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Season 1

7 Mar. 2008
Game Over Chooks!
Chuckie Chan's rival from his monastery days arrives in Wasabi World, determined to settle a score with Chuckie - and the rest of the Chooks!
14 Mar. 2008
Big Bad Bubba
When Wasabi bans solar blading in Wasabi World, KO Joe decides to protest against the ban. His defiance forces the Chooks to participate in a rollerblading showdown against the Ninja Chimps in Wasabi's gladiatorial arena.
Kobura Strikes
Suffering from insomnia, Chuckie visits Wasabi's Dream World only to become a prisoner. In an attempt to save their friend, Chick P hatches a plan that transports KO Joe into Chuckie's dream. Once inside KO Joe and Chuckie must confront their deepest nightmares before it's too late.
Now You Coliseum, Now You Don't
While trying to improve his reading, Bubba mistakenly releases an ancient demon and becomes possessed by his evil spirit. When The Chooks discover Bubba's transformation, the race is on to stop his demon cohorts from invading Wasabi World.
4 Apr. 2008
Double Trouble
Wasabi kidnaps Chuckie Chan's pupils and is determined to use their skills to power a new video game that will destroy the Chooks in the real world. The Chooks must fight to defend themselves in a deadly virtual battle.
12 Apr. 2008
If Looks Could Kill
When a gang of robotic renegade Chooks go on the rampage in Wasabi World, Chick P turns to her old professor for help in determining their origins. But her efforts are doomed when she discovers that even her former mentor has become a pawn of Wasabi.
24 Apr. 2008
Do You Want Thighs with That?
While trying to stop Wasabi dumping toxic waste, the Chooks are stranded on a long-forgotten prehistoric level. But things really become bizarre when Chick P finds herself worshipped as Queen of the Neandermalls.
1 May 2008
In Your Dreams
The Chooks enjoy some time out at Wasabi's Karaoke Korral - but when they come under attack by mall-dwellers, they discover the hang-out is a front for a sinister plot to transform the unsuspecting citizens of Wasabi World into rampaging zombies.
8 May 2008
Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Breath
Wasabi's new burger sauce is proving strangely addictive, just as his new liposuction clinic is proving rather successful - that is, until the Chooks discover the disgusting link between Wasabi Burgers and the tubs of cellulite being sucked from overweight mall-dwelllers.
15 May 2008
Snake in the Class
Wasabi's new brand of formula milk is proving popular with toddlers, but the Chooks quickly learn it's just the first stage in a plot to create an army of Bushido Babies to carry out his plans for world domination. The Chooks must defend Wasabi World, but how can they battle against cute but deadly ankle-biters?
22 May 2008
His Master's Choice
Wasabi announces his marriage to mermaid songstress Siren Sung. As a wedding gift to his bride, the paranoid piranha announces that he intends to flood Wasabi World. It's up to the Chooks to stop the wedding!
29 May 2008
Chop Socky Whoops
When Wasabi gives Bubba the sack and replaces him with the Hairy Sumo Brothers, Chick P takes pity on the big ape and soon he is in training to become the fourth member of the Chop Socky Chooks. But when the Chooks go into battle to stop the brothers' gangland spree, will their new ally prove a help or a hindrance?
The Mark of the Bantam
Wasabi has turned his old enemy, the Bantam, into a laughing stock by creating a campy TV version. But when the real Bantam returns to seek revenge, his actions threaten to harm the mall-dwellers and the Chooks must stop his reckless behaviour.
Night of the Karaoke Zombies
Chick P's childhood friend Oni returns to Wasabi World for a reunion. At the same time, the evil Deadeye appears on the scene and when the Chooks investigate her plot against Wasabi, Chick P stumbles onto the terrible truth about the betrayal of her family's honour.
Return the Other Cheek
Wasabi sends Bubba to steal the Twin Cheeks of the Apocalypse, the source of the Iron Butt Monks' fabled power. But Bubba only manages to steal one and when the Cheeks are separated, Wasabi World trembles in the anticipation of the Cosmic Wind. The Chooks must stop the chaos by bringing the Cheeks of the Apocalypse together again!
Planet of the Bubba
While fixing Wasabi's TV satellite, Bubba is struck by a strange force and returns to Earth super-intelligent, imprisoning the Chooks and the rest of Wasabi World in his own private zoo. To save the mall-dwellers, the Chooks must escape and find the source of Bubba's new-found braininess.
The Level That Time Forgot
When Chuckie's Master senses a disturbance in the Cosmic Balance, he traces it to its source - Wasabi's new must-have toy, the Karmagotcha, which steals its owners' good karma. Chuckie is ordered to return to his Monastery for re-training, leaving Joe and Chick P to stop Wasabi's evil scheme on their own.
Bushido Babies
The Chooks must go into hiding when their secret identities are revealed. Chuckie's pupils become the Junior Chooks and act as the trio's go-betweens, but when a new kid joins their gang, Chuckie suspects there may be a traitor in their midst.
Appalling 13
Wasabi is offering mall-dwellers free trips to the moon. But when the Space Tourists fail to return, the Chooks realize it's all a sinister scheme to make them work as slaves in Wasabi's space-mine. So our heroes must boldly go where no Chook has gone before.
The Chooks of Hazard
The Chooks rev up their engines to compete against Wasabi World's most dangerous villains in a wacky race to stop Wasabi getting his hands on the components of a deadly Doomsday device.
Enter the Chickens
Chuckie persuades the Chooks to enter Wasabi's contest to find the Ultimate Martial Artist, to prove to his students that the pure path of Kung Fu is best. But knowing that the Chooks will win through to the final round, Wasabi fixes the contest to make sure they cannot survive.
Swarm Welcome
Wasabi World is over-run by cockroaches. The Chooks' suspicions are confirmed when they discover that Wasabi's attempts to acquire the powers of a radioactive bug have gone horribly wrong.
The Lamest Show on Earth
Chuckie is given the task of guarding a precious jewel, which actually turns out to be a rare and valuable dragon egg. The egg unexpectedly hatches and our heroes find themselves caretakers of a Baby Dragon - just what Wasabi needs to turn his failing circus into a rip-roaring success.
Isle Be Seeing You
The Chooks wake to find themselves on mysterious island full of lethal perils - little do they know that they are pawns in Wasabi's deadly new reality TV show, where they must compete against each other to survive!
The Codfather
Wasabi uses a time machine to travel back to the day the team was formed, so he can stop his worst enemies from ever meeting! But maybe putting Bubba in charge of operations isn't his brightest idea...
Down the Drain
Wasabi's central computer goes haywire - shopping trolleys are racing, escalators are speeding and vending machines are attacking their customers. The Chooks find themselves fighting the mall itself - but what has happened to Wasabi? The answer lies in the sewers beneath Wasabi World...

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