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About as good as a movie called Paul Blart: Mall Cop could be
keiichi7316 January 2009
If Paul Blart: Mall Cop had been made 20 years ago, it would have starred John Candy. That's a complement, by the way. Candy had a knack for playing bungling, yet good-hearted people who mainly wanted to please. He certainly specialized in playing people who tried too hard to be nice to cover up past pain. There's a lot of this in Kevin James' performance as the title character here. He's more than just a comic goofball. James turns him into a likable and surprisingly sympathetic hero that we find ourselves cheering for by the end.

Kevin James rose to fame on television starring on the sitcom, The King of Queens, and has been trying to break into movies for a while now. He's acted along side stars like Will Smith and Adam Sandler, but this is his first shot at a stand-alone starring role. Sandler is still there behind the scenes (His Happy Madison production company produced the film.), but this is James' film all the way, and he doesn't waste the opportunity. His Paul Blart is admirable in a way. He's overweight and he suffers from hypoglycemia, but he always tries to do the right thing. He's passionate about his job as a mall cop, but he'd really like to be a police officer on the street. He's taken the physical entrance exam many times, but his health problems have prevented him from finishing. He makes up for his shortcomings by being the best mall cop he can be, and by also being a good single father to his teen daughter (Raini Rodriguez), who respects him and wishes he could fall in love again. Paul has his eyes on a young woman named Amy (Jayma Mays), who also works at the mall. The first half hour or so of the film is devoted to Paul's life, and it certainly helps us get into his corner when the actual plot kicks in.

It's Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year, and some high tech criminals stage a lock down and a hostage situation at the mall as they pull off their theft plan. They place motion sensors and small bombs at the entrances, so no one can get in or out. They think they've removed everyone from the building, but didn't notice Paul was in the back of the arcade playing Guitar Hero. When he emerges from the arcade, he quickly learns about the hostage situation, and discovers that both Amy and his daughter are amongst them. This kicks off the main action, where Paul must use his resources around him to out think and outrun the criminals while keeping everyone alive. I liked this aspect of the story, and how Paul Blart actually has to be clever in order to outsmart the captors. The movie is rated PG, so it's never too violent or scary for kids, which is the perfect target audience for the film. They'll like the film's gentle and goofy humor, and accompanying adults may find themselves charmed by Blart himself.

I never laughed out loud while watching this movie, but I did smile a lot, and I found myself caring more about the main character than I imagined. Let me tell you, that's more than I expected walking into a movie called Paul Blart: Mall Cop. There's plenty of sweetness during the early moments, establishing Paul's shy relationship with Amy, and the caring one he shares with his daughter. When the time comes for him to be a hero, we can cheer for him, because the movie makes him into a true underdog. He's constantly battling with his own shortcomings and health issues, and it's clever the way he keeps on finding ways to keep himself going, driven by saving the ones he loves. If I'm making the movie sound too serious, it's not. There's plenty of slapstick gags, surprisingly no bodily fluid or toilet humor to be found, and some pretty good physical comedy on display. If there's any major shortcoming to be found, it's that the movie is pretty inconsequential, and will probably be forgotten by me a few months from now.

Still, considering the kind of junk that usually clogs theaters in early January, Paul Blart certainly is not bad. I imagine the movie will make a good rental, since its somewhat small scale will make it perfect for watching on TV rather than the big screen. If anything, it's one step closer to making James the cross-over star he obviously wants to be. I wouldn't mind seeing the same kind of likability he gives here in a less juvenile script. He's on to something here, he's just gotta find the project where he really knocks one out of the park.
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Isn't there room in this world anymore for a big,,affable lug?
Mike_Noga19 January 2009
This movie is getting a surprising amount of hate and I don't know why. There is very little in the way of violence, even less in the way of sex and even the gross-out jokes are kept way below what is usually the minimum level for comedies lately. The bad guys get around the mall with mountain bikes, skate boards and by utilizing some impressive parkour moves. Clearly this movie was meant for the PG crowd and in that it succeeds. It's a nice clean family comedy that everyone can attend and enjoy. There were lots of families in the theater when I saw this movie and they all seemed to have a pretty good time. They laughed and giggled and there was very little of the bored chatter you hear sometimes at kids/family movies.

I was thinking a little about the John Candy movie Summer Rental after I saw this. Candy played a few different roles in films before he did Summer Rental but that movie is where you see the classic John Candy affable lug character that kind of served as a template for most of his following roles. His characters were usually some variation of that, he did it well and people loved it. Kevin James has a similar likable quality and I'm hoping that maybe he picks up the Easy Going mantle where John Candy left it.

To paraphrase Paul Blart himself, "Don't write this movie off." Like I said, there were plenty of scenes that had both kids and adults laughing together. Isn't it worth at least the price of a matinée ticket to laugh for a while with your kids?
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Not A Kevin James fan, this is a positive review
poolhus17 January 2009
Never watched King of Queens, never have been a Kevin James fan but always liked him better than his pal Ray Romano. I was coerced into seeing this Mall Cop movie. I give it a 6 out of 10. Now some may say that is a low rating, some may say better than mediocre.....for me who normally does not like this guys type of humor, this is a great rating!!! It was mildly entertaining...for me it gets the extra star to put it at 6 because it's refreshing to see some humor that's not overly sarcastic, deeply degrading to someone else (except the title character), or just downright cruel. This relied on what I call "Bill Cosby" sense of humor. Funny but overall clean. A bit cheesy, but I think that's what Kevin and the screenwriters were going for. Normally I don't get why people think he's funny but in this case, I did get it....and you can't help but like the guy. Without giving any detail, the bar scene for me was one of the most Laugh Out Loud moments in the movie. The way KJ zips around on the Segway is pretty hilarious although because of it's consistency throughout the movie it wears off a bit. I agree with previous reviews of how the villains kind of downgraded the movie a bit. If that was smarter, or those parts were rewritten, it could have been a lot funnier. Another surprising aspect is Kevin's agility, and athleticism. In this particular movie he is very physical (or at least stunt doubles allow him to appear that way) Overall my 6 out of 10 rating should be perceived as a great rating for this movie. I previously never liked this actor, I thought the title was dumb as dirt, and although I always keep an open mind I would be lying if I didn't say that my expectations were very, very low for this. Certainly not as bad as I thought it would be, and not as great as I thought it could have been. Kevin and cast made this a little better than average...and it changed my mind about my hesitation with this guy....I hope someone puts him in a good movie with a great script in the future (better than Chuck and Larry, Hitch). I believe it will do well on cable. One last thing that I must mention was great, at 82 was just long enough to not overdue what should be viewed as a kinda silly concept.
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Good, Light-hearted Comedy
J_Trex21 January 2009
I wasn't too sure about this movie when I saw the trailers. It looked like it might be a total waste of time, along the lines of "Delta Farce" or "Meet the Spartans". However, after reading some of the reviews, and being a fan of "King of Queens", I decided to check it out and was pleasantly surprised to have enjoyed it. The casting was excellent, the screenplay was very good, and Kevin James fit the bill perfectly. I can't imagine anyone other than him playing the role of Paul Blart, Mall Cop.

Paul Blart is an overweight, hypo-glycemic (prone to fainting spells), shopping mall security guard who lives with him Mom and teenage daughter somewhere in North Jersey. Paul aspires to be a NJ State Police officer but cannot pass the required physical, and thus is consigned to his present job at a West Orange, NJ shopping mall. While Paul is on duty, a group of armed robbers attempt to steal the credit card receipts. The remainder of the film is Paul doing battle with this group of robbers. This sounds more serious than it is. Rest assured, it's a fun comedy with many funny gags / bits.

I'd recommend this movie to anyone who liked "King of Queens" or has an affinity for light-hearted comedies.
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Needed Another Re-Write or Two
log132423 January 2009
When I saw the premise of this movie, I had a chuckle. It had the potential to be a decently funny movie, something perhaps with heart, something that delivered a good deal of laughs and you walked out feeling good. I wasn't expecting an Academy Award winning movie. Its definitely not Oscar-worthy. The real disappointment lies in the lack of humor in it.

Paul Blart (Kevin James) is a mall cop that seems to have no direction in his life. They go to good lengths to show how truly depressing his life is. Paul sees a woman in his mall, Amy (Jayma Mays), running a stand for hair extensions. He realizes that he needs to be with her and tries to woo her, even though he has no self-esteem. Just as the story is falling apart, the mall where they both work is robbed in a supposedly sophisticated scheme. Suddenly our slovenly friend is thrust into a role where he can try to impress the love of his life and excel at his job at the same time. Easy to guess where this story is going, no?

The acting was okay, the direction was tolerable. The problem is the script. As I said, the story itself had potential. It just felt as if the writers could decide where this was a character they loved or hated. It really could have used another re-write or two to develop the script a little more. The movie is tolerable, but realize that not only are you not seeing an Oscar-worthy movie, but you'll be a little disappointed in the laughs as well. 3/10
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Mark10 May 2009
I saw the trailers, enjoyed King of Queens, and thought I'd enjoy this Kevin James jaunt as a Saturday afternoon film. A film which should be quietly enjoyable and give a few laughs.

What I watched was mind-numbing garbage. Whilst I didn't expect anything too original, I didn't think I'd get such unoriginal, factory fodder. There was nothing to be enjoyed, and almost everything was too expected. The little that was marginally original was creepy. I felt like screaming to the love interest, don't go any near that stalker as he zoomed in on CTV then offered a lift on his mop-mobile. Would anyone say yes if a creepy guy offered to put his arms around you on his Segway when you just met the guy; especially one with stalker tendencies? The scene in the bar that followed was just as painful to watch, and even more reason for the love interest to run a mile.

The writers seemed to forget that if you're going to create formula movies, with a loser you need the audience to like, that there has to be something positive and likable about the character. I can't think about anything redeeming during the first twenty minutes. The writers took too many liberties with the audience and just presumed, 'Hey, this is an actor everyone likes, we don't need to make any effort in the script to support this.' This is not Kevin James greatest moment. The box office receipts merely show how successful good advertising can be, no matter how bad the product is.
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Almost painful...
Peter Kowalski11 February 2009
When I saw the trailer for this movie, I was more than anxious to see it. Then I saw another one and it made me see it even more. Then I saw the movie and guess what, all the good scenes were those that I've already seen and nothing more. The idea itself is a very interesting one at very least, but it's the realization is where the movie fails. The story begins to borderline on being boring halfway through, and it all begins to be more than predictable. Once or twice the story takes an engaging turn, but it's really not enough. The funny parts are to be counted on the fingers of one hand, and the ending is -again- so predictable, it hurts. Which is a shame, because the acting is really good, Kevin James is truly shining through and proving that he's a really good actor; again, not nearly enough to salvage the shortcomings of the plot and the lack of jokes. Which is a shame. Movie starts really promising, but the further we go into the movie, the more painful it becomes to watch it. As if the makers gave up on it after shooting the first 30 minutes. I'm giving it 5 stars only because the first half an hour is really decent. And I gotta admire James doing all his stunts. So do yourself a favor. Don't watch the movie. Watch the trailers. That's all you need to see.
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Couldn't be happier with this movie
usumgal17 January 2009
For once a film is exactly as advertised. This is Die Hard with Bruce Willis played by an overweight Security Guard.

There was no crude humor, really. At least none that was direct, so its VERY kid friendly.

The story delivers, Kevin James delivers perfectly on Comedic Moments as well as Heart Warming ones.

There is product placement in this movie by Sony, although it is very low key. And to anybody in the Pennsylvania, NJ, Delaware Tri-State area you will feel right at home in this mall, as it is obviously a Simon/Kravco Property given the decor and the usual assortment of Simon Mall Staples such as Legal Seafood ( whatever their name means. Still not sure I'd eat there.)

Until this film I do not believe I've seen James in anything where I don't think its an extended episode of King of Queens. In this film he was pure Blart.

Very well done. I may even go back a second time.
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Likable cast, but simply NOT funny. Whole film falls flat
bopdog16 January 2009
I was set for a goofy and silly comedy, but wound up being disappointed. This movie had a very good cast--- all of the actors are competent and likable. The film's big problem was that it simply was not funny. It wasn't even interesting. Do note the film was not bad. It was not a disgrace or anything like that. The basic idea is a good one, and could have resulted in a great night out. Don't know what happened, or why, but the jokes didn't work. The set-ups fell flat. The otherwise likable people and potentially interesting scenarios never went anywhere.

A few of the running gags were OK--- such as the motorized wheel things being used as the quasi-cop chase vehicles. But having the portly fellow try to pull a crippled man in a motorized wheelchair over (for what? He was going 1/2 mile an hour) on one of those "copped-out" wheely things simply did not fly. No spark. Flat. Zilch. Nada.
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Pefect start for 2009
Staymetal839017 January 2009
After waiting opening night in the freezing cold to see this, I was happily not disappointed in Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Yes, we all know it's not meant for critical acclaim but for pure comical entertainment and it delivers. I'm sure after anyone sees it, they're going to want one of the little vespa vehicles he drives.

Anyway, Kevin James is Paul Blart, an overweight suburban dad wanting to be a cop but instead he's a security guard at a mall. He has a daughter who's mother left him once she got citizenship. Paul has a crush on the new girl at the wig kiosk but of course he's conscience about his weight. Then one day, some organized crooks take over the mall and Blart is unaware. Once the crooks have hostages including Blart's crush and his daughter then he decides to take things into his own hands and save the mall.

At first I was terribly disappointed to see this was PG-13 because I thought it was then going to be a little contrived potty/stupid humor film for kids. Yes some stupid humor was there but in the best way. I think this would be the perfect family or date movie (as it was for me) so take a trip to comical fun.
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John McClane has nothing on Paul Blart, okay not really.
DarkVulcan2916 January 2009
The movie was a funny send up of Die Hard(1988), not a rip off. I'm amazed how the critics don't always see the funny side of it, they just have to be harsh.

Paul Blart(Kevin James) a mall cop, who longs to be a state trooper, but his low blood sugar system seems to be prevent it, not to mention he seems not to have the knack for danger and adventure, although he likes to make us think he does. But in one day that all changes, when a bunch of high tech thieves take control of the mall, and some hostages also. And the only one who is left inside to watch them is Paul Blart. Will he save the day, or will he mock it up?

An enjoyable slap stick comedy, and who can do it better then Kevin James. Every joke and prat fall where all perfectly timed. Believe me you'll just be having fun. What a way to begin 2009.
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I really enjoyed this movie!!
shannalyn8516 January 2009
I saw this movie at a Preview screening and I really loved it! I'm so sick of seeing and hearing about sex in every movie, I'm sick of killing in movies and I definitely needed a good laugh. This movie had no sex, no killing (some violence), but A LOT of laughs! The whole theater was cracking up.

It's a typical Happy Madison film in that it shouldn't be taken too seriously. I was afraid the previews may have had all the funny parts, but I was wrong. There was definitely a lot more greater moments to be had. The film is obviously stretching reality by quite a bit in parts, but that's what comedy often times is about. I disagree with the many of the comments before me. I would recommend seeing this movie. Kevin James was great and newcomers Keir O'Donnel & Jayma Mays were impressive and adorable as well. Go see it if you get the chance!
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Worst Movie Ever Made
iainsteeves20 May 2009
I am a man that enjoys a bad film. I have endured such films as Monster Man, Man-Squito, and all three Maniac Cops. Paul Blart: Mall Cop had zero redeeming qualities, and the part where he squirts hot sauce in the eye of the main bad guy from 30 feet away is the single worst scene in movie actually made me angry. My roommate and I, who can sit thru any and all Charles Bronson and Chuck Norris movie with pleasure, feel the need to burn the Mall Cop DVD in order to cleanse ourselves of the shame inflicted by Paul Blart. I think Lucifer himself forces the likes of Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, and Ted Bundy to watch this film confined in the gates of hell. If you are thinking about watching this movie, do yourself a favor, and punch yourself in the groin for an hour and a half instead.
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What is wrong with you, America?
vsdobbs24 June 2009
Seriously, this was the worst movie I've seen in years.

I didn't laugh once.

I shook my head a lot and asked myself over and over again, "This was the number one movie in America the week it came out? What is wrong with the USA?!"

Truly, the film is *horrible*. It is start to end horrible.

Seriously, if the best thing about your movie is music by Survivor, what does that say about your acting, directing, screenplay?

This film is an embarrassment.

America, you deserve the sequel you'll no doubt get.
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Is it really worth making a film like this?
Moozman13 March 2009
I watched this film ignoring my original resistance to such a concept for for a film, I hoped that I would be proved wrong that a potentially great concept for a film would be ruined by unthoughtful sub-plots... Paul Blart although a seeming lovable character falls prey to being a typical bumbling underdog character and the overall acting of the majority of the actors falls short of convincing. The "bad guys" of seemingly unexplained origins felt like they were cast not as actors but as stunt performers/free runners and as of such were just used as some form of "dramatic effect" to make Blart seem like he was overcoming more than their poor acting. The final plot twist was ABSOLUTELY senseless as we were given no proper background to any of the characters involved. This film may have improved upon its shortcomings if it was humorous but it was not with only a few jokes making me raise the corner of my mouth, although the style of humour starts to make sense when you realize that the directors previous films are the such of 'Dr. Dolittle 2' and 'Daddy Day Care'.

Perhaps I did not enjoy this movie because I watched it expecting more than it could offer, Perhaps it does not fit my sense of humour, or even my annoyance at the script getting through Hollywood whilst so many more well thought out scripts lay unnoticed.
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Really good movie............and I mean it.
SnastyZ4 February 2009
This movie was really good. It is the story of how Paul Blart, a semi- useless mall cop has his mall invaded. He has to save the woman he loves and his daughter from the invaders, who are lead by double agent Veck, a mall cop in training. This movie is funny mainly because of the physical comedy. The words that are said are not really that funny, but the actions are hilarious. Paul Blart does everything from falling out of an air vent to faking hypoglycemia. This movie is only funny if you are really stupid, but it if you are really stupid, you will love this movie. I recommend this movie for anyone who is either five years old or will Laugh at anything.
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Missing out
kosmasp2 March 2010
I really liked the "King of Queens" TV show, as many did. Especially those who are tempted to watch this movie. Unless you are still a teenager (or younger), you might not care about the lead role. But while Kevin James seems to promise a few "belly laughs" (no pun intended), the jokes are more miss than hit.

Which is the biggest problem of the movie. Not the story (what would you expect from this really, story-wise), nor the actors in general (they need better material to work with). The movie solely relies on Kevin James and while that worked with the TV Show, it does not work here. You will eventually get tired of the jokes, but it happens to quickly.

So if you're not a Kevin James fan or like to be entertained in a better way, than this isn't the movie for you
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Skateboarding Ninja Terrorists?!?!!?!
jim27 May 2009
This movie had potential, or so I thought. Kevin James is a pretty funny guy and the premise seemed like a good one, if well written.

James plays a Mall cop who's a bit of a loser but has a good heart. The first half hour or so is pretty funny. Not hilariously funny mind you, but a chuckle here and there. It looked like it could shape up to be a goofy comedy with a goofy but lovable character. But the movie peaks about 20 minutes into the film when Kevin James "accidentally" gets drunk at a bar and makes a fool of himself. And then it's all down hill from there.

Next thing you know, his mall is overrun by terrorists on bicycles and skateboards who are flipping through the air, jumping off balcony's, flying through glass. It's absurd...and not in a funny way, it's just bizarre. Well maybe I did chuckle once or twice at how absurd it was...once or twice...literally.

Don't waste your time.

Just like all of the latest Happy Madison productions, it's crap. I'm convinced that Satan exists and Adam Sandler did indeed sell his soul...cause somehow his pieces of crap continue to consistently make money.
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Maybe it will make the 7-12 kids laugh, but in technicality it is a horrible film.
Cocacolaguy912-216 January 2009
If you are over 12 expect to need a lot of your friends present to make fun of it for Mall Cop to be anything near funny. The film's plot is in two parts really. Part 1 is seeing how much of a fat loser he is with his old mom and fat daughter, trying to get the girl and what not,. Part 2 is seeing how much a fat loser he is and him fighting the bad guys. The film is peculiar because it is somewhere between being a stupid PG comedy for the kids and a very bad homage to Die Hard. The funniest lines are those that aren't intended to be humorous. Seeing the bad guys jump around the mall (and I mean literally jump) spitting out their terrible lines was the best part of the movie. Some parts of it just don't make any sense. Overall if you are going to be close minded it is a terrible film. If you have an open mind, it will still be a terrible film.
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An hour and a half I will never get back.
eyeNoflix21 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
It is hard to believe Paul Blart is the first movie to gross over 100 million in 2009. This has got to be due to the lackluster of films in the theaters at this time of the year. I recently returned from watching this film in the local theater and within 10 minutes I instantly regretted my decision. I have been a Kevin James fan with the "King of Queens" and even with the new-ish film he did with Adam Sandler. There were so many problems with this movie I don't even know where to start. The acting was sub-par, the jokes were repetitive, and the plot was weak at best. How cliché is it when the head of the swat, or FBI, or police, or WHATEVER, becomes the 'bad guy' at the end. This pains me in every which way to see a plot come to this. Overall, this movie was not worth the $10, nor would it have be worth the 3 hours it could have taken to download. Two thumbs way down. Try again Kevin. This time, please don't help write your own script.
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not worth your money
linkmario12331 January 2009
After watching all those commercials for about five weeks, I was somewhat excited to see this movie. I came with low expectations, but left the theater throughly disappointed.

Basically, the movie is about Paul Blart (Kevin James), an awkward, hypoglycemic mall cop who takes his job a little too seriously. He meets a wonderfully nice and pretty hair extension saleswoman, Amy (Jayma Mays), whom he instantly falls for. Things take a turn for the worse however, as a group of thieves take over the mall. Anyways, I thought it would be A lot funnier than it actually was, not to mention there were a few scenes where I couldn't even bear to watch.

Bottom line, save your money and go see something else. You won't regret it. (sorry if my review sucked, this is my first).
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There is a reason they make movie trailers...
sirguitarist23 January 2009
The reason they make trailers is so moviegoers can gather at least an idea of what to expect. "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" delivered exactly what I expected after seeing the trailer. The demographic here was people who like silly, action comedy with a pinch of romance on the side, perhaps a parent or parents looking for a movie to share with their tween or teenage kid. I fit that demographic. My young daughter and I laughed all the way through it - it was genuinely funny and I actually cared about the main character. Why some of the reviews on IMDb even get posted will never cease to amaze me - they aren't even reviews in some cases. The person who "reviewed" this movie by essentially blaming movies like Mall Cop to be why America has its issues is one that left me scratching my head. My advise to those that feel inclined to give ANY movie 1 star: Watch the trailer before you see a didn't even see it? Then don't review it! I gave it 10 stars based on the fact that it delivered what it promised.
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Kevin James at his best!
Dante_The_Weedeater16 January 2009
This movie is hilarious, I was laughing through the entire thing. Its gotten some low ratings for whatever reason, but I highly encourage you to see it; I was unsure of whether or not I would like it at first (Being deterred with the infamous 'PG' rating) but it exceeded my expectations, and I left the theatre with a sore face from nonstop laughs. See this movie! It's Kevin James' best film since 'Hitch'.

I had really high hopes for this movie, especially after being so disappointed by 'Chuck & Larry'. But this movie's comedy does a much better job of mirroring that of 'King of Queens' only with whackier subject matter. I think I may have bit my lip when I saw the 'PG' rating, but there isn't a single kiddy or immature joke to be found. I hardly ever say this, but in the laughter department 'Mall Cop' is practically flawless.

Take a chance on this movie; you won't regret it.
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It's not but, but it isn't anything to write home about.
armalite101612 January 2009
I went to a preview screening today at the Mall of America, where Kevin James was doing a signing to promote his new movie. I didn't get an autograph, but I was able to go to the preview screening of the movie, and although we got into it a couple minutes late, I was still able to see the bulk of the movie.

It definitely isn't bad, but I wouldn't put it up there as a top comedy either. It's decent at best. There are actually a few genuinely funny moments, but there aren't many. The rest of the jokes throughout the movie aren't bad in the sense that you cringe at them, but they aren't really what I'd call funny either. Really though, the movie is highly tolerable, and doesn't overstay it's welcome, ending at a good time. I didn't have to pay for it, so maybe that's why I enjoyed it so much, but as long as you aren't looking for the next great comedy, at the very least, you won't be disappointed.

The main weakness of the movie is the main villains in the movie, the "X-TREME T33M!", turn what is a pretty good movie into a pretty mediocre movie. You just can't take them seriously, as usually bad guys in movies don't jump around as if they believe they are the evil twins of Spider- man, and to make it worse, they also equip themselves with skateboards and BMX bikes, because apparently free running around the wall wasn't XTREEEEEEEM enough for them. They really make the movie seem more like a kid's movie than it already did, which I guess it is more of a kid's movie, but still.

Kevin James himself isn't bad, and he has most of the best jokes of the movie come from him, but he isn't really at the top of his game either. Really no complaints; the only thing holding him back is the somewhat sloppy script. If you liked him in "King of Queens", you'll probably like him in this, yet he is a little underwhelming to be honest.

The plot is very simplistic, Hollywood routine stuff here, no surprises, except one last minute twist that is actually unexpected, mostly because it was so unnecessary to move the plot forward. It was just so unneeded that it really made no sense, and was almost shocking. It's like someone who says they are going to count to 100 and then they count to 105. What was the point of that? They already accomplished their goal when they got to 100. Kind of a bad analogy, but you get the idea.

Overall, it's nothing to write home about, but it definitely isn't bad. If you are a huge Kevin James fan, then go ahead and see it, and if you have kids, then they will most likely like it. I was going to give it a 6/10, but seeing as how it is more of a kid's movie, I decided to give it a 7, also because it is very tolerable, and there are some actually pretty funny parts, so it is an enjoyable movie (although again, I could be a little more accepting because I got to see it for free). You might enjoy it, you might not. Really, just watch the trailer. It pretty much captures the spirit of the movie.
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Disney Does Die-hard
thesar-225 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I really had to prep myself for 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop.' I mean, really psych myself up prior to viewing. I knew I would be in store for clichés, a lot of Kevin James falling down, predictability from minute one and just an overall silly Adam Sandler production. And, I was right, on all accounts. However, being a huge (sorry, but even he makes those jokes, especially this film) fan of James, and in the mood for a light-hearted, innocent film, I was absolutely able to look past the flaws, and just enjoy the ride – for the most part. Some of the slapstick and scenes (namely the drunken dance sequence) either go on too long, or just simply too silly or even painful to watch (speaking more on the lame attempts at humor and not just another James fall down.) Every prop is used in this movie, so if you pay any attention, every object, word spoken or set, is going to be used later. I kinda liked that; how they desperately tried to link the first half (the sweet hearted Paul who fails at marriage, at the police academy and at romance) with the second, an absolute Disney-Does-Die-hard. I did like the efforts at making a more kid-friendly "John McClane" using the always hilarious James over Bruce Willis. I also loved his character, always so positive and attempts at doing the right thing, and the fact, even though it was produced by Sandler & Co., it's not just another raunchy, hard-R comedy. Though I'm not opposed to raunchiness (loved 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' and 'Superbad' a lot,) it was really refreshing to see a completely family-friendly slapstick. I am curious, though: it took place on/around Black Friday. Why, when it would've been a perfect holiday film, release it in January?
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