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  • Bobby's wedding preparations most go on, notably the rehearsal. Andy stands in as Internet minister, Kenny, Mike and Brendan step in as best men for the vacated Jack, Brendan finally gets to propose his bar ideas to John, Mike seeks continuance with Maggie, and Bobby's sharp-tongued mother arrives to cross swords with his soused father. Although Jack returns to his role as best man (returning mainly for PJ), Bobby gets cold feet in a critical juncture.

  • P.J. works to reconcile the rift between Jack and Bobby, Mike wants to get to know Maggie more, Kenny and Stephanie contend with the fallout from their night together.


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  • P.J. is upset about Jack's departure. Discussing it with Stephanie, she is upset that she tried to patch up the divide between the two but only resulted in disaster. She tried to contact Stephanie the previous night. Problem was, Stephanie had her hands full...with Kenny. Stephanie covers for herself by saying she was sick.

    We learn more about Maggie, Mike's "Cougar," who is an old friend of the Newman's and is on a committee with UNICEF. She seems to have forgotten about Mike. With Jack gone, everybody volunteers to be Bobby's best man. Brendan will hold the rings, Kenny will give the speech, Mike will be the DoF (Deputy of Fun), and P.J. will fix all of their screw-ups.

    At the rehearsal, P.J. is still trying to contact Jack (via email, cell phone, and through the Internet on her phone). Andy looks over the ceremony and is not thrilled about how traditional it is. Mike tries to talk up Maggie, but to no avail. Bobby's mom, Pamela, arrives (Marilu Henner). Kenny loses the "NOT IT!" and has to take care of her. The fur doesn't take long to fly between her and George.

    "I didn't recognize you without a whore on your arm." "Well then, get over here."

    The rehearsal is not going all that well, between organizing everybody (of the ones who are actually there) and Bobby stressing out. Stephanie is trying to get Kenny to forget the entire previous night (and return her bra). Talking privately with P.J., Bobby confides he is looking forward to the wedding being over and things going back to the way they were (plus a wife, according to P.J.). She also provides him with a flask, which brightens his day.

    At the rehearsal dinner, P.J. finally gets a call from Jack, although it would be easier to just talk to him directly behind her. Jack comes to apologize to P.J. for what he said the previous night, and P.J. convinces him to join the rehearsal dinner. John finally arrives. Mike catches up to Maggie, who clearly wanted the Mike of yesterday, not the one who wants to start a relationship. Jack's rehearsal speech is heartfelt, relating stories about how he and Bobby tried to catch home runs at Wrigley Field, and the two seem to have made up. P.J. and Jack want to pursue each other, but agree to "just be there for Bobby this weekend." However, they leave the possibility open down the road.

    The gang is gathered together after the dinner, downing alcohol. They talk about how good things are when you get married, each of them talking about how good it is to find that someone special. Kenny gives part of his no-longer-necessary speech, Stephanie talks about how wonderful it is to find someone who makes you feel safe, comfortable, and loved. Mike is glad Bobby found someone whom Bobby could be himself around, and P.J. talks about someone who is there for you and who sees things in you that you may not see in yourself. Brendo laments about missing an opportunity (with Elsa, not Wendy).

    After many drinks, Bobby comes to Andy's room to ask about having second thoughts concerning the wedding. Andy talks about how Meredith was freaked out about the wedding, but she was excited about getting married to her best friend. P.J. (in voiceover) talks about how a wedding can affect people differently, during which...

    1. Andy talks to Meredith. 2. Kenny returns Stephanie's bra, and they shake hands. 3. Brendan and John plan the new club. 4. Bobby's parents have a pleasant conversation together. 5. Mike seeks out Maggie, who decides it's fine to have one more night together.

    Bobby heads to P.J.'s room. He confesses that,"I think I'm marrying the wrong woman." P.J. is shocked, but Bobby gets an even bigger shock when he finds Jack in her room.

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