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Sex & Nudity

  • A man starts using a pair of medical scissors to snip off the buttons on a woman's shirt. For a brief moment her bra and chest are visible underneath. Later, we hear that the vision she was having was of a "cadaver raping her." House is impressed with one of his fellows, and tells him "You keep this up, and you're going to have to start wearing sexier clothes." The patient starts groping one of the fellows during an angiogram, saying "I need to touch it. I want it. Give it to me."

Violence & Gore


  • House calls Amber a b****." Cuddy tells Amber she's not going to get anywhere with House by "kissing my a**." House tells Cuddy that "Thirteen and Cutthroat B**** had an argument." House uses the word "b******" and the word "kinky." House tells the Mormon fellow that "[Joseph] Smith was a horny fraud."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A man appears suddenly behind a woman. It might be scary to some viewers. A few moments later, another man appears, and the first man starts choking the woman and pushes her down to the floor. A few moments later she is shown convulsing on the floor, alone. At one point, the patient hallucinates that the doctors are trying to hurt her. One keeps pricking her with a needle and missing the mark. Then the other grabs a larger needle and stabs it violently into the patients arm. She starts to bleed openly from the place where the needle is inserted. The whole time she is screaming and asking them to stop. A woman starts vomiting blood during an eye test.


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Violence & Gore

  • The back of a man's head is shown with a large circle of skin and bone taken out of it. There is visible blood and tissue. Multiple small stab wounds show up on the patients arm. There is visible blood. The patient begins vomiting blood during an eye test. Her lips and teeth are covered in blood. A few moments later, Chase is performing a surgery. There are visible organs and visible blood. The Mormon fellow punches House in the face.

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