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Gothic Vestron Video Collector’s Series Blu-ray Coming This January from Lionsgate

  • DailyDead
What if the events that inspired Frankenstein's monster were more horrifying than the monster itself? For the 13th entry in their Vestron Video Collector’s Series, Lionsgate is taking viewers to a fateful night with Mary Shelley and her friends with the Blu-ray release of Ken Russell's Gothic this January:

Press Release: From the Vestron Video Collector’s Series, the horror classic Gothic will arrive for the first time on limited edition Blu-ray on January 30 from Lionsgate. Starring Golden Globe® winner Gabriel Byrne (2009, Best Actor, “In Treatment”), Julian Sands, and Natasha Richardson, and from legendary director Ken Russell (Lair of the White Worm), Gothic is the fictional retelling of the night Mary Shelley developed the story of Frankenstein. While under the influence of experimental substances, she and a group of friends experience terrifying visions that bend reality into her horrific tale. The Gothic limited edition Blu-ray is packed with all-new special features,
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Gothic (1986) Arrives on Blu-ray January 30th – A Vestron Horror Classic!

From the Vestron Video Collector’s Series, the horror classic Gothic will arrive for the first time on limited edition Blu-ray™ on January 30 from Lionsgate. Starring Golden Globe® winner Gabriel Byrne (2009, Best Actor, “In Treatment”), Julian Sands, and Natasha Richardson, and from legendary director Ken Russell (Lair of the White Worm), Gothic is the fictional retelling of the night Mary Shelley developed the story of Frankenstein. While under the influence of experimental substances, she and a group of friends experience terrifying visions that bend reality into her horrific tale. The Gothic limited edition Blu-ray is packed with all-new special features, including audio commentaries, isolated score selections, interviews with the cast and crew, and more, and will be available for the suggested retail price of $39.97.

Five famous friends spend a hallucinogenic evening confronting their fears in a frenzy of shocking lunacy and horrifying visions in this fictional tale, which tells the
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Star Wars, Marvel, and More Tables for Pinball FX3 Confirmed

  • Cinelinx
As Zen Studios prepares to launch Pinball FX3, they've provided a list of previously released tables (from Pinball FX2) that will import over entirely free for gamers who already purchased them. This includes Star Wars, Bethesda's tables, all the Marvel packs, and many more. Come inside to check out the full list!

If you're looking forward to some virtual pinball action with the new Pinball FX3, you'll have plenty of tables to choose from when it launches (on top of the new Universal Studios pack). As previously announced, certain pinball tables that players have purchased from the previous game will be able to import over to the new hotness for free. Today, they've told us exactly which ones will be compatible at launch, which will also give them a graphical boost and new modes of play:

Zen Studios continues to crank away on Pinball FX3, the biggest and most community-driven pinball game ever created.
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Preview of Superman #29

Superman #29 hits comic book stores on Wednesday, and you can check out a preview of the issue right here courtesy of DC Comics; take a look…

Fear Itself” part two! This looks like a job for…Sinestro?! Thrust into the anti-matter universe of Qward, Superman’s only hope is the former greatest of the Green Lanterns!

Superman #29 is out on August 16th, priced $2.99.

Via 13th Dimension
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Justice League #23 Review

This review contains minor spoilers.

To say Justice League has been lukewarm over the past year would be the kind way of saying it hasn’t lived up to its usual standards. As sad as it is to admit, it’s a one hundred-percent accurate assessment. However, with all the recent changes in creative teams, one would hope that it’s the catalyst the series needs to get back on track. Does Justice League #23 deliver, though?

In this one-shot issue titled “Fear Itself,” Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern Jessica Cruz take on an extremist anti-terror group led by Black Shield. You can imagine how it could become a tale about how the League isn’t actually making the world safe from terrorism by stopping the military team. Yet, this isn’t the main focus here, as the storyline becomes all about Jessica and her dealing with fear. And this is where the issue derails itself.

For anyone who’s been reading Justice League for the past year, you’re undoubtedly aware of Jessica and how out of place she feels, constantly questioning her place on the team and being in awe of the other heroes. While it was endearing at first, it’s become annoying now. Surely, after 3 issues with the group, she shouldn’t be overwhelmed by the whole occasion every couple of pages, right? Frankly, it’s sloppy writing and editing by keeping her as the directionless puppy of the team. She’s a relative newbie, yes, but her reactions have become akin to the “oh my” in the Fifty Shades trilogy: overused and tedious. Where’s the character development?

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Tom DeFalco’s story itself is okay. It’s not bad, but it’s far from sensational. As mentioned above, the premise of the anti-terrorist group could’ve led to an interesting angle and debate, but it became Jessica instead. Also, we’ve yet to see the Justice League take on a formidable opponent in Rebirth and the trend continues here with Black Shield and his goons. When you put together DC’s greatest heroes, you expect them to do battle against the mightiest villains – not some two-bit thugs. Sure, the threats and stakes remain high, but the antagonists aren’t convincing enough.

Tom Derenick takes hold of the pencils here, and I must admit that I’m left uninspired by his efforts. It’s reminiscent of the early stages of Rebirth where the artwork appears rushed, rough and unfinished. The characters’ faces change facial structure from panel to panel and the whole process looks sloppy from beginning to end. When you consider the quality of the artwork in Batman, Nightwing or Superman and then come to back to this, you can’t help but feel cheated.

Unfortunately, much like the rest of this series so far, Justice League #23 doesn’t do much to stand out from the pack. There’s a severe need for an injection of fresh creativity in this title as the stories continue to be bland. It’s a flagship book for DC, so we really expect much more from it. Quite frankly, this is simply not good enough.
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Brother Can You Spare a Dime

It’s 1930s America as seen in the movies, through music, and the evasions of newsreels. Franklin Delano Roosevelt preaches prosperity while James Cagney slugs out the decade as a smart-tongued everyman — in a dozen different roles. Director Philippe Mora investigates what was then a new kind of revisionist info-tainment formula: applying old film footage to new purposes.

Brother Can You Spare a Dime


The Sprocket Vault

1975 / B&W / 1:33 flat full frame / 106 min. / Street Date ?, 2017 / available through The Sprocket Vault / 14.99 (also available in Blu-ray)

Film Editor: Jeremy Thomas

Research by Michael Barlow, Jennifer E. Ryan, Susan Winslow

Produced by Sanford Lieberson, David Puttnam

Directed by Philippe Mora

Years before he was briefly sidetracked into sequels for The Howling, Philippe Mora was an accomplished artist and documentary filmmaker. Backed by producers Sanford Lieberson and David Puttnam, his 1974 documentary Swastika pulled a controversial switch on the usual historical fare about
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Will Superman Become A Yellow Lantern This August?

Since the dawn of the Rebirth era, the Superman family of books have absolutely been on fire, restoring the Man of Steel and his related to characters to their former glory that some readers thought the New 52 simply lacked. And, from what we can tell, they won’t cool off anytime in the foreseeable future. In fact, just this week, we found out that Big Blue and Lex Luthor are set to confront Mr. Oz over in Action Comics this August and, that very same month, his eponymous title will take full advantage of the crossover potential that comes with being a part of the DC Universe.

You see, this summer, Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason intend on calling back to their days of working on Green Lantern Corps by getting Superman mixed up with this guy named Sinestro. Perhaps you’ve heard of him. And while the creative
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Apparently, There Won’t Be Any Major Marvel Crossover Events Until At Least 18 Months After Secret Empire

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Although anticipation for the upcoming Secret Empire is undoubtedly high, event fatigue is becoming a very real thing. In the past few years alone, True Believers have endured Secret Wars, Civil War II and now this, each following the other like rapid fire and affording little breathing room in between. Not only that, but linewide relaunches are often in tow, which is something else that’s been a growing concern.

In fact, I can’t recall a time in the last decade or so that a major crossover event hasn’t been going on. Granted, neither of the Big Two are innocent, but every time I turn around, Marvel is putting out something with a tagline along the lines of “it’s all been building to this.” Furthermore, it’s getting increasingly difficult to remember what order stories such as Siege,
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Horror Highlights: Fright Rags’ The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Collection, Clowntergeist, Uncanny Valley, Terror Films’ Releases

Fright Rags will kick off their series of homages to the VHS era with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Video Series box set, which will be available on January 25th. Also: a new Clowntergeist trailer, Uncanny Valley release details and launch trailer, and Terror Films’ slate of upcoming releases.

Fright Rags’ The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Collection: From Ben at Fright Rags: “On January 25th, we will release the first in what we plan to be a series of box sets that pay homage to the VHS-era and, more importantly, our childhood. In addition to recreating art that we loved as kids, these limited edition box sets will also contain things from that era; stickers that you would readily see at stores and on tapes, as well as delicious custom made microwaveable popcorn.

The first box set to be released in this series is one of the films that defines the home
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Coming Distractions: This trailer for Clowntergeist isn’t as funny as its title suggests

These days, the “clowns are scary” narrative has built up so much steam that it’s hard to tell if anyone is actually afraid of clowns or if it’s all propaganda generated by the birthday magician lobby, but clowns have become popular fodder for horror movies either way. There was that Clown movie last summer, the upcoming It remake, and now we have a trailer for Clowntergeist, a movie with a great name about a small town that is terrorized by a demon-possessed clown man. There’s a lot to like here, from the way the guy says “for a manhunt” at the beginning to the fact that the end of the trailer suggests it used to be called Fear Itself, but the bit at the end where the girl sees her bedroom door creepily open and then pretends to be asleep is simply fantastic. It may not seem
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Top 20 New Year TV episodes

Wesley Mead Jan 2, 2017

As the New Year arrives, we salute a few favourite TV episodes depicting this momentous time of year...

New Year is a time for reflection on the past and resolution for the future, an opportunity to consider what you’ve achieved and what you’re yet to work on. It’s also a time to stay up well past midnight, partying the night away with friends and family, potentially embarrassing yourself in the process. That dichotomy ensures that the New Year is fertile ground for television, and the finest comedies and dramatic series use the moment to allow for contemplation amidst the alcoholic excesses. Here are twenty New Year episodes that offer an entertaining take on the aeons-old celebration - from emotional character pieces to geeky genre takes and old-fashioned barrages of seasonal comedy.

See related Iron Fist: see some images from Marvel's next Netflix show Jessica
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Halloween 2016: A Collection of Spooky Holiday TV Specials You Can Stream Now on Netflix

  • DailyDead
One of my favorite things as a kid was whenever different television series would do holiday-themed episodes, especially when it came time to celebrate Halloween in October. A lot of great shows over the years have done an great job of embracing our favorite holiday, and if you’re feeling a bit nostalgic, here’s a collection of Halloween-themed TV specials currently available on Netflix Instant that should help get you guys ready for All Hallows’ Eve.

One Note: There are a handful of entries here that aren’t necessarily Halloween episodes, but they are still shows I love revisiting every October as they perfectly embody the spirit of the season.

American Dad (Season 6, Episode 3)

Best Little Horror House in Langley Falls: Stan's plan to out-do the neighbor's fancy haunted house backfires when Roger releases the serial killers he was borrowing from the CIA. Meanwhile, Steve faces Toshi's revenge when
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'Godless' triumphs in Locarno

  • ScreenDaily
'Godless' triumphs in Locarno
Bulgarian drama won the Golden Leopard as well as Best Actress for star Irena Ivanova.

Bulgarian director Ralitza Petrova’s debut feature Godless has won the top prize, the Golden Leopard, at the 69th Locarno Film Festival.

The drama also took the Best Actress award for Irena Ivanova’s performance as a nurse looking after elderly patients with dementia in a remote Bulgarian town.

In addition, the production by Klas Film’s Rossitsa Valkanova with Denmark’s Snowglobe and France’s Alcatraz Films and Film Factory, received the Ecumenical Jury’s Prize, which comes with a cash award of $20,500 (CHF20,000).

The screenplay for Godless - which is being handled internationally by Greek-based Heretic Outreach - had been supported by Torino FilmLab’s FrameWork, Sarajevo’s CineLink and the Women in Film Finishing Fund in Los Angeles.

“This prize was unusual among juries because it was a unanimous decision between all the members of our team,” the International
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Civil War II: A War Worth Fighting?

Disclaimer: This editorial contains spoilers for Issues 1 & 2 of the Marvel crossover event, Civil War II.

In the words of singer Edwin Star, “War! What is it good for? Aboslutely noth’n”. This is exactly how I feel about the “Civil War” going within the Marvel Universe right now. Why would I feel that way? What can make me believe that a follow up companywide crossover to one of the biggest storylines for Marvel is “good for noth’n”? Well there quite a few reasons for such a conclusion, but first a little background on how Marvel works for those unaware.

Each year the great editors and writers of Marvel go off to a “retreat” where tons of ideas, plots, and concepts and just about anything for the company are discussed. This not so secret retreat has been going on for quite a few years with much of the focus apparently
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Pumpkinhead Reboot Is Happening with Saw Producer

Pumpkinhead Reboot Is Happening with Saw Producer
There are a staggering amount of reboots, long awaited sequels and the sometimes confusing requel being made right now. Horror movies have always been a big moneymaker for studios, so it isn't at all surprising that some classic horror icons are in the process of being brought back to the big screen. The latest of these icons is none other than the cult classic Pumpkinhead, which is being revived by Saw producer Peter Block.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Block has obtained the rights to the classic horror franchise, which was originally brought to life by visual effects legend Stan Winston, his directorial debut in 1988. The original Pumpkinhead tells the story of a grieving father who loses his son in a tragic accident, who then conjures up a vengeful, terrifying demon to punish the teenagers responsible. According to the report, the reboot is set to start shooting in 2017, but no
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Pepe Le Pew Movie Happening with Chronicle Writer Max Landis

Pepe Le Pew Movie Happening with Chronicle Writer Max Landis
Earlier tonight, screenwriter Max Landis made his Comic-Con debut to promote his upcoming series Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, which will debut on BBC America on October 22. This will be Max Landis' first foray into television, after making a name for himself as the writer of movies such as Chronicle, American Ultra, and many more, but, during the panel, he revealed a very unique movie project that he's working on for Warner Bros. The writer revealed during his Comic-Con panel that he's also writing an animated movie based on the beloved character Pepe Le Pew.

Very little is known about the project, but Deadline reports that Warner Bros. enjoyed Max Landis' pitch on the material. It isn't known if any producers are attached to the project, or if the studio has a director in mind to tackle this project. If this does move forward into production, it
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Extreme Ghostbusters: revisiting an underappreciated cartoon

Stephen Harber Jul 18, 2016

We look back at an often-overlooked part of the Ghostbusters legacy: it's Extreme Ghostbusters...

There was a time when no one cared about Ghostbusters. It was the late 90s - the pre-Pokemon, post-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers days to be exact. Nobody’s kid was exactly clamouring for a sequel, reboot, or a Ghostbusters continuation of any kind - except for Dan Aykroyd, who was practically lobbying for a third instalment while sitting front row at the Ghostbusters II premiere. Which is why we have this: an awkwardly timed, tonally disruptive Ghostbusters animated series.

Enter a brand new cartoon that picked up the sticky, ectoplasm-covered mantle of The Real Ghostbusters and wore it slightly askew to evoke that wholesome sense of 1990s irreverence: Extreme Ghostbusters.

Living up to its name, Xgb was extreme indeed. One glance at its radically inclusive team line-up is all you need to notice that.
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Mike Flanagan’s Ouija: Origin Of Evil Trailer Looks Way Better than Its Predecessor

Let’s face it, Ouija was pretty much worthless. It was forgettable and a wasted opportunity. The end product was definitely the result of too many hands in the pot. However, Universal knows that acquiring the license of using the “Ouija” name is definitely something that should be capitalized upon. It also doesn’t hurt that the first film did well at the box office, probably based off the name. Luckily for horror fans, they got a great director in Mike Flanagan to take a crack at the franchise and judging from the trailer, this should have been the original film.

Ouija: Origin of Evil arrives in theaters October 21st from Universal Pictures. Henry Thomas (Betrayal), Annalise Basso (Oculus), Elizabeth Reaser (“True Detective”), Lulu Wilson (Deliver Us from Evil), Parker Mack (MTV’s “Faking It”), Sam Anderson, Kate Siegel (Demon Legacy), and Doug Jones (Hellboy, “Fear Itself”) star.

Mike Flanagan
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The American Horror Story and Buffy the Vampire Slayer Connection You Might Have Missed

From a seemingly endless supply of creepy-crawlies to a masterful hand on terrifying the sh*t out of us, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and American Horror Story have a lot in common. However, there is one tangible connection between the supernatural shows that you might've missed. Thanks to an eagle-eyed Redditor, it appears that the humble abode from Ahs's first season, Murder House, popped up 12 years before. It first gained infamy in Buffy's fourth season - the Halloween-themed fourth episode, titled "Fear Itself," has Buffy and co. trapped inside of a haunted frat house along with a demon (no sign of the creepy-but-cute Tate, unfortunately). Crazy, huh? Check out the two versions of the house here, and see all the wild connections between American Horror Story's five seasons.
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