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Full of flaws but oh so highly enjoyable!

Author: darksidelingua from United Kingdom
20 February 2009

Beyonce is the President's daughter. Wealthy and spoilt, anything she wants she gets. This includes Raj. Beyonce meets Raj whilst out shopping and approaches him in a forward manner, showering him with compliments and then paying his bill before handing over her phone number.

Raj and Ciara, the poor orphan the girl who saves him are estranged after the hospital incident, although there is not a moment that he is not thinking about her, wanting to find her and thank her for saving his life. He does eventually find her and they begin dating. Whilst Beyonce is falling in love with Raj (pronounced Rush by most in the film), he at the same time is declaring his love for Ciara and even goes so far as to break her virginity. He also announces his intention to marry her, all the while juggling the two women.

Why are the two main female characters named after black American pop stars?

The deceit comes to light one day when Raj comes home with Ciara (to introduce her to the family) and finds Beyonce sitting on the sofa with his mother and sisters. He sees unperturbed by this sight, and with his arm cosily around Ciara he introduces her to all in the room as his fiancée and Beyonce as "The lady who has been so kind to us." Eiwoooooooooooo! The shock in Beyonce's face, to be treated as she were some kindly philanthropist.

Beyonce in a rage takes Raj out for "a word." Ciara steps outside shortly afterwards and hears the whole conversation. She now knows that Raj has been cheating on her and is highly distraught. In his defence he exclaims,

"I had to sleep with her. She came on too strong and I couldn't resist."

After being rejected by Raj Beyonce starts her mission to break up his relationship with Ciara by any means necessary.

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Hell Hath No Fury Like Beyonce the President's Daughter!

Author: Sherazade from United States
1 August 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Not since Regina Askia scared the you know what out of men with her role as Tokunbo Omobolanle Johnson in Fortunes has any woman come close to making African men wake up and smell the coffee with such a commanding screen presence and performance. Nadia Buari ought to take a bow for her performance as Beyonce Bills.

As with anything to come out of Nollywood (and most recently Ghollywood) there is a lesson to be learned from the stories being told and characters being played. Unlike their contemporaries: Hollywood & Bollywood, Nigerian and Ghanian films scare people into taking a step back and looking at what is going on in their lives, and in the long run try to change it. I am pleased to note that their audiences are no longer limited to Africans but now worldwide audiences. From the United States of America to West Indies and to China, these films have become insanely popular. With their engrossing tales and overly dramatic acting, they are embraced all the same. And by the way, this film was recommended to me by a Caribbean woman who couldn't believe I hadn't seen it.

Beyonce...begins as innocently as any regular day. A girl arrives at home with a slew of bodyguards who follow her like she has got the cure for some terminal disease or something. The girl turns out to be Beyonce, the president of Ghana's daughter. She walks into her mansion and before long is visited by her bimbo best friend and they begin bantering in that special way only rich spoiled brats know how. Meanwhile, Raj Johson(played by Van Vicker, Ghollywood's answer to Brad Pitt) is driving along, running an errand when he is attacked by armer robbers. In the scuffle, he is wounded by a bullet. The robbers get away with the loot, leaving Raj to his own fate by the side of the road. Ciara(played by Jackie Appiah) a beautiful young singer is on her way home when she witnesses the crime. She initially attempts to run away but is nearly deafened by Raj's cries for help. Eventually, she caves in and offers him help. She calls a taxi and takes him to the hospital where she is accosted by the nurses there. They tell her that she needs a police report before they can treat the dying man. Shocked and bewildered, Ciara rushes off to the nearest police precinct to obtain one. Upon reaching there, she is asked to go and bring the dying man before they can issue her the report. Ciara returns to the hospital to break the news at which point she is thrown out of the hospital by the head matron, leaving Raj to die. Luckily, a caring nurse slips Ciara a note which contains directions on how to get to a chemist who might help them.

Weeks later, we see that Raj survived the saga and is now at a loss because his mother forgot to get any information from Ciara, the girl who saved his life. So, one day whole he's out at a club with his best friend Bobby, as fate would have it, he bumps into Ciara who happened to be performing at the club that night. Sparks fly between them and Raj professes his love to her and promises her marriage.

A few days later (and much to his misfortune) Raj runs into the president's daughter during a shopping spree. Sparks fly between them (even if sparks weren't meant to fly, Buari and Vicker can do little to help the natural chemistry they share) and Beyonce(Buari) slowly begins to sink her claws and jaw into Raj. Before long, Raj finds himself two-timing both Beyonce and Ciara. Beyonce, the spoiled rich girl and Ciara the poor little orphan finally come face to face when Raj comes home one day to find Beyonce visiting with his mother and sister. He then has not choice but to introduce Ciara as his girlfriend. This does not go down well with Beyonce who vows to make sure that she deals Ciara so that she can keep Raj for herself.

With a legion of bodyguards at her every beck and call, a slew of gas-guzzling-environmentally-unfriendly hummers and other SUVs as her motorcade and money to boot, Beyonce Bills is a force to be reckoned with and be afraid of. When she realises that Raj would not likely give up Ciara for her, she arranges for the two lovebirds to be attacked by untraceable goons. Ciara is beaten and has acid thrown in her face while Raj legs are broken so he cannot help her. It ends with Beyonce coming to visit with the couple in the hospital(which she owns by the way) playing the innocent, she promises to get Raj the best health care. Then she visits with a horribly disfigured Ciara and comes clean to her rival, telling her that she was behind the attack and warning her that if she doesn't leave Raj Johnson alone, her fate would end up much worse. She then promises to pay for the expensive plastic surgery required to reconstruct Ciara's disfigured face in exchange for Ciara's promise never to meet Raj again. This film is Part 1 of a 6-part Epic film series. The plot as well as Buari's acting would make you forgive anything or anywhere else the film goes wrong. A+

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stupid,stupid plot line

Author: missdivad from United States
11 May 2008

I recently saw this "movie" in NYC at a friend's house...of course she's from Africa and the group found it funny and overall a good movie. i thought it was silly and thoughtless!!! Beyonce and Ciara should sue for the illegal use of their names just to sell a movie...stupid, stupid plot...a fake Romeo and Juliet!!! and i thought "Carmen, A Hip-Hop Opera" was bad! what in the hell????? these other countries need to do more to market their own celebrities and quit biting' off legitimate ones. i am neither Beyonce or Ciara fan but this movie makes even ME want to come... to their defense. Totally ridiculous

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