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Loved the Episode

Author: trishthompson from United States
13 November 2007

I disagree with the previous comments; I thought this episode was one of the best. It may lack a lot of action, but this is not an action series. I laughed out load several times and anxiously awaited the next episode to see how things turned out in some of the sub plots. Admittedly, I found the CIA story more engaging than the race car driver story, but mainly because Hugh Laurie figured more prominently in that one and I LOVE Hugh Laurie! As to the other doctors on the show having "cameos" in this episode - not everyone gets full air play every episode in virtually any show - that's just the way things are - but they all get their turn in the limelight eventually and it all comes out pretty evenly in the end, just maybe not this particular episode. I thought the writers dd their usual excellent job on this episode - as did the cast and crew.

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Yeah.. this one deserves 10 stars. I was so impressed.

Author: InvisableMirages from United States
6 November 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Starting out, everything fell into place like it normally does. People get sick and the doctors have no clue as to what is going on. However, House is asked to treat/cure an agent for the C.I.A. Of course, he goes along with it.

While House is busy with that, Foreman is left with the duty of being boss over the trainees. And uppity Dr. Amber and the plastic surgeon (who's name escapes me for the moment) go behind Foreman's back to treat the patient for Lupas. Which Foreman was most definitely certain is wasn't. And of course, it's /never/ Lupas.

After a lot of being jerked around, everyone comes up with new ideas for the patients. Foreman's and House's.

However, a very entertaining twist fell into the puzzle when Brennan fakes a test for his theory so he can test an experiment treatment for a disease which isn't curable.

Honestly, I was shocked that he did it. It was really the last thing I expected.

Overall, great, entertaining House that deserves 10 stars.

Plot: 10/10 Acting: 9/10 Ending: 11/10 (Yeah.. like I said, I was *very* impressed.)

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The first episode of 4th season you might like. (contains a spoiler so mild, that it doesn't even deserve the full 7 letters)

Author: rael from Russian Federation
9 November 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is an excellent episode. Basically the best one the 4th season has offered yet. House is supposed to help another patient that'd only suit this TV show, but all of the sudden he's on a mission for CIA. It doesn't look just like another episode of a chewed up drama show, that lasts just because it's still popular, but in fact it is easily on par with the first two seasons. The idea of the new doctor characters that the writers were trying to nourish the famed-TV-show-gone-insipid with in previous 5 episodes is now interesting all of the sudden, there is some character development that works. They don't try to throw each of those faces at you anymore saying "lookout, another new twist". It's more House-oriented but nothing is overwhelmingly bad about it. This one shows some balance.

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Author: sam_avb from Canada
12 September 2014

This is one of the better episodes. It was enjoyable and hilarious. Dr.House goes to Cia while Dr.Foreman battles with the new crew. They have issues with Foreman leading. Really it was extremely tough episode for Dr.Foreman. Patient is giving hard time, the new crew doesn't seem to obey Dr.Foreman and wants to prove him wrong. This conspiracy theory humiliated Dr.Foreman before things came back to normal. Some people will do everything they can just to score some brownie points. But they failed to understand that going in wrong path will only lead to their downfall. Someone learnt that at the episode. On the other hand Dr.House is having really awesome time with hot doctor at Cia trying to help one of theirs. The way Dr.House speaks he can win any lady over million times. He is witty, sarcastic, harmless and he has that remote control to turn on any women he speaks to. Even if he did unintentionally it works. And even doesn't realize that. Really a slick talker, a charmer with his remarks about female human body I enjoyed this episode. Ending was nice. Good to see House finally treating Foreman with respect and supporting him. Its all good. Now down to 5 new fellows. Lets see who goes next. The way Foreman fights his way back to win his respect is awesome. Foreman deserves special mention here. He really had harrowing time. Once you see the episode you will know how wonderful he was and how much he tension he had to bear.

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Insulting to third world

Author: fabiogaucho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
11 August 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well written, with good jokes and surprising twists, and the different setting (the CIA for half the episode) is a nice change. One must note, however, the utterly stupid notion developed in the end that Brazil stops for carnival for 40 days. It doesn't. Yes, I am Brazilian, take my word for it. I can't believe they could not find a less stereotypical and - frankly - insane plot device to make House find out that the patient was actually in Brazil.

The episode also shows that, without House, all other doctors put together - the old and the new gang - are essentially a group of bumbling idiots that either can't diagnose the simplest problems or cannot figure out the most obvious foul play. Which was fun. Quite within the spirit of the series, which is not exactly about the collective.

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The low point so far this season

Author: mockturtle from New York
14 November 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

To the contrary, Foreman was right in his initial diagnosis, and he's right each time after, but the results are being manipulated.

I was very disappointed by all of the sexist dialogue from House in this one. Naming one of the prospectives "cutthroat bitch" is one thing, but add to it continually propositioning another professional and it's going far.

The worst is that now this wooden, boring CIA character is going to take the place of one of the well-developed and interesting "game-show contestant" characters. I personally wanted him to hire both "Cutthroat Bitch" and "13" at least, but now one more person has to go so a bigger "name" actor gets the part (though how Michael Michele is a bigger name than Kal Penn or Anne Dudek I'm not certain).

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Oh No! Not Her!

Author: LeeRoss1 from United States
14 November 2007

I love Hugh Laurie and am a huge fan of this show. It is, without any doubt, one of the best programs on television. However, why the addition of Michael Michelle? (sp.) She almost completely ruined one of another television program that could not be surpassed, "Homicide: Life on the Street." A less talented and more charisma challenged actress never appeared in any medium. I am very disappointed in whoever responsible amongst the House production teem decided this was a good creative choice. House doesn't need the addition of someone who just ruins the show. What were they thinking? Did they possibly believe this would give the program sex appeal. I would rather see the other characters, especially Wilson, have a bigger part in the proceedings. I can only hope this is only a phase and that dear Michelle moves on quickly. House has not been up to standards previously met and this certainly makes things no better. Hugh Laurie and the rest of the excellent cast deserves better than this.

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Bad Direction, Michael Michelle Make for a Disappointment

Author: Martin triffle from United States
6 November 2007

When I saw Juan Campanella credited as director, I thought the producers had decided to give a chance to a young director. When I saw the result, which was heavy-handed and used meaningless hand-held shots, I was very disappointed they had hired someone with no experience.

Then I checked IMDb.

Juan Campanella has lots of experience. He is loaded with awards...

What's his excuse? Once again, we can see that awards are totally meaningless.

Add to that the as awful as usual Michael Michelle (as the prospect of seeing more of her lack of expression) and this was a blown opportunity. This should have been a fun, quirky episode.

It was a major disappointment and easily the worst episode of the past two seasons.

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An off episode

Author: xredgarnetx from Connecticut
7 November 2007

House gets called away to take care of a sick CIA agent while Foreman and the Surviving Six take on a race car driver who may or may not have polio, among other considerations. To say the episode is slow-going is putting it mildly. The CIA schtick is boring, with the exception of the introduction of a drop-dead gorgeous CIA doctor (Michael Michele) whom House implores to have sex and/or come back to Princeton with him. The race car driver story is dull, although it ends up weeding out of one of the Surviving Six. Also, it turns out Foreman as the diagnostic leader appears to be wrong at every turn, and the team definitely lets him know it. Chase, Cameron, Wilson and Cuddy make brief appearances. Not one of the show's more sterling episodes, but House does get an interesting surprise at the end.

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