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  • Georgina tells Serena that she can reveal a deep dark secret from Serena's past, but no one is prepared for what Georgina does next. Meanwhile, Blair and Jenny's power struggle continues when each of them start spreading false and scandalous rumors about each other on Gossip Girl's blog. Dan sees Jenny's new beau Asher cheating on her and tells her, but Jenny refuses to believe Dan. Rufus goes to Lily for advice on how to handle Jenny's new rebellious behavior. Serena tries to confront Georgina, but she skips town before Serena has a chance. After this, Serena tells Lily and everyone she and Georgina are not friends after discovering that Georgina has been lying to everyone, claiming that she and Serena are still friends.

  • The evil and crafty Georgina informs Serena that she can reveal a deep dark secret from Serena's past. But no one is prepared for what Georgina does next: by making her play onto Dan and Vanessa by adopting a new persona onto them, named Sarah, and inviting herself for dinner at Lily's place where she 'outs' Eric's homosexuality to his surprised mother. Meanwhile, Blair and Jenny's power struggle continues when each of them start spreading scandalous rumors about each other on Gossip Girl's blog. Dan sees Jenny's new beau, Asher, cheating on her... with Eric. But Jenny refuses to believe Dan that Asher is gay. Also, Rufus goes to Lily for advice on how to handle Jenny's new wild behavior.


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  • Previously on Gossip Girl: Jenny wants a boyfriend, a cute guy named Asher. Serena's little brother Eric tried to kill himself, evil Georgina returns to haunt Serena, and Serena will NOT tell anyone what Georgina has on her. Meanwhile, Georgina introduces herself to Dan as "Sarah."

    On the steps of the Met, Jenny and Blair stare daggers at each other while comparing and contrasting various internet/blog rumors that may or may not be true (Gossip Girl is irked that her sources may not be pure). Yes, everyone is color coordinated within an inch of their lives. Jenny's having a party at Asher's (my, she works fast!) that Blair is so not invited to. Blair tries to cut her down, but the party planner rings up Jenny. (OMG, Jenny is totally wearing fishnet stockings -- what would Rufus say?!) Ha! Turns out it's Rufus on the phone, Jenny says she's going to "choir practice" and evades, asking is dinner okay tomorrow, dad? Jenny returns to the group with faux party stories, just as Asher-y boy arrives in a car that James Bond might own. Blair eats chocolate cake with a frowny face.

    Serena and Eric are leaving the Palace Hotel - Eric contrasts a plaid shoulder strap with a striped tie, while Serena sports Sgt. Pepper's lonely hearts-club vest under a great leather coat. Eric brings up all the Gossip Girl rumors floating around, Serena laughs off the rumor that *he* was GG (nice nod to the outside world!), but Eric is all evasive when Chuck calls S. He's all concerned she's heard from Georgina, but she says she's ok....

    But then, Georgina is at Vanessa's coffee shop, where she's playing faux-naif to NYC, and thanks Vanessa and Dan for "adopting" her. It's total sweet action, where they dissect Jenny's crush on Asher and G plays dumb over Dan's girlfriend, someone named.... Serena? G is dying to meet this wonderful Serena as menacing music plays. Maybe tonight?

    Back at school, Eric is eyeing Jenny and Asher as they smooch, and pulls Jenny over for a private discussion. He's all stalkery about her not returning calls, Jenny giggles and apologizes, then gushes about her new boytoy as Eric seethes. "How well do you know him?" Eric gloweringly asks. Jenny thinks he's being sweet, but it's way too creepy. Does Eric have a crush on Jenny? Um, something tells us that's not the story here.

    Dan finds Serena, they smooch, he invites her to get together tonight. They banter (apparently last week's falling-out was minor) and Serena begs off on plans for an actual real SAT tutor session. Dan counters with "dinner with Sarah" but they try for something else. Meanwhile, Dan's a little frowny face over Jenny's new boyfriend. Serena says to lighten up.

    G (with black nail polish) is watching as Dan exits, and Dan spys Asher making out with someone... OMG, a guy? He falls back, watches and waits, ducks back... but misses who it is Asher's been canoodling with.

    At the Palace, Lily is making arrangements with the wedding planner when... Rufus shows up! Lily plays cool, but Rufus is looking for mom-style advice re Jenny. Lily relents.

    Dan confronts Asher with the fact that he saw Asher kissing... a guy! Asher plays all butch, saying "Are you calling me queer?" Dan doesn't bat an eye and says yes (in full sensitive guy mode). Asher overcompensates with nasty comments about Jenny, who intervenes. Asher pivots with some suave invites, Jenny gets all defensive, Dan is left with no way to say what he knows. Jenny and Asher stalk away, Dan is befuddled.

    S and B are conferencing on the Met Steps; B needs quality time, S is busy. Then Dan shows up, worried about Jenny. He spills that he's worried about Jenny, Blair's ears perk up for useful knowledge. Serena plays nicey-nice, saying give Jenny space.

    Rufus and Lily are at her wedding dress boutique. Parent-child advice ensues (OMG, Rufus is reading Jenny's email), and Lily tells Rufus that raising girls is way tougher than raising boys. Jenny will come back to him, Lily says. Rufus plays gallant and slips a bracelet on Lily's wrist for her. Sweetness ensues.

    OMG - Gossip Girl is rocking everyone's Verizon Wireless with the fact that Asher prefers boys, not girls! Comments about Vanessa Hudgens' feelings are bandied about to Jenny, and Blair comes around the corner, ready to pounce on Jenny's supposed humiliation. Blair says the guy-on-guy rumors are not her doing, Jenny says ha!

    Serena gets a call from the hotel; a package is awating her from Georgina! She tells the concierge hold it until her arrival from school. As she dashes, Blair unwillingly walks up to Dan, calling him "dirty." She thinks he's outed Jenny's boyfriend. He denies, but he spills his knowledge of Asher's previous makeout session. Blair wants proof, since Gossip Girl is not the best source of late. (In addition to the Vanessa-Hudgens-Has-a-Gay-Boyfriend innuendo, we now get a Katie Holmes reference!) Dan does not want Jenny to get hurt, Blair says something mean with the word "hag" involved, Dan tells her she's on her own.

    Back to Rufus and Lily - they're reminiscing as he suddenly sees her in her wedding dress. His breath is literally taken away. She's touched but wary. He's regretful. She apologizes - are we friends? He says yes, but there are total feelings there.

    Jenny's at school, S rushes by as the wannabes quiz Jenny on how far she's gone with Asher. Jenny wavers, the girls continue in, Jenny plays it well (third base - really?) but not perfectly.

    Blair's spies somehow manage to get Asher's cell phone -- apparently the boy takes inordinately long showers after lacrosse practice. B conveniently gets all cell phone messages to be forwarded to her. We likey!

    Jenny surprises Asher at his mansion before the big party and totally starts sticking her tongue down his throat. He's freaked - or so we think. Then, he tells her how's he keeping up his part of the bargain by offering poor little Brooklyn Jenny status, entree into society, access, resources... in return, she needs to know what she gives him. Asher is being totally mean -- is what Gossip Girl said true? He pulls entitlement, saying to keep up the ruse (though he doesn't say exactly what it is) so she can throw her first Upper East Side party. Jenny is crushed but when Asher says they have to put those "rumors" to rest, she sadly asks what she need to do.

    S is back at the Palace Hotel - G's gift is a video, apparently. S plugs the flash drive into her laptop -- G and an unknown man are setting up a video camera to record Serena. It's something sexual involving a "Mr and Mrs Shepherd" - we can tell from the audio (no video is seen) that S is being coerced somehow. Serena freaks, locks the flash drive in a drawer. As Serena's leaving, she runs into Lily -- turns out Georgina just invited herself to a quiet van der Woodsen family dinner! S is so totally screwed.

    Back in Brooklyn, Gossip Girl is totally insinuating that Jenny lost her virginity to Asher! Dan is angry, apparently being on GG's mailing list. He counters her on the whole Asher-being-gay thing, she realizes he saw Asher making out with a boy, Dan asks why is she doing this? He's the voice of reason, she accuses him of being judgemental AND sending tips to Gossip Girl. Get out of my room, nosy big brother!

    Blair calls Serena, who can't take the call due to family dinner. Eric is being a little snot, Georgina asks Lily about her wedding plans, G butters up Lily about the impending nuptials. S is unhappy, Eric is smug, Georgina..... uh-oh! She totally outs Eric at the dinner table! SHE saw Eric making out with a guy! She plays like it's cool, but then fake-realizes she's made a mistake.... Lily won't acknowledge that her son might be.... she can't say it. She asks, Eric won't answer and leaves the table, Serena chastises Georgina, who's smug as a bug in a rug.

    Jenny's leaving for choir practice... but Rufus calls her on the Asher party. He tells her she's not going. Arguments ensue, as well as threats. She is so not a little girl anymore! Sadly, she's lost his trust.... does she want to lose his respect too? The stakes are too high for Jenny -- she goes, crushing Rufus.

    Back at the Palace, Serena goes in to see Eric, trying to make things right. Both are sad that he couldn't tell her he's gay, and that she didn't make the time to connect with him. Eric says he's OK, but Serena says she's there for him. Despite the emotional mess both are in, he admits Asher's his boyfriend, Serena says she's proud of him, they hug. She vows to stand by his side - but Eric says he has to stop by Asher's party. Someone is there he needs to talk to!

    Asher's party is a riot of Upper East Side glitz by way of MySpace -- with LOTS of plaid. Blair is seen arriving/crashing -- looking GREAT in a dress and pearls Daisy Buchanan would kill to own. (If you don't know who that is, buy The Great Gatsby *right now*!) She warns the wannabes something big is about to happen, then goes to find the host. Everyone is intrigued!

    Serena (in a great minidress) has apparently found her way to Brooklyn and Vanessa's coffee shop - Dan is there, glad that she can finally meet Sarah. S says this is not the time.... but guess who's *right there*? Sarah/Georgina! It is SO NICE to finally meet you, Serena! Serena is shocked to the core, Georgina plays her part perfectly....she's an aspiring filmmaker like Vanessa, and has a "short film" she'd like to show the Brooklyn crew. Would S like to view as well? Serena sends Dan away, confrontation ensues. G says it's like old times, S is saying this is so not old times and they are so not friends! G counters with.... well, if they're enemies, Dan sees the video. S backpedals, G pockets the "short film," Serena escapes unscathed... for now.

    At the party, Jenny's going on about how great Asher is when the wannabes inform her Blair is there! B strides up to Asher, taps him on the shoulder a la Les Liaisons Dangereuses and infoms him they need to talk! (Love how she did it with a cell phone and not a fan!) Asher relents - it's his phone she's tapping him with. He's cool as he asks her what she's going to do with her evidence, and Blair shows the one little piece of her heart, saying she won't expose what she knows because she cares about who's involved. Just then, Eric (said person involved who's cared for) enters, confronts Asher, who is aghast. (By the way, everyone is watching now) Who's going to tell Jenny? OMG, Eric fessed up to the kissing, but Jenny backs up Asher's so-not-straight story that it didn't happen. Eric professes he's gay, Asher calls him a fag, Eric storms off, and then Blair forwards *all* of Asher's texts, emails and photos to Gossip Girl! Blair is somehow simultaneously smug and noble.

    Lily has called Rufus - how did she not know her own son was gay? Rufus says we don't always know the people we're the closest to the best, echoing his contretemps with Jenny. Love is the answer, when you're a parent waiting for your kid to come back to you. The two bond, with romantic overtones.

    Update -- Gossip Girl has the proof that Asher was involved in same-sex smooching and that Jenny was lying about giving up her virginity. Blair feels queenly, and seems about to sweep the wannabes away from Asher's party. They offer Jenny one last out -- did J sleep with Dog Walker/Owner boy? Jenny admits exaggerating -- the wannabes can understand dating a gay guy but NOT lying to one's friends. Jenny is branded "L" for liar! All fall to Blair now, who says no plans tonight, but perhaps tomorrow? Jenny is saddened.

    Lily is waiting up for Eric -- she apologizes for her earlier reaction. Eric plays strong and honest, so she offers to be honest and upfront too. She's scared, she wants the best for her kids, and is worried about him. He says he's better now that he's honest. The two hug.

    Blair is at her penthouse savoring her victory (now plastered all over the internet) when in walks..... Jenny! J says she's done with it all. Blair is dubious while Jenny is sincere. Jenny says it's not all worth it, Blair says (with a bit of sympathy) that there's a price to pay, Blair acknowledges that Jenny put up a good fight. The two don't exactly see eye to eye, but understand one another better. Still, why does Blair narrow her eyes like that, as if she's still threatened?

    Back to Dan and Serena - does Serena like his new pal Sarah? Um, not so much. Is she jealous, Dan asks. S realizes how much Georgina/Sarah has infiltrated herself into Dan's life. She asks him not to trust this new girl, Dan shows some backbone and angrily asks why -- he's maybe finding the end of his rapidly fraying Serena rope. He sends S off home, but with a caveat to talk... Serena is as usual balky.

    S and G get a moment alone - what does G want? She wants things to be like how they were before "that night" when everything got all screwed up. Can't they be friends again? Serena is aghast -- um, no! Um, yes, Georgina counters. G can indeed do things -- because she can. She has the power -- over Serena's family, friends, and new boyfriend. Oh, look -- a cab! Get home safe, Serena.

    Dan and Rufus are playing Scrabble - Dan's word choices are proving therapeutic (angry, girl, etc etc). Jenny returns in full party outfit, sad. Words aren't spoken at first, then Jenny asks if she can join the game. Rufus says yes. Jenny cries on Rufus' shoulder -- she's sorry about everything.

    Meanwhile, Serena shows up at Blair's penthouse on the verge of tears. What's wrong, Serena? What happened? Blair implores S to tell her what's wrong, despite Serena's protests. S can't and says it would make Blair a part of it. Blair says you can tell me anything..... she loves her... what is it?

    OMG! SERENA SAYS SHE KILLED SOMEONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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