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"Toward the Terra" Chikyuu no midori no oka (2007)"Terra e..." Chikyuu no midori no oka (original title)

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Swena broadcasts Keith's message to humanity about the truth behind Grandmother's ideals. The shocking truth is that Grandmother has been aware of humanity's destructive nature all along and has been secretely altering the genome of humans to see if something superior than humanity can be created. The Spacial domination (SD) plan was a large scale experiment solely intended to see if humans could evolve into something more advanced that would not destroy the environment like humans did with Terra. The only problem being that the Grandmother system is flawed at the programming level and cannot accept Mu because they too are human and just as fallible themselves. Keith & Jomy decide to fight Grandmother and are fatally wounded. Tony is chosen by Jomy to destroy the Meggido's pointed at Terra and to stand up as the next Soldier. Keith messages his subordinates to also destroy the Meggido units along with the Mu. The Meggido units are detroyed with the help of general Marduk and Terra is saved from obliteration. Humans everywhere are shown rebelling against the SD system and Tony stands up as the next leader of the Mu to bring humans and Mu together.


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