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An amusing diversion
Woodyanders14 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
An obnoxious sun-glassed hipster dude (well played to the deliciously smarmy hilt by Damian Cecere, who also co-wrote the script) boozes it up while relaxing in a hot tub. The guy also works out with barbells, clips his toenails, and takes a few phone calls. At the end of the short the hipster passes out and drowns in the hot tub. Director/co-writer Todd Grossman delivers a funny little cautionary tale on the potential perils of living life too hard in the fast lane. Nicely shot by Bryndon Smith, with inspired use of the songs "Here I Go Again" by Whitesnake and "Life in the Fast Lane" by the Eagles, and further enhanced by Cecere's hilariously smug'n'slimy stream-of-consciousness narration, this three minute hoot hits the rib-tickling spot in a pleasingly tight and straightforward manner.
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