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The dead also rises

Author: sol1218 from brooklyn NY
8 March 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

***SPOILERS*** Interesting but very predictable movie about revenge from beyond the grave that creates havoc in this super secret and snobbish collage sorority house. It turns out that one of the member of the sorority-Jenna Thorn-had to spend the night locked in a coffin in order to qualify to become a full member. This lead Jeanna to die of acute shock when the very claustrophobic young girl ended up dying of fright! Or did she?

Pretty Samantha Willows, Leighton Meester, is all over the place in trying to find out who's murdering her sorority sisters with the realization that they somehow had it coming. This is when Samantha and her collage roommate Jane,Kailin See, find out that those, the sisters in the sorority, are being knocked off because they had something to do with Jenna's disappearance a years earlier.

The four members of the sorority who were involved in Jenna being entombed suspect that it's her boyfriend Colin, David Flemming, who's the person trying to hunt them down and do them in for what they did to his fiancée and soon to be wife Jenna. Colin for his part has just one scene in the movie, more or less to introduce himself to the audience, and is never seen or heard from again!

Samantha for her part gets to the bottom of this mystery with the help of her nebbish boyfriend Oliver, Adrian Petriw, who's a strong believer in the supernatural and life after death. But in uncovering just who the killer is and the reason for his, or her, actions doesn't help the four sorority members, those responsible for Jenna's disappearance. The four young ladies ended up being iced and in once case boiled, like a lobster, and put away in the hospital morgue until farther notice.

The movie did start off promising enough but quickly fell apart with it practically telegraphing, in a number of very obvious clues, to the audience who the killer is. You had to sit through almost 90 minutes of mindless nonsense until you were hit with the films "surprise ending" which only seemed to have surprised Samantha who should have seen it coming from the very beginning! In the fact that it was her, and no one else, who was handed all the clues to the killers identity, by non other then the killer himself, and still didn't have a clue to what they were!

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Not only beyond the grave but beyond belief...

Author: Neil Doyle from U.S.A.
25 October 2010

This is another of those teen-age sorority flicks where the girls are so stupid you wonder how they ever got to college in the first place. It starts out looking as though it might be a good thriller, but the events involving the revenge of a dead spirit are so mindlessly foolish that you wonder how the script managed to find someone willing to produce it.

The acting is better than the story deserves but that's no compensation for a Halloween type of thriller that lacks common sense in the telling. Production is well mounted with slick camera work and an appropriately tingling background score, but the story seems padded to fit a two-hour TV schedule and it becomes a by-the-numbers sort of thing where you just have to wait patiently for something to happen. They do happen on cue and that's the whole trouble with the silly story. Nothing seems real and none of the explanations ring true.

My advice: skip it.

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You must be kidding me

Author: james swartz ( from southern california
6 November 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Let me get this straight. This is the most prestigious sorority on this campus. And there are, count them, a total of only THREE active members of this clan and only FIVE pledges? In my house we had 120 members including pledges. Even in the wee hours there was more activity than at this sleepy hollow.

But this yarn gets better. People keep dying and there's no alarm, everyone just hangs around, and there's no police or campus officials looking into things? Where do the bodies go? Do they just vanish and then the survivors just hang around waiting to be next? And roll in the hay with the frat boys as if nothing happened? Is this sorority house on the moon or something? Ludicrous beyond belief. Is a zero possible here?

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Poor weak production

Author: SnoopyStyle
3 February 2014

Samantha Willows (Leighton Meester) is a college freshman pledging a prestigious sorority. However something supernatural is killing its members. There was a mysterious girl missing from the previous year's pledges. Meanwhile, Sam's high school boyfriend has come along to college but is jealous of her new life.

This is a low budget weak production horror. The supernatural is revealed right off the bat. The big mystery is revealed before it even asks the questions. The CG is poorly done. The only good thing here is Leighton Meester. She takes this weak material and makes a little something. However, the production is so low that there isn't even enough members in this sorority. It's just weak overall.

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Above-average Lifetime horror effort

Author: GL84 from Los Angeles, Ca
23 April 2015

Attending a new sorority, a new pledge discovers her terrifying visions and hallucinations are brought about by the return of a hazing ritual that killed a former initiate who is now haunting and killing them one- by-one.

This one turned out to be quite a decent Lifetime thriller. One of its better attributes is its engrossing mystery, which is far creepier than it has any right to be and is given plenty to work with. This one has some great parts during the beginning focusing on their visions of the coffin and the secretive nature of the previous ceremony, and when brought about with the nature of sorority and it's got a pretty decent time through the first half. This is really aided along by several really freaky moments where the ghost goes into action with it's death scenes, including a pretty harrowing sequence that's rarely seen in this kind of entries on the channel as well as a pretty chilling revelation of the ruse through the back-story and some wicked haunting scenes which give this a nice horror feel. There's still a few flaws here, mainly in the opening introductions to sorority life with the different rituals and traditions as well as the hazing portions coming off as really tame and traditional due to their being featuring in many different films, and when it focuses on the strained high-school romance is when the film's pacing lags considerably during these sections. In addition, the rather overblown CGI in the finale is out-of-place with the more naturalistic efforts of the rest of the film. These are the film's true flaws.

Rated Unrated/PG-13: Violence and Language.

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A Good Old Fashained College Horror Film...

Author: lathe-of-heaven from Sunny Southern California, USA
21 July 2012

I feel that the current rating of 4.x is not really indicative of how good this film is. Sure, it is not a masterpiece or anything and the CG is cringe-worthy in places, but overall it is an entertaining addition to the College Horror Sub-Genre. Especially for a Telefilm.

It is competently done and well presented, but it's not gonna win any Oscars (I don't think it did : ) Not terribly original but well put together; so, I give it a 7 to balance out the somewhat low 4.x that it now has. It probably falls around a 6 or so. If you are not expecting too much more than the genre normally delivers, than you should have a reasonable amount of fun watching it.

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Better Than Expected

Author: bangel3322 from London
10 July 2013

Wow I think 4 is way harsh for this film. Yes, it is a made for TV film so it is going to have certain flaws that a big budgeted movie wouldn't have, but I have to say that this film really surprised me. I was not expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. The storyline was original; I have never seen a story like this in another film and in my opinion, the plot deserves a 9 out of 10. However, I need to deduct a point for some of the actors, deduct a point for production, half a point for pace and half a point for the quickie climax at the end. So my overall mark is seven, but if they had changed the ending slightly, made the duration of the film more intense, had more money to cast better actors and incorporate better effects, then this would have been a nine, maybe ten.

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Very Suspenseful

Author: Jeremysnow9 from Canada
22 July 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Well swore to take our secret to the grave" "A haunting on sorority row" is a phenomenal film. The storyline is solid, and the acting was very flexible. I was up late, restless, watching the mystery channel and I thought.. "Another Soroity Girl Horror Movie" But boi, was I wrong. It has a feel similar to "I know what you did last summer", A killer who "dies" and comes back to wreak revenge one year later. This film revolves around a girl named Sam, who is trying to live through Pledge week (hell week) at a sorority she is trying to make it into. One by one, the sorority sisters disappear, and the mystery of Jenna is in the air. Now, its up to Sam to stay alive, and show Jenna the little goodness left, her love. I even went forward to buy this movie. It was a straight to DVD release, and i don't see why, anyway, 3 thumbs up!

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A Good Film, Deserves a Better Rating

Author: PrincessPeachx from United States
27 September 2012

I was really surprised when I watched this movie and liked it! I've watched it a few times now and each time I love it even more.

Usually I don't watch Lifetime or any other television movies, but this one I was interested in, probably because I LOVE ghost stories and anything creepy.

The story was written well and I didn't expect the 'twist' at the end (maybe I wouldn't call it a twist, but a surprise, for sure!) If you are bored one night, watch this movie! I was actually a little creeped out the first time I watched it. The CGI is cheaply done (I never like special effects in horror movies and wasn't expecting anything great for a TV movie) but it isn't cheesy. Plus, this movie is better than some I've paid $10 to see at the movie theater.

I gave this film a 10 to balance out the people who left such horrid reviews, though I'd probably rate it an 8. I really enjoyed this film, and you will too if you don't expect to see "Insidious" or "Scream" or "A Nightmare on Elm Street." It's NOT a scary movie in that sense. Yes, it's a creepy and suspenseful film, but I wouldn't classify it as horror. Take the time to watch this, but don't expect to see any award winning original material.

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Very Well Done Thriller with Great Plot Twists

Author: penelope_u from United States
19 October 2009

Leighton and her director prove that you do not need tons of blood and gore to come up with a good scare. I won't give away any details on the plot, but I am a great fan of the genuine thriller genre, and this movie struck just the right tone with surprises, characters that you care about, and a few great effects. I think this would be appropriate for tweens and teens and they will enjoy it---finally a new scary movie that doesn't use chain saws. The plot and characters keep you guessing and move this story, and it is actually shot very beautifully. The acting is solid, especially Leighton is excellent, and nothing about this is overdone. Fun to watch! I will definitely keep this on my Halloween rotation.

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