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Amazingly broad portrayals sink this film...
MartinHafer8 February 2009
This film features an evangelist and his wife visiting some nice folks to squeeze a few dimes from them. It's amazingly obvious that this pair are a couple of crooks, as the parts are played any way but subtly. The Southern accent that the Reverend uses is very, very broad and I was almost surprised that he didn't say "weeell, doggy" like Uncle Jed or talk about "eatin' some cone-pone 'n grits, y'all". It's funny, but if anyone today would do such a broad and overly simplistic impersonation of a Black or Hispanic or Gay person, it would be widely judged as a negative stereotype--so why is this huckster Southern preacher parody any different? Not all preachers or Southerners are like these people and NO ONE is this tacky and obvious--even the true criminals out there bilking people out of their money.

It's really sad, as there are definitely some film-flam artists out there using the name of God to get rich, but making such broad and condescending films don't do much to combat this. Instead it sends a message of smugness that just felt tacky. A more subtle and restrained approach in film making makes more sense and is more realistic, as evil more often than not comes disguised in a much prettier package.

Better luck next time.
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