"Brideshead Revisited" Sebastian Against the World (TV Episode 1981) Poster


[after many earlier warnings, Sebastian has got drunk yet again and has just been expelled from Oxford. Charles and Bridie are packing up his belongings to send them home]

Lord Brideshead 'Bridey': My mother believes Sebastian is a confirmed drunkard. Is he?

Charles Ryder: He's in danger of becoming one.

[Charles opens a drawer to find it full of whisky bottles. He shuts it quickly]

Lord Brideshead 'Bridey': I believe God prefers drunkards to lot of repectable people.

Charles Ryder: [exasperated] For God's sake! Why do you have to bring God into everything?

Lord Brideshead 'Bridey': Oh I'm sorry, I forgot. But that's an extremely funny question.

Charles Ryder: Is it?

Lord Brideshead 'Bridey': Oh, to me, not to you.

Charles Ryder: No, not to me. It seems to me that without your religion, Sebastian might have had a chance to be a happy and a healthy man.

Lord Brideshead 'Bridey': [doubtfully] It's arguable, I suppose.

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