Kevin and aunt Jodi bring their four kids to stay with the other eight at Jon and Kate's house.
16 Jun. 2008
How We Got Here
Many viewers are still curious as to how Jon and Kate got to where they are now. The couple sits down and discusses their life together, from the moment they met to their lives now with two sets of multiples.
23 Jun. 2008
Boys Day Out
Jon takes all three boys out to play golf, after buying new clubs. Back at home, Kate makes a snack with the little girls.
29 Jun. 2008
Girls Day Out
Kate takes all five girls out to paint pottery. While they're away, Jon brings the boys to the gym for his workout.
30 Jun. 2008
Gosselin Family Movie Night
It's Friday and the Gosselins are planning a family movie night. During the day, while Mady and Cara are at school, Jon hits the gym and runs errands while Kate oversees the installation of their new blinds.
7 Jul. 2008
Sextuplets' 4th Birthday
Instead of having a huge party for the sextuplets as the family has done on previous birthdays, the Gosselins keep it low key this year. The whole family travels to a bakery where each of the eight kids makes their own cupcake topped with lots of icing.
14 Jul. 2008
Korean Dinner
Jon decides to prepare an authentic Korean dinner for the whole family. With all the special ingredients at hand, Jon begins cooking the meal, which will take all day to prepare.
21 Jul. 2008
Embarrassing & Favorite Moments
Now that Jon and Kate have seen many episodes of themselves on TV, they each share some of their favorite moments as well as ones they're not so proud of.
28 Jul. 2008
Sunny Day
All eight kids go with Jon and Kate to Sesame Place, an amusement park centered around the Sesame Street characters. Even with the temperature topping 100 degrees, the family has fun as they ride together and meet Elmo, Big Bird, Bert & Ernie, and many more familiar characters.
4 Aug. 2008
All Aboard
The Gosselins head to Strasburg Rail Road where they ride the kids' favorite train, Thomas the Tank Engine as well as other locomotives.
11 Aug. 2008
Heading South
With their eight kids in tow, Jon and Kate begin their summer vacation and head for the beach. Along the way they stop to look at two potential properties for their next home.
11 Aug. 2008
Wild Horses
In North Carolina on their beach vacation, the Gosselins take a beach-side tour of wild horses in a Jeep. Then, after getting hermit crabs for the big girls, they visit a lighthouse where some members of the family discover their fear of heights.
18 Aug. 2008
Beach Trip
Continuing their vacation in North Carolina, Jon and Kate decide to brave the beach once again and take the kids to play in the sand and swim in the water. Back at the beach house later in the day, the kids take swimming lessons, a first for the little kids, and use pudding for finger and body painting.
25 Aug. 2008
July 4th Celebrations
When the Fourth of July rolls around, the Gosselins are still in North Carolina on their beach vacation. They celebrate with a big seafood feast, hair wrapping for the girls, and watch the fireworks display.
1 Sep. 2008
Kate's Labor Day
Jon, Kate, and all eight kids visit the Hershey Medical Center, where Kate gave birth to the sextuplets. Although the sextuplets themselves don't remember anything, visiting the Center brings back powerful memories for Jon and Kate, and even Mady and Cara.
8 Sep. 2008
Backyard Campout
Jon and Kate decide to have a backyard camp-out, complete with campfires and s'mores, with all eight kids. But stormy weather threatens to keep them inside.
15 Sep. 2008
Sight and Sound
Kate and Jon take all the kids to the Sight and Sound Museum where they watch a show depicting the story of Adam and Eve.
29 Sep. 2008
More Viewer F.A.Q.
Jon and Kate receive around 3000 emails a week and although they can't answer emails everyday, they do enjoy responding to the questions they get asked. They answer questions about everything, from the personalities of the kids, to the parenting styles of Jon and Kate, and what the future holds for their family of ten.
6 Oct. 2008
Picture Perfect
The Gosselins pose for the front cover of November issue of Good Housekeeping Magazine.
13 Oct. 2008
Mr. Mom
Kate leaves for New York on a business trip, leaving Jon at home to take care of all eight kids. The added stress of doing everything on his own shows Jon how hard it is for one parent to take care of all eight.
13 Oct. 2008
Back to School
As the summer comes to a close, Cara and Mady return to school and the sextuplets enter their first year of preschool. It's a mad dash as Jon and Kate try to get all six 4-year-olds to school on time.
20 Oct. 2008
Baseball Game with Daddy
Jon takes Cara and the boys to see a baseball game while Kate stays home with Mady and the girls. At the game, Jon and the kids meet many famous baseball players and managers.
27 Oct. 2008
Hawaii Here We Come
Jon and Kate always wanted to get married in Hawaii. So when a resort in Maui invites them to stay with them, Jon and Kate decide it will be the perfect opportunity to renew their wedding vows. The family prepares for their flight to Hawaii with a connection in San Diego.
3 Nov. 2008
Legos & Safaris
While in San Diego for five days in order to brace themselves for the time difference, the Gosselins enjoy playing on the beach, running around Legoland, and meeting new animals on a safari. At the end of their trip, they head off to Hawaii!