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A pretty good film.
leiftore-markman1 March 2008
The movie does as usual not completely do the novel justice. But since the novel is about 400 pages, that's natural. The movie is good, and apart from a few small "mistakes" I really enjoyed it. The actors are doing a pretty good job, well most of the anyway. The scenery is well done, and the footage are good. I have notice that some Norwegian movie reviews have recommended people to not see this movie. That is pure bull. The movie is well worth seeing. I would say probably on the better Norwegian action/thrillers.

There are some parts of the novel that are completely missing in the movie, but since the novel writer and the screenplay writer is the same guy, the movie still works.
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Without Dejan Cukic this movie would really stink!
mfaeste28 July 2008
OK, a lot off action in this film, lots of police and S.W.A.T.,e and that i unusual for Norwegian movies.

The first thing that bothers me is that the film is only 1.20 long. Did they run out of money. The novel it is based on is 400 pages. So why not try to make a movie that is 2 hours long??? They could have made some attempt to tell us a story before the terrorists take over the studio. The film start off too fast.

The other thing that bothers me is the lack of actor talent we have in Norway, most of the actors are terrible, it makes me wanna puke.

BUT: Huge credz to Dejan Cukic, the does a wonderful job. If we only had native Norwegians that could act like he does, then the film industry in Norway would be in great shape! But all over, a huge disappointment!!!
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Didn't like it
superjokka-114 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
The movie lacks of actors with acting talent. All the main actors are not convincing at all, and for me this is a C-movie. It could have been a good movie if the actors could act, as the story is actually interesting, but with stupid cops and bad acting it was just boring. Should not have been released. Don't waste your time.

Movie is about a Norwegian TV debate-show that has on the agenda the Chechnya - Russian conflict. Several politicians are at place, including the Norwegian foreign minister. Guests are Chechnya refugees, they turns out to be terrorists, and they take everybody at the TV studio hostage. They demand the release of a Chechnya freedom fighter that has refugee asylum in Norway. Everything is broadcasted live, and the whole world is watching. After a while it turns out that everything is not as it's looks like.
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Dejan Cukic make this a nice movie, but some Norwegian actors' makes it bad too.
Jorgen Larsen25 December 2010
What can i say about this movie? Well, to start off with, Dejan Cukic is a great actor, i can't believe why he isn't an Hollywood star !

The movie starts a little bit to 'fast', they don't give us to much information about the whole Tjetsjenia deal, but it's not to dangerous.

The guy who play "Thomas Fjell" must be the worst actor i've ever seen in my whole life, he barely can speak English and it sound's as if he is talking to an child when he talk to the terrorists.

BUT, it's not often you see this kind of film from Norway, so in one way i'm really impressed, all in all i give it 6/10

U cant compare this with great Hollywood titles though ...
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