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Character error 

When Paul Blart is talking to Amy she asks him if he was the guy that crashed into the minivan and points to a blue minivan, but he actually hits a silver one.
When Paul takes Amy out to her car, he says "1965 Mustang", and she says he's right. The car is actually a 1966 Mustang. The 3-prong chrome trim on the side was only available on the 1966 model.


In the Mall fight scenes, Paul's shirt goes from tucked in to tucked out and back again several times.
When Paul and Commander Kent change seats in the van Paul's seat belt is visibly on and suddenly disappears when as the angle changes.
When Paul gets hit with the spray tan, a lot of it winds up on his white shirt. Later, when he and one of the robbers fall through the ceiling and into the plastic ball bin, Paul's shirt shows no trace of the spray-tan. In the next scene, however, his shirt is once again covered with tan residue.
When Paul Blart is trying to run through the glass doors to pick up a birthday-card you can see how his radio is secured on his right shoulder. When he falls backwards you can clearly see how the radio falls off. But directly in the next shot it's back on his shoulder.
When Blart and a bad guy are on the mall roof the speed of the fans behind them drastically changes from one shot to the next, then back again.
When Paul Blart stops the old man on the disability scooter, the old man drives away and the scooter pushes Blart over, then he drops his book and walks away. However, he has the book again later in the film.
When Paul is drunk in the bar, he shoves a shish-ke-bob into Vijay's mouth. In one shot, there is a red cherry or tomato on the end. In the next shot it's gone, then it's back again.
When Paul first talks to Amy, an attractive girl walks through the shot and past Paul. It cuts back to Amy, and then back to Paul, it shows the attractive girl walk past him again.
In the scene where Paul is training Veck, Paul hands him a cup of coffee so he can stop a man who is speeding. Veck holds the cup in his right hand in one shot, and is now holding it in his left in the next.
When Paul is leaving the bank, he is noticed and the hostages are sent to the back room. However a few scenes later when his daughter is captured and brought in you can still see the hostages in the background where they were before.
When Paul tells the kids not to throw the balls, the boy in the green shirt and gray hoodie throws an orange ball, but a red ball hits Paul, not an orange one.
In the scene where Blart is on the roof with one of the suspects, the suspect takes the cell phone from Blart and never gives it back. In the next scene, Blart has the cellphone back on his belt.
When Paul falls through the roof at the mall his segway doesn't fall with him, but at the bottom, in the ball pit, he has the segway with him.
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Crew or equipment visible 

In the scene where Chief Brooks hands Sgt. Howard the notebook with a list of clever comebacks, the hand that takes the notebook appears far too old to be Adam Ferrara's. According to the DVD/Blu-ray commentary, that hand is in fact producer Barry Bernardi's.

Errors in geography 

Legal Seafood is seen twice as a restaurant at the mall. There is no Legal Seafood restaurant in West Orange, New Jersey, according the the chain's website. There are many, however, in Massachusetts where this movie was filmed.
Eascare Ambulance, seen at the end, is a company in Boston who mainly do inter-facility transfer. They are not in New Jersey.

Factual errors 

All of the police vehicles in the movie are shown with all blue emergency lights. In New Jersey the display of blue lights exclusively is reserved for volunteer firefighters and volunteer EMS personal vehicles. A New Jersey driver would recognize the minivan with the blue throw light Paul and Jimmy were driving as a volunteer responding to a call, not a police vehicle.
New Jersey State Police vehicles are white with a blue and gold stripe descending diagonally from the upper left hand corner to the lower right hand corner of the door (driver side door) with a gold triangle with New Jersey State Police in blue letters inside of it.
At the beginning of the movie at the New Jersey police academy, Paul Blart has a mustache. In that academy, facial hair on all recruits is not permitted.
Paul Blart is playing the guitar and microphone for Rock Band in an arcade. While the microphone can be used as a tambourine or cowbell, the television screen shows somebody is tapping the microphone, but nobody is near the microphone.
When Paul is about to start playing Rock Band it shows the start of a Guitar Hero song starting up, but the song "Detriot Rock City" is only on Rock Band.
The criminals' getaway vehicle, the water and power van, has the NJ inspection sticker on the passenger side corner of the windshield when it should be on the driver's side.

Plot holes 

When Paul Blart takes the toy robot, he does not take the remote for it, however he is able to use it later on.

Revealing mistakes 

The movie was supposed to be taking place at the West Orange Pavilion Mall in New Jersey during the Christmas shopping season. Several windows depicted bathing suits, bikinis and even summer wear in their windows, along with beach towels, (part of the movie was filmed at the Burlington (MA) Mall during the summer), whereas other stores, such as Macy's had window displays of Christmas and New Year's Eve apparel in their windows.
Although set in late November in New Jersey, in many shots people are wearing summer t-shirts outside for extended periods of time. It would be too cold for this in real life.
When Paul is in American Joe's participating in the nacho eating contest, he grabs a glass with ice in it to pour a drink. After he pours the drink, the "ice" stays on the bottom of the glass, as the cubes were likely made out of glass.
When Paul is in the Elevator and a bad guy smashes through the window, the glass breaks into large, sharp, and seemingly very thin pieces. In real life, for safety reasons the Elevator would have tempered glass, which breaks into thousands of small chunks and the glass would be much thicker.
Some shots of the mall interior after the thieves had taken it over show the stores and kiosks shuttered. While it's possible that store employees had shuttered their stores and evacuated through rear service passageways, the shuttered kiosks suggest those retailers had taken the time to close up before evacuating.
When Blart puts the "Hello Kitty" Band-Aid on the small cut on his arm, it is apparent there were multiple takes of this scene. The skin the Band-Aid covered is much cleaner than the surrounding tissue and the imprint of the Band-Aid from previous takes is very apparent as he puts the Band-Aid on in the shot used in the movie.
As the film progresses, the amount of light during the outdoor scenes varies. In some indoor scenes, which are supposed to take place after the mall has closed at night, bright sunlight can be seen shining in the doors from outside.
When Paul swings on the rope during the Test in the beginning, the man that hands him the rope disappears after Paul lands, he then reappears instantly.
When Paul crashes into the minivan while seeing Amy for the first time the minivan appears to be a light blue or a silver van. This color van is showing in several parts of the movie. When Paul finally meets Amy at her shop she asks him if he was the one that ran into the van the other day. He says no, which van. She points to the van that shows a dent in the back. The van shown with the dent was a aqua or dark teal color van.
When you see Paul grabbing different things to get ready for his ambush on the bad guys in the Safari Resauturant, you see him drive by the card shop several times. Each time he drives by you see where 'Bath and Body Works' in the background is reversed, reading backwards. When he finally rams into the doors to crash through, they are on the other side of screen, in the correct reading order - revealing that they flipped the shot when editing the film.


The goof items below may give away important plot points.

Crew or equipment visible 

When Paul falls through the roof into the ball pool with his Segway, you see at least two people moving in the background, but there shouldn't be anyone there.

Factual errors 

When Vecks, Amy and Mia exit through the "Restricted Access" door they exit to the outside. International Building Code requires that all egress doors shall open without a key and without any special knowledge or effort. The door would not have an access key to exit the building as this is a fire and trap hazard, and the panic bar would have collapsed when Paul Blart pushed on it (it was locked in the collapsed position). This door violates all aspects of egress code with the exception that it does swing outside.

Plot holes 

When a motor vehicle is placed inside of a mall as a prize, most fire codes would make you disconnect the battery and have no gas in the tank. The mini van could not have started and drove for that long of a time. Plus, where did the keys come from?

Revealing mistakes 

When Paul crashes down from inside the air conditioning duct he knocks out Vixen. Vixen blinks several times as Paul attempts to pick her up and place her in the dressing room even though she is supposed to be unconscious.

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