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  • Samantha Randall, prefers to go go by the name of 'Sam' and also prefers to dress like a boy. But in high school circa 1963 that just is not done. She runs afoul of both the guys and girls at school as well as teachers and administration. Rebellious and determined to be herself, she's labeled a lesbian. The truth is much more complicated, and the events that lead to her death was a part of the hysteria of the times regarding gender.


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  • This is about a 1963 suicide which was reported in 2007 not to be a suicide, but a murder because the girl who was reported to have drowned then had no water in her lungs when found, indicating she was dead when she hit the water.

    Sam was fond of dressing and acting as a boy and was teased and bullied for it.

    Zie has a crush on a guy who panics, not being gay, which leads to problems.

    Zir identity expression leads to his eventual commitment to a mental facility.

    A boy who is confused about Sam's gender identity but is his only friend later takes him from the facility after an ECT treatments starts to destroy zir mind and kills zir . It is conjecture whether the ECT treatment was doing that but he is arrested anyway.

    Notable guest stars Michal Constatine and David Selby give excellent performances.

    The team tries to determine if a transgender boy commits suicide or was killed and prepares for the outcome of Internal Affairs' investigation of Valens. Sam's images can be seen in the stained-glass windows made by xir old friend, who lived to old age.

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