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Season 1

On Thalia's birthday, Salmacis, the Spirit of the Well, predicts that Thalia will first betray and then save the Meadowlands. When Thalia loses her necklace, the evil traitor Phaedon takes it to Lord Kann's fortress where it is filled with a poisonous liquid. Daiman unsuspectingly takes it back to Thalia. Menel, the leader of the fairy council, inadvertently unleashes the poison upon the sacred well. Salmacis vanishes, fulfilling the first part of the prophecy. Continued in Episode 2 "The Invasion".
The Invasion
Continued from Episode 1 "Betrayal". Suspected of treason, Thalia is locked up in her room while the Elf army invades her village. Daiman manages to steal the last drop of Snakehammer's antidote and fighting against the odds, is able to save Salmacis from certain death. Thalia escapes and together with her brother Rowan, she upsets a hornets' nest, to help chase away the elf army. The second part of the prophecy comes true as well.
The Master Builder
One day, the Elf inventor, Snakehammer is hit by a falling chestnut and loses his memory. The trolls "adopt" him - in return he constructs an enormous machine, which paves the way to erecting a new city "Trollopolis". Thalia and Daiman's efforts to stop Snakehammer and his machine fail miserably, but when Snakehammer regains his memory, he realizes that he must quickly reverse the machine to save the Meadowlands.
The Cure
When elf leader Lord Kann becomes seriously ill, Phaedon speaks of Fala's abilities as a healer. Daiman kidnaps Fala and takes her to the fortress, with Thalia and Rowan secretly following in pursuit. When Fala hears that Snakehammer is the one treating Lord Kann, she realizes that she must help. Lord Kann recovers and immediately imprisons all three fairies. A clever plan devised by Daiman helps the fairies narrowly escape from the fortress.
While the Meadowlands are overwhelmed by a serious drought, the traitor Phaedon devises a cunning plot to aid Lord Kann in his conquest of the fairy village. Phaedon begs the fairies to rely on his magic to end the drought. He will need Thalia to assist his magic, by playing her harp. Phaedon's magic brings on some rain, which turns into a fierce storm that floods the Meadowlands and allows Lord Kann's submarine fleet to invade. Phaedon convinces Thalia and the fairy council that this is her fault. However, Daiman persuades Thalia to trust herself and her own magic ...
The Green Golem
After being banished from the Citadel by an angry Lord Kann, Snakehammer observes how the Trolls mysteriously transform a strange, green 'mud' into every tool they desire. He reports this to Lord Kann who sends Captain Daiman and a small elf search party to collect this 'mud'. Thalia is gathering tulip dust, when she observes the elves and secretly follows them into Troll territory. Daiman, Balabust and Snakehammer locate the magic mud and use it to create a huge monster, to ward off an attack by the Trolls. This "Green Golem" goes on a rampage and only Thalia can ...
Reflection of Evil
When one of Phaedon's magical spells fails, Thalia's reflection in a pool comes to life. The evil double takes Thalia's place. Although the fairies are astonished by Thalia's strange behavior, only Daiman realizes that Thalia is not herself. When Lord Kann tries to use the double to the elves' advantage, the fairies capture Daiman. Thalia's friends are the only ones who can help free her and defeat the evil twin.
Beetle Assault
In order to enhance their elf cavalry, Daiman and Balabust drive a herd of flying beetles to the Meadowlands. Everyone has great fun, especially as a female beetle falls heavily for Balabust. However, the immense appetites of the bugs have a devastating effect on the flowery meadows. Balabust, disguised as a bug, plays the role of the lead insect to herd the beetles back home.
The Lost Gateway
When a gypsy visits the fairy village selling starflower bonnets, everyone is intrigued - for varying reasons. Legend has it, that these flowers only grow by the secret gateway to the lost homeland of the elves. The gateway houses the "heart of stone"' a gem of immense power. This stone can open the final gate only if "two warring hearts are blended as one". Upon finding the stone, Phaedon reveals himself as a power hungry traitor, but accidentally destroys the gate, which Daiman and Thalia had opened. Everyone catches a brief glimpse of the land beyond the secret ...
The fairies are experiencing some very puzzling events, which turn the entire village on its head. Finally Thalia finds a clue in an old book - the village must be haunted by invisible tricksters. No one believes her, except Salmacis, the Spirit of the Well, who gives Thalia a clue about how to rid the villages of these little pests. Thalia has to use all her cunning to devise a plan, which involves sparkling objects, a piece of cake and a spectacular sunset. Luckily this proves successful in the end and the fairies can resume their busy lives.
Mischievous Dragon
Lord Kann's pet, Creeper, needs a bath and Balabust and Shil have been entrusted with this mission. Unable to handle the devious creature, they enlist the aid of Daiman and Snakehammer. But Creeper escapes and flees to the fairy village. Followed by the elves and Snakehammer's newest invention, a cleaning robot named Zelda, the whole village is plunged into chaos. With the help of Thalia and Rowan, Creeper is finally caught and is thoroughly washed and groomed by Zelda - along with a very disgruntled Snakehammer.
A Magical Potion
Every year the fairies must perform a magic ceremony to revitalize Salmacis and her sacred well. Menel is entrusted with gathering the necessary magical ingredients to perform the task. Informed by Phaedon, Lord Kann dispatches Daiman to capture the bag of herbs. Disguised as a fairy from another meadow, Daiman accompanies Menel and saves him from a variety of dangers without ever getting hold of the bag. However, Menel's stroll was just a diversionary maneuver as Fala has actually collected all the herbs that were needed and brought them back safely.
The Challenge
Ignoring Lord Kann's orders to work together, Snakehammer and Phaedon decide to independently develop the ultimate weapon to destroy the fairies. Both of their monstrous creations get out of control and threaten to destroy the entire Meadowlands. Faced with the end of their world, Thalia and Daiman finally share a moment together. A group of trolls enter the scene on their junk-pile motorbike, obliterating both monsters and inadvertently saving the day.
Although there is a snowstorm raging outside, Luna and Nayade leave the village to collect berries they "desperately" need to create a perfume. As the storm grows fierce, the girls seek shelter in a cave. They are followed by the elf Shil, who is on a secret surveillance mission. When the three of them are trapped in the cave by an avalanche, they must learn to work together to save themselves. They use their respective abilities to fight off an attacking rat before they are able to gain their freedom and return to their respective homes.
Marina del Troll
While the fairy girls are collecting flowers to prepare a cream to enhance their complexion, they observe the trolls trying to block the stream. This new dam will inevitably flood the Meadowlands. When Daiman and Balabust's efforts to prevent the catastrophe fail, the girls develop a successful back-up plan. They conjure up a menacing stream creature that drives the trolls away.
The Trojan Box
The elves deviously give a cursed chest to Menel as a gift. When the box is opened, it immediately causes a devastating storm that follows its bearer. Thalia discovers the secret and struggles to get the box away from their village. With Salamacis' help, she swims through an underground stream and delivers the "present" back to the elves. In the confusion that follows, only the perfect shot of an arrow can save the situation. Unfortunately, this shot rests with Balabust not Daiman. But he succeeds and manages to destroy both the box and the storm.
The Root of Magic
When a sick oak tree threatens to fall down and destroy the fairy village, Thalia and friends fly off to ask Rootmaster, a forest wizard, for help. Though mistrusting these "walkabouters" at first, Rootmaster agrees to help them. Meanwhile, Phaedon tries to poison Rootmaster with the same tree-killing elixir he used on the fairy oak tree. Thalia and friends, however, make it back just in time to prevent him from his evil-doings.
The Last Wish
When Luna and Nayade accidentally free Beezle (a friendly, long-bearded gnome) from 100 years of imprisonment inside a teapot, they are granted three wishes. Sure enough, the first one is for new clothes. During a conversation with Phaedon however, they jokingly wish for Phaedon to become King. Only after the coronation takes place are they allowed to make their final wish and thus, smartly turn everything back to the way it was before.
The Smell of Disaster
When Rowan tells the fairies that a huge monster attacked him, the fairies realize with one sniff that it could only have been a skunk. Soon they find a frightened, wounded baby skunk hiding in a cave. Everyone goes in search of the skunk's mother, who, when finally found, angrily charges after our friends in the belief that they have harmed her baby. The rescue party finds itself cornered between the angry skunk and a snake and everyone is subjected to a stinking blast before the skunk family is happily reunited.
The Boom Boys
While scrounging around the dump, a group of trolls accidentally discover the ingredients of gunpowder in a pile of Snakehammer's discarded contraptions. Now the explosions they are creating threaten the Meadowlands. When one of these explosions causes the destruction of the junior rangers' new clubhouse, Rowan disguises himself as a rock troll and heads for the dump, vowing to get to the bottom of the 'big bangs'. Meanwhile, the elves and the fairies have sent envoys to Troll headquarters, but they are captured, accused of spying and imprisoned. It is up to Rowan, ...
A Test of Courage
Rowan has to pass the final test of courage for the Ranger cadets, which is to find his way back to the village without flying. Since he has heard that older Rangers disguise themselves as monsters for this big occasion, Rowan is not frightened when he encounters one. Finally he realizes that it is a "real" wild rock troll he has come up against. Fortunately, with Thalia and the Rangers' help he passes his test with "flying" colors, but his hope of impressing the lovely Clover with his achievement doesn't quite go according to plan.
Vision of Peace
The Meadowlands are threatened by severe drought, which is deeply affecting the elves' food supply. Shil and the ambitious elf-warrior Doppel, believe that they can force the fairies to give them food. When they attack Thalia, Luna and Nayade, the girls suddenly find themselves in the middle of an avalanche. Daiman arrives too late to save them and the falling rocks strike both him and Thalia. When Thalia wakes up with bandages around her head, she learns, to her disbelief, that Lord Kann and the fairy council have finally agreed to a peaceful co-existence between ...
The Stranger
Agitated by a terrible row with Daiman, Thalia accidentally flies into a spider's web and at the very last moment is saved by the handsome, Arador, a warrior fairy from the West. Everyone in the village thinks he would be the perfect match for Thalia, except Rowan, who goes to inform Daiman. When they discover Arador has a secret treacherous plan, it is time for Daiman to save Thalia. He does this successfully, but it doesn't stop her from immediately starting another argument with him.
Utter Silence
It's scorching hot in the Meadowlands and Salmacis is forced to leave her dried-out well. Meanwhile, the junior Rangers stumble upon Leaf, an ancient earth spirit. Leaf can't speak and behaves strangely -thus arousing Rowan's suspicions. Only when the elves launch an attack on Salmacis' well, trying to dive bomb it and fill it with cement, the fairies understand what Leaf was trying to tell them from the start.
A Threat from the Past
Salmacis summons the fairies to deliver the prophecy of a dire catastrophe, which will befall the Meadowlands. This message casts Thalia as the fairies' only hope. It becomes evident that the trolls have opened a bottle, setting free a dangerous cloud, which sucks up all their energy and turns everything and everyone it touches into frozen statues. Drawn to Salmacis' energy the cloud moves quickly over to the village. Only Thalia is able to flee to Lord Kann's citadel where she persuades the elves and the surviving trolls to work together with herself and Phaedon. ...
Cloud of Darkness
Continued from Episode 25 "A Threat from the Past ". Using the magical 'heart of stone', Thalia creates a gateway to the elves' stormy and barren homeland where they meet Sevendrin, the ghost of an ancient elf magician. He provides them with a powerful tool that can be used to destroy the cloud. However, the rescue mission is almost sabotaged due to Phaedon's incredible lust for power. But Thalia and the others are willing to courageously sacrifice everything, including their lives and are able to defeat Phaedon and the deadly cloud and finally bring the Meadowlands ...

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