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Its actually pretty good.
nikibabs28 March 2008
There are lots of new shows coming on cartoon network now, and chop socky chooks is one. The shows about 3 kung fu fighting chickens (Chuckie Chan,Chick P,KO Joe) who are defending the citizens of Wasabi World (a city sized shopping mall) from the evil Dr.Wasabi.Chop Socky Chooks is not the greatest show in the world,but in my opinion its better than some of the other new shows on cartoon network.Also if you don't know, Chop Socky Chooks is also on Teletoon in Canada.So if you haven't seen this show yet and think its going to be bad, please give Chop Socky Chooks a try. You might be surprised, and don't listen to those complaints about it being really violent, its not.
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What Tak & The Power of Juju should of been like
tommypezmaster29 April 2009
I love this show. There are 2 things that others agree about it: 1) People hate this show. 2) Cartoon Network put it off X[

Can anyone put the rest of the episodes online??? Please?? I really miss this show. For those who don't like the show, I recommend giving Chop Socky Chooks another chance. This show has adventure, comedy, and fun. Chuckie Can & The Ninja Chimps has to be my fav characters, tying with Dr. Washbi. I hope that someone can just brink it back & They did the same with Squirrel Boy, but the only difference is that Squirrel Boy SUCKS!. The episodes are funny and entertaining. Too bad it's off Cartoon Network. I miss Skunk Fu! & Chop Socky Chooks!!!
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