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Season 1

9 Oct. 2008
When evidence suggests that someone is attempting human cloning, Dr. Jacob Hood, Special Science Advisor to the FBI, is called in to investigate.
16 Oct. 2008
Children in a small Georgia town are mysteriously dying...from heart attacks.
23 Oct. 2008
Genetic Modified (GM) food results in poisoning of several people.
30 Oct. 2008
Hood is called in when autistic children begin to be abducted, only to reappear apparently on the road to recovery. But when one dies, solving the mystery of where the children go lies in the head of one of the abductees, and she may be the only lead to saving the latest kidnapped child.
6 Nov. 2008
Hood consults when a virus attacks a city worker, and its source may be closer to home than anyone expects.
13 Nov. 2008
The appearance of frozen bodies on sunny California days puts Hood on the trail of a chemical compound, and a madman determined to stop what he sees as a perversion.
20 Nov. 2008
Hood is called in to clean up a mess at a secret government project, but when it turns out the study subjects are not what they're supposed to be, the race is on to prevent any more deaths.
4 Dec. 2008
When students at a land-locked university begin dying of the bends, Hood must not only crack the science but devise a cure.
11 Dec. 2008
When some young men appear to die. They later come back to life. Hood and Young investigate and suspect they're dealing with a bacteria.
15 Jan. 2009
Dr. Jacob investigates an epidemic of violent outbursts by usually law-abiding citizens in a small Texas community but then exhibits to the same erratic behavior.
22 Jan. 2009
Water purported to cure cancer puts Hood and Rachel searching for a scientific explanation, but the answer is more deadly than the diseases it's supposed to be curing.
29 Jan. 2009
The autopsy of a middle-aged but youthful-looking man reveals that he had a second heart.
12 Feb. 2009
Gepetto resurfaces with the discovery of identical quadruplets from different mothers, leaving Hood and Rachel scrambling for clues to identify her, and the hit man she's hired, before another murder occurs.
19 Feb. 2009
A case of mercury poisoning that could turn into an epidemic puts Hood, Young and an eager field agent to work tracing the source of the mercury, but as every lead becomes a dead end they must begin looking for an unnatural cause.
26 Feb. 2009
Hood, along with agents Young and Lee, tries to locate the cause of an outsize number of electrocution injuries and deaths before another storm hits.
5 Mar. 2009
Hood is called in when people in Philadelphia begin falling victim to an unknown poison that affects the nervous system and causes one to become a fireball.
12 Mar. 2009
New York's fashion week turns deadly, and it's up to Hood to figure out how one sniff of a perfume causes the violence.
2 Apr. 2009
Hood goes up against an FBI deputy director when a psychotic woman accuses the man of stealing her son, and the stakes go much higher when Rachel is taken hostage and Jacob is accused of complicity in the crime.

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