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Harvey Milk Day, “South Of The Ohio,” and a “Friends” Reunion

Birthday shoutouts go to Novak Djokovic (above), who is 26, and Naomi Campbell is 43. Emma Roberts will join her boyfriend Evan Peters on Season Three of American Horror Story. What Would Harvey Milk Think If He Were Alive Today? by Dustin Lance Black. A straight man dances at The Abbey. San Francisco Giant player Jeffrey Affeldt renounces his homophobia.

Good News! Gay men can now donate blood in Canada! But there’s a catch.

On the eve of the Bsa voting on gay scouts and troop leaders, James Dale talks about his landmark lawsuit that went all the way to the Supreme Court, and the long journey to this point.

Ellen‘s mini Friends reunion.

Wolf Blitzer is an idiot.

Kickstarting South Of The Ohio, “A new photo documentary exploring contemporary queer culture in the American South.”

Here’s the newest trailer for Man Of Steel, with extra focus on Zod.
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Judas Kiss: Come Meet The Cast!

Come and play with the cast and crew of Judas Kiss, Sunday, August 29, at The Lobby Bar in Seattle!


The entire cast of the motion picture, Judas Kiss, will be present for this event including Charlie David (Dante's CoveMulligans) and Brent Corrigan (Gay Adult Film Star, Milk, and Another Gay Sequel). This movie is currently filming in Seattle from August 13 through September 4.


There are additional stars in the film including Richard Harmon (Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightening Thief, SmallvilleFringe, and currently has a guest-starring role on the SyFy hit series, Caprica), Genevieve Buechner (plays Tamara Adams in the SyFy hit series, Caprica), and Julian LeBlanc (Canadian entertainment blogger, Gossip Boy).


The Upper Level of the Lobby will be converted into a VIP "private" section. We are auctioning off each table in the VIP section prior to the event so each guest has the maximum amount of
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News: Second 'Caprica' Star Joins 'Judas Kiss' Cast

The time-bending drama is set to shoot in Seattle this month with Genevieve Buechner

Genevieve Buechner stars as Tamara Adama in the hit Syfy series, "Caprica."

Seattle -- Genevieve Buechner, who plays Tamara Adama on the Syfy hit series, "Caprica," leads the list of actors filling out the cast of the campus time-travel drama, "Judas Kiss," set to shoot here this month.

Buechner, a Canadian actress, is also a veteran of various network TV dramas, such as "Supernatural" and "The 4400," and has also appeared in the features "Elopement" and "Jennifer's Body."

She appears in "Judas Kiss" as a student at Keystone Summit University, a school that lies at the crossroads of parallel timelines, the film's producers announced today.

"We're thrilled our little independent feature caught Genevieve's notice, and that she wants to be a part of it," said director J.T. Tepnapa. "Judas Kiss" is the first feature from the
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News: Three Trek Web Series Actors Join ‘Judas Kiss’

Three actors from the popular, long-running Web series Star Trek: Phase II and Star Trek: Hidden Frontier were cast in the the time-bending campus drama, Judas Kiss, the film’s producers announced today.

Julia Morizawa (Star Trek: Hidden Frontier, Star Trek: Odyssey) has been signed to play snarky college student Abbey Park, best friend of Danny Reyes (played by Caprica’s Richard Harmon). Ron Boyd (Star Trek: Phase II) will portray Ralph Garlington, a curmudgeonly cinematographer judging the Keystone University Film Festival alongside lead Zachary Wells (Charlie David of Dante’s Cove and Mulligans). Tim Foutch (of the Hidden Frontier spinoff, Star Trek: Odyssey) will appear as Tommy, another Keystone film student competing against Danny in the festival.

“I’ve had the pleasure of directing and acting alongside these actors for some time,” said Judas Kiss director J.T. Tepnapa. “They’re talented and hard-working performers who are
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News: Caprica Guest Star Richard Harmon Cast in Judas Kiss Film

Caprica’ Guest Star Cast in ‘Judas Kiss

18-year-old Canadian actor Richard Harmon lands lead role in time-bending drama

Canadian actor Richard Harmon has landed the lead role of Danny Reyes in Blue Seraph Productions’ “Judas Kiss.”

Seattle — Fresh from his pivotal three-episode guest-starring role in the Syfy network hit, “Caprica,” hot young actor Richard Harmon, has been cast in the time-bending campus drama, “Judas Kiss,” the film’s producers announced today.

The 18-year-old actor from Vancouver, B.C., has landed roles in a broad swath of hit television series and feature films, including “Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief,” “Smallville,” “Fringe” and the Cartoon Network’s new live-action series, “Tower Prep.”

In “Judas Kiss,” Harmon will play Danny Reyes, a gay film student at a university at the crossroads of parallel timelines, where he is caught in a tug of war between a tortured past and a troubling future.
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News: Belgian TV Pop Star Cast in Judas Kiss, alongside Charlie David and Brent Corrigan

Digital auditions via IMDb, Facebook and Skype facilitated the cross-Atlantic casting of Belgian star Timo Descamps.  

Los Angeles -- Rising European actor, television host and pop singer Timo Descamps has been cast in the time-bending campus drama, "Judas Kiss," the film's producers announced today.


The 23-year-old Belgian was recognized last year by the preeminent Dutch and Belgian musical awards. Nominated in both nations, he won the Belgian award for Rising Talent. Descamps recently began a stint as a host on Belgium's VT4 channel.


In "Judas Kiss," Descamps will play Shane Lyons, an amoral college senior who will do whatever it takes to win the love of film student Danny Reyes. The film tells the story of a disillusioned filmmaker's visit to his peculiar alma mater, where he is trapped in a tug of war between his tortured past and a troubling future.


Descamps' cross-Atlantic casting for the film was made
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News: Dante's Cove star Charlie David cast in upcoming Judas Kiss film!

Los Angeles — Charlie David, star of the popular series Dante’s Cove and the recent feature Mulligans, is slated to star in the independent film Judas Kiss, the movie’s producers announced today.

David will play the role of Zachary Wells, a washed-up filmmaker who returns to his peculiar alma mater, where he meets his younger self and gets the chance to change his troubled past so he can avoid a disturbing future.

Judas Kiss is the first feature film from director J.T. Tepnapa, who has won many international

awards for his short films, including the multiple award-winning parody of 1950s teen health films, Masturbation: Putting the Fun Into Self-Loving, the comedy Drag Queen Heist and the drama about homeless youth, Begging for Change.

“I’m excited to work with such a multi-talented entertainer,” Tepnapa said.

“Charlie’s experience in front of and behind the camera will add so much to Judas Kiss’ production values.
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The 50 Best Gay Movies (2009)

Why aren’t there more good gay movies? We hear this complaint at a lot, and we’ve even made it a few times ourselves (although we think the results of this poll prove that there are more good movies than many of us think!).

There are surely many reasons why more “mainstream” movies don’t include gay or bisexual themes, but no doubt one of them is heterosexual discomfort – not just discomfort on the part of audiences and network executives, but also discomfort on the part of critics and others to champion these films.

This is where our poll of readers on the 50 Greatest Gay Movies comes in. We can think of no better way to encourage the creation of more good gay movies than to praise and support the existence of past good gay movies!

How does this list compare to our previous poll?
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