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Best Skating game to date.
spawnen4 October 2007
When i first heard about this game i got worried. EA often rush their games and milk them dry with sequels and expansion. Some weeks ago i heard about the Demo release and downloaded it straight away.. and what can i say? I was blown away by the realism and good looking graphics. Of course i had to buy this game at release.. and i did. The city is huge with good variety of obstacles to skate on. Tons of missions is scattered around in the city and it takes awhile to finish them all. The town you skate in was love at first sight for me, it felt alive with all the other skaters, cars and civilians. The camera angle can be very irritating sometimes and i miss the ability to pick up the board and walk from other skate-games, without the walk ability stairs and some other places can be really frustrating to go pass and you'll have to go around them to find another way sometimes. Skate. 2, Skate. 3 and Skate. 4? (and so on) Sure, but improve each game a lot instead of making this the new NHL and FIFA that stay the same each season.
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one of the best skateboarding games out.
TheLogicalDan8 October 2007
I bought this game opening day and i have to say it is probably the best skateboarding game out.(bad spelling)

the good. - the graphics are the best i have ever seen in a video game. - the game play is great, and really fun doing the trick with the analog stick. - the levels are huge and never end, its like tony hawks American wasteland but the levels are all connected but ten thousand times bigger. - realism in this game is amazing, its like your actually skateboarding and dosn't let you do insane tricks like in tony hawk. - the big air ramps is really really fun. security guard are fun.

basically everything is good.

the bad

  • the view is great at first but it can give you a headache after a while. but when a security guard chases you the view changes to an amazing view. - the music sux, its just not good music at all, and its like ten thousand years old. - you can get board really easy and want to stop playing. And not being able to walk is prabably the most annoying part of the game

this is not bad but the game is rated for blood and gore and the is none. just brief little blood in the opening video.

overall this is a great game and worth the 60 dollars i spent and is definitely a buy.

you will love it.
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