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87 out of 121 people found the following review useful:

Kill Switch has just killed me

Author: info-6206 from United Kingdom
27 July 2008

Where do I start on how bad this movie is? Segal has always been proud to show off his fighting skills in each movie he has appeared in however this movie features a stunt double in every fighting scene – even the hand to hand scenes! You'll see a fight scene about to start the real Segal, the camera then cuts to the back of the Segal double, his hair looks nothing like the real Segal!!! Segal will pull a mean face the camera cuts to the stunt double who then throws a punch, back to the real Segal, pull another funny face….stunt double throws a kick – this is how every fight scene is cut! Oh and in case you missed anything each hit is shown again TWICE from a different angle. We see a guy get kicked out of window & the shot of him coming out the window is shown to us SIX times!

Segal punches a guy, guy falls to the floor, guy stands up once his 2 friends comes & help him & tells Segal "You're in trouble now". Segal batters his two friends, camera goes back to original who is now on the floor semi conscious????

I turned this movie off at exactly 19.54 it really is that bad

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37 out of 43 people found the following review useful:

Switched It Off

Author: qormi from United States
3 November 2008

This could possibly be the worst Seagal flick ever. Where do I begin? The fight scenes are laughably phony and are a throwback to the "Dolemite" movies of the 70's. Yes, that bad and then some. Seagal's face is shown close up while a stuntman does all the work. It's comical to see the ill-fitting wig on the back of the stuntman. The fight sequences constantly use instant replay and this adds to the hilarity.

Seagal himself looks like he is literally dying from some undisclosed illness. His skin is red as raw meat and just as slimy. His face is full of weird pockmarks and it shines from the sweat. The man looks like he should be on some sort of life support. It's funny to see the actresses in the film have to pretend they want to jump his bones every time they look at him. Seagal once again uses his fake southern drawl as he's done in the last three films.

The gunfight was awful - he kept punching in clip after clip and must have shot off 40 rounds without hitting anything. Ditto the three bad guys. After that, my brain disengaged and I fell asleep.

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43 out of 57 people found the following review useful:

Another Segal movie

Author: johan hjelm from Sweden
30 July 2008

When I started to watch this movie and saw that Seagal wrote it I got the feeling that this wasn't going to be a good movie. First of all Seagal is his usual self showing of his awesome acting skills. To support him in this movie Isaac Hayes has the role of the forensic doctor and he is awful.

The way this movie i cut in its action scenes is very annoying, every punch is seen 2-4 times and every so often you get a close-up at Seagal looking grim. The choreography in the fight is also bad, since there basically isn't any to be found. The fights are mostly Seagal holding a guy and punching him in the face repeatedly. The gun fights are just as bad and you start to wonder how Seagals character ever made it into the police force, because he can't hit anything at all.

All in all, this movie sucks

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39 out of 50 people found the following review useful:

A step back

Author: lee nicholson (dolemite72) from middlesbrough, UK
19 August 2008

Where do i start, pointing out the many problems, this movie has?

First off.....the plot. I've come to expect over-complex plot points in recent Seagal movies, but in KILL SWITCH it's not overly just doesn't make any sense. The flashback to Seagal as a child (witnessing his brothers murder) serve little purpose to the storyline, but i guess they help pad out a few minutes of screen time. And believe me, this movie felt padded. It doesn't even have the (so-bad-it's good) camp value of ATTACK FORCE.

Secondly....The editing. This was some throwback to the days of film-making in the 80's. Occasionly, Jackie Chan (or Tony Jaa) may employ this 'repeated' camera angle stuff, but it's usually to highlight an extremely choreographed fight move or stunt. In KILL SWITCH however, it once again feels like padding (and given that it runs throughout the movie, it feels like it's makers have only got 45 minutes of actual footage, and therefore NEED to show everything twice, thrice and even ten times) Seagal is chasing a suspect at one point, and he comes to a doorway. The viewer is treated to about 20 different shots/alternative angles of this 'monumental' moment.

Thirdly.....The fights. To me it seems that Seagal was not trying to make a martial arts movie at all. Apparently, the makers of KILL SWITCH attempted to beef up (what would usually be a four second fight scene) with extra stuff involving stunt doubles. This is all the more annoying, because Seagal's actual fighting is better than his stunt doubles. The final fight (against the serial killer) is all Seagal (and it shows) it's quick, brutal and efficient. Yet all fights before it, are heavily padded out with lazy punches, reversed shot of Seagal (sometimes wearing a different jacket, because it came from another scene) URBAN JUSTICE and PISTOL WHIPPED have proved that Sensei Seagal can still mix it up as a fighter. But these shoddy film-makers are tarnishing his rep, with these underhanded tactics. It(in turn) makes Seagal look weak, as he'd usually demolish his opponents in 5 seconds (such is why we like the guy) but here, the 'padding'implies that Seagal can punch a guy 30 times (in the face) and STILL not put him down. And i also want to see Seagal break an opponents arms and legs with HIS hands....not a hammer. Don't even get me started on the shoddy (couldn't hit a guy two feet in front of him) gunfights.

Finally...Steven Seagal. He actually puts in a good performance (once you get over the 'southern' drawl) and looks in good (allbeit heavy) shape. He rarely mumbles, and seems genuinely interested with the project (unlike say...FLIGHT OF FURY?)

KILL SWITCH is a step back for Seagal (just as he was regaining some well needed credibility) after URBAN JUSTICE and PISTOL WHIPPED. Although the movie is U.S lensed, is well lit, and crisp cinematography, the god-awful (quick cut, repeated shot) editing, and unnecessary doubling, betray whatever potential this movie may have had. The supporting cast is OK (Rest in peace Issac Hayes) and the music is quite good also. Now that (it seems) Seagal is regaining his passion for acting again, he needs to associate with better film-makers in the future. His next movie RUSLAN is also directed by Jeff King (director of this) so i won't be (honestly) expecting anything special of that one. But as long as they don't start interfering and chopping up their filmed product, it won't need to be great to be better than this movie. My theory on KILL SWITCH is that they've only had limited screen time with Seagal, and (hopefuly?) HAD to cut and paste this movie, to pad it out. If they think that repeatedly showing a guy fall out of a window 12 times, or making pointless scenes last four times longer than needed to cutting edge film-making then (to quote Seagal) "Lord have mercy")

Big Lee gives this movie a 5 (only for Seagal's screen presence, and a OK final fight scene)

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13 out of 14 people found the following review useful:


Author: gridoon2016
6 February 2009

Steven Seagal's previous film, "Pistol Whipped", was a pretty solid little low-budget action thriller, and it looked as if Seagal was finally starting to learn from his mistakes and improve upon them. "Kill Switch" makes "Pistol Whipped" look like a fluke. Does he honestly expect people to like this movie? For starters, the fight scenes are a joke. They're hardly even fight scenes - mostly just Seagal beating up people. Or should I say, his frequently obvious stunt double beating up people. They are edited very annoyingly, with lots of dropped frames, repeated shots, and close-ups of frantically waving arms. Seagal adopts a ridiculous (I think it was meant to be Southern - "Y'all", "Lord Have Mercy", "Sho Nuff", etc.) accent, has a love interest at least 20 years younger than him, whom he completely ignores, because that's what all supercool detectives like him do, and is joined in his latest investigation by a rookie female FBI agent, whom he's a complete jerk to, because, again, that's what all supercool detectives like him do. Did I mention that "he's a genius" and that "he doesn't follow protocol"? And what's with the film's fascination with torture, sadism, close-ups of corpses....blergh. Is Seagal making a play for the "SAW" market? And let's not even mention the completely nonsensical ending. The only semi-redeeming features of "Kill Switch" are some unintentional laughs, and the presence of Holly Dingard and Isaac Hayes (in one of his last roles). *1/2 out of 4.

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14 out of 20 people found the following review useful:

Another let down for Seagal

Author: ( from United Kingdom
11 October 2008

I have to give Steven Seagal the credit he deserves, he is an excellent Aikido master, and I am always keen to watch his films, not least because I also train in Aikido, His early films were a breath of fresh air, however of late the films he has made have had bad story line and limited action. Kill Switch is no exception.. Seagal need to go back to his roots, and portray characters that are closer to his own personality.

Kill Switch was a let down, poor editing and the use( or rather over use) of a fight double, inter cut with library footage of Seagal giving a mean face..... for hardened martial artist I would give this a miss. Unfortunately Seagals action films are being surpassed, by the truly excellent Bourne Identity trilogy, The superb Forbidden kingdom and recently Liam Neesom in the also excellent Taken.

Mr Seagal, go back to what you do best.. Aikido action film with a good story line ( please don't continue with the eastern European locations doubling as US/UK locations.

I hope the next film has more substance and Seagl at his fighting best ( think Under Siege/Nico etc.)

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7 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

It was OK if you knew what to expect.

Author: tardigrade81 from Canada
6 January 2009

Well after reading all the reviews on here, I went out and rented it expecting a good laugh and a horrid film, and to my surprise I ended up finding it pretty entertaining. I will say this, I am very upset he would make such a poor film after making 2 very good films: Pistol Whipped, and Urban Justice.

HOWEVER with that aside even knowing there was the classic stunt double in most of the scenes there was still quite a bit of action and yes the editing and showing every punch a billion times got annoying, but for some reason I was able to sit through it and laugh and a lot of the scenes and actually found the stunt double to be very good at what he did.... And surprisingly the scenes where Seagal actually did fight (the end) he looked pretty good himself....

Maybe some need to watch it again knowing what to expect this time haha.... If your looking for a classic Seagal movie like Our for Justice, or Hard to Kill this is not the one for you... but if your like me and have seen his straight to video movies as of late I would say go out and rent it.... what do you have to lose.

By the way Black Dawn, Shadow Man, and Flight of Fury were all way worse in my opinion. So its not like its the absolute worst yet, but compared to Pistold Whipped, and Urban Justice I am very displeased.

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7 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

The Lord Have Mercy: Kitch Action At Its Finest

Author: david leonard from Belgium
5 June 2013

The thirteenth entry in Steven Seagal's direct-to-video canon elaborates on his snuff-wish in ways only an incompetent filmmaker can, but the noteworthy frenetic execution propels it to cult status.

I think it's safe to assume you will watch this in a state of disbelief. Consider an early scene where Billy Joe, one of Seagal's enemies, is kicked out of a window and the shot is repeated five times over. This is really just the tip of the iceberg. The layers of mistakes and deliberate editing choices are what steal the show from the get-go and it's a beautiful ballet of dissonance bathed in self-seriousness, making this the ultimate Steven Seagal movie. Every cinematic tool is abused, mysteries put aside to indulge in bar fights that reach an unthinkable climax of choreographed silliness, with editing that serves the absurd and experimentalism. The violence is extremely phony and the body double reveals, the abundance of cheap sound effects, and a misinterpreted use of the JUMP CUT technique only add to the delicious frenzy.

Seagal with his trademark uninvolved voice (though the southern accent he adopts is hilarious) and his catchphrase "Lord Have Mercy" is on par with the screenplay's lack of emotional resonance, basic coherence and the senseless urge to kick the living __it out of generic antagonists.

That urge is what makes Kill Switch his greatest film to date, that viewers affectionate of irony must absolutely see and see to believe. It wouldn't be a post-millennium Seagal flick if the stunt doubles didn't do the fighting and the music didn't do the acting but in Kill Switch this phenomenon seems almost celebrated.

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5 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

Funniest film I've ever seen

Author: richard-duncombe from United Kingdom
28 January 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

OK, so it might require a drop of beer to smooth it down, but Killswitch is the most entertainment i've had in years. From the first time Segal opens his mouth its just laugh a minute hilarity for however long it went on for. I have no idea what accent he is trying to pull off, but it fails in comedy fashion, most of the time you cant understand what he is saying, but that just makes it better! I'm not really sure there is any plot, I actually think Segal just plays some weirdo no one understands so they give him a big fake case to solve to keep him out of the way of real police business. I guess its a bit like Se7en but with a more slapstick approach. The fights are hilarious, just shots of segal looking vacant, then a body double in a wig shot from behind, then another (same) shot of Segal. We counted 26 re-uses of the same shot in one of the fights at the end which forced us to pause the film for fear of death by laughter.

Im still having trouble working out who segal plays in this movie and the many flashbacks have no relevance on the film at all and are never explained, which just makes them better! There's just so much gold in this film! Why everyone in the film hate women? Who is the random FBI expert who turns up to help the case though admits she only ever worked on one homicide ever? where does segal get his knowledge of astrology from? why does he live in the biggest apartment ever? Who is that woman he lives with? what does his partner do at all in the whole movie? why does the murderer commit any of the crimes? and the ending!!!! WOW! Forget the sixth sense, you did NOT see this coming! trust me, in the 'so bad its good' stakes, this takes some beating 10/10

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7 out of 10 people found the following review useful:

Low Budget Glimmer Man

Author: ryan larson from U.S.A
11 October 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Most people are going to laugh, but I enjoyed this latest Seagal film "Kill Switch". Sure, whoever edited this film was color blind as Seagals jacket and weight change mid fight scene. Sure, shots from earlier scenes with Seagal are inserted in the middle of a fight scene to make one think he is actually there doing the fighting (horrible when you notice it). However, the concept of a simple story (Memphis detective tracking 2 serial killers) was a great idea by Seagal. It sets up fight scene after fight scene which is what his fans want. The fight scenes are brutal, the flash, quick cut style can be great if used properly-here it is overused...most likely to compensate for Seagal's lack of involvement. The double, triple, quadruple takes on the punches with minimal blood and bruising is also a let down. However, there are some positives (the clown story "does this taste funny to you?") is terrific. I think the overall concept of what Seagal wanted to do with this film is what every Seagal fan wanted. The problem is the low budget, lack of re-shoots with Seagal hurt a lot of his "D.T.V" releases and I have to believe it has to do with his contract. The first 10 minutes of the film are good followed by a bad 15 minutes. The middle part of the film is decent with a terrific ending (I'm talking before the weird Russian family scene which looks like it might be a part of his upcoming release "Ruslan"). I think if he got a theatrical budget for a concept like this film fans would see different results.

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