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Falls Below Expectations.
Nikunj Jha19 July 2008
Clichéd. Very clichéd.

Those expecting a romantic extravaganza akin to Shahid's Jab We Met will be very disappointed. Nothing about the movie clicks. The comedy is non-existent. The storyline is predictable and the portrayal is mediocre.

The beginning of the movie although not very promising was at least decent. The first half is light-hearted and raised expectations. But the second half is lengthy and stretches on, much to the impatience and frustration of the viewers. Even the twists and turns were stereotypical and had nothing new to offer. The songs were good and refreshing. The acting was OK. The chemistry between Shahid and Vidya was not very good. All in all it is not a movie worth wasting your time and money on.

A lousy effort.
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Same Old Formula from Aziz Mirza
bobbysing13 August 2008
Aziz Mirza returns with his new movie after "Chalte Chalte". But this time its not Shahrukh but Shahid in a role of next to door young person with a mission to make it big. The movie starts off lazily with some repeated scenes of a middle class person looking for work and this gives you a feeling about what will be coming in the later reels.

The story line has the same old tried and tested formulas of love & misunderstandings so there is nothing new to see. The director doesn't try new plots or topics but opts to stick on to his old story ideas only. You feel restless watching the movie as it becomes bore and slow most of the times.

The only lighter moment comes with Juhi Chawla who plays a fortune teller and who guides Shahid for his future and about his luck factor. This part of the script makes you remember an English flick "Just My Luck" which has a similar plot where, good luck gets transferred from one person to another. But even this interesting part is not handled well enough and it completely fails to entertain the viewer.

Shahid tries to do his best but he doesn't have an author backed role. Vidya Balan is not convincing at all. At times she looks overconfident in what she is doing. Boman Irani as the last minute saviour entertains to some extent. Music department has only one foot tapping song from Pritam and all the other songs are just OK.

Even when the promos of this movie started, they failed to create any excitement and the same was the result after its release. There are all elements of an Aziz Mirza film in this. A boy wants to make big, meets a girl, an affair starts after misunderstadings, a talk about social values, a group of old people, clashes between classes in the society and last minute drama. But sadly the movie fails to entertain.
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Good Movie , Great Shahid
q_devil29 July 2008
The movie is really fun to watch it's not the typical Hindi movie shahid really done great job with this project loved his acting the dancing was brilliant the plot is simple with no over acting from vidya or shahid yes he do look like srk in the movie with the hair and the director who only worked with srk how could we not compare him with shahrukh but he done it his way Guys u really have 2 stop comparing him with srk some said it's a srk movie but it's a shahid movie live with it .

if you want to have fun and dance in ur seat watch the movie u won't regret it :)
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A Good One To Watch.
Pratik Jasani21 July 2008
This was a much better movie then expected.

Raj Malhotra, who was once the most popular person in his college. when he was also top in almost everything, finds himself unable to get any jobs, any projects or any clients as an architect. In fact his Kismat is bad until he meets a Gypsy woman who begins to predict things for him and that he needs a lucky charm to change his life.

Inspired by the Hollywood movie "Just My Luck," it stars Shahid Kapoor, Vidya Balan, Vishal Malhotra, Juhi Chawla, Om Puri, Himani Shivpuri and Boman Irani. The voice over is by Shahrukh Khan and is directed by the director of movies such as "Chalte Chalte, "Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hidustani" and "Raju Bangaya Gentleman," Aziz Mirza.

This is definitely one of the better movies for Shahid Kapoor and one is able to see some sort of chemistry between him and Vidya Balan, who also looks quite gorgeous. It is also one of the better movies that I have seen this year, considering the amount of flops that have been taking place. There are also some moments that are at times funny and Aziz Mirza has done a good job of this and has managed to bring out the best from both his main actors - Shahid and Vidya in terms of expressions.

Conclusion: Although the story is predictable, this is one movie that can be watched with family members and children. Worth watching.
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So Does It Konnect?
Chrysanthepop24 July 2008
Aziz Mirza makes a comeback with 'Kismat Konnection'. I've always liked his films, especially those starring Shahrukh Khan and Juhi Chawla, because they have a unique charm and quirkiness and I love the fact that the story of his films usually revolve around the common man and his problems. 'Kismat Konnection' isn't exactly an original idea. The script draws inspiration from Hollywood films like 'Three To Tango' and 'Two Weeks Notice' but it's not a scene by scene ripoff.

This time Mirza introduces a refreshing pair: Shahid Kapur and Vidya Balan. Kapur's Raj Malhotra has Shahrukh Khan written all over it and the actor acts almost exactly like Khan minus the raw energy and natural spontaneity. If Shahid is copying Shahrukh's acting style, he's doing quite a passable job of it but a copy will always be a copy. I almost gave up on Vidya Balan after seeing her ghastly performances in 'Bhool Bulaiyaa', 'Lage Raho Munnabhai' and 'Eklavya'. However, here she's a lovely surprise. She plays Priya quite well. Aside from her wardrobe, she looks good too. The two share a good chemistry.

Of the supporting cast pretty much everyone does a good job. Juhi Chawla clearly stands out. Her scenes provide some of the best LMAO moments. I still can't get that scene out of my head, where she, as the semi-stoned psychic Haseena Bano Jaan, tells Shahid's Raj 'Shake those booties, babe'. I usually find Om Puri terrible in comedy but here he and Himani Shivpuri are fun to watch. Vishal Malhotra gets a decent role this time and does an adequate job (but sometimes he's a little over the top).

As a whole, 'Kismat Konnection' works to an extent but unfortunately, it does not reach the levels of Mirza's earlier films like 'Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman', 'Yes Boss' and even 'Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani' because of the following reasons:

1. It's shot in Canada. What made Mirza's previous works likable was that they were set in India and concerned common problems of the ordinary man but in this film, it is presented like just another NRI story when it could have easily been set in India. Thus, some of the charm is lost.

2. Not to put down their performances but even though Shahid and Vidya share a good on-screen rapport it's no match for the on screen magic between Shahrukh and Juhi. Perhaps the two newer actors will improve with time if they work together more often.

3. Mirza's films were also known for their awesome soundtracks and the lovely visualization of the songs. However, he's picked one of the worst music directors for this film and as a result 'Kismat Konnection' suffers. Not only are most of the songs horrendous, their picturization is unimpressive and they really slow down the pace.

4. Dialogues were another strength in his movies and 'Kismat Konnection' has plenty of those. But, Shahid's monologue in the end gets too political and a little out of touch when he starts talking about global warming and corruption. I understand that the writer's intentions weren't ill but it just looks out of place and a crucial scene like that needed strong but to-the-point lines.

Yet, even with the flaws 'Kismat Konnection' is quite an alright flick. For me, even a bad Aziz Mirza film would be worth watching and this one ain't so bad.
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Good Cast, Poor Screenplay
uncle_g123420 July 2008
Finally, after many months, I climbed on a bus and went to see a movie in its first release weekend. A number of things drew me to see it: Jab We Met was a good movie, so I wanted to see if Shahid was continuing his momentum. Wanted to see how Shahid and Vidya worked together. And was drawn by stories I read about Juhi's role.

Well, Juhi was just great. Boman Irani had a cameo role and was appealing. Om Puri did his role flawlessly. Shahid and Vidya do make a dandy couple, maybe not QUITE Shahid and Amrita, but very good.

My problems were really with the screenplay. It was very uneven to me. In a few moments I thought it very good. But in a lot of moments I thought it was not well written. They were trying for zany comedy and didn't quite make it.

So its hard to give it a rating. I felt the cast tried very hard to make an inferior screenplay great. But I just didn't come away feeling the way I did after other recent movies like Jab We Met. So 6/10.
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If you want to waste your money and time, go watch it.
pratyush_panda8519 July 2008
One of the most boring and torturing movies of the decade. If you want to waste your money and time, go watch it. The movie hardly connects with the viewers.

There is hardly any chemistry between Shahid and Vidya. In fact Shahid looked like a kid in presence of Vidya.

The whole movie could be predicted from very beginning. And there was nothing fresh or new in this movie. The humor was far from comic.

And you would feel like crying. Only thing good in the movie was the costumes of Shahid and the shooting location i.e Canada. Other than these there was nothing in this movie worth watching.
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excellent movie..loved it!!
muhibur156 December 2008
this movie is really exciting and heart touching..i just loved the movie..the acting the story it is so building and really entertaining and one of the song is really good..its worth watching it..really great movie!

if you are into love stories and romancing movies then this is the movie for you.

the story is really good and the acting are perfect..there is nothing negative i can say about this movie all i can say is that i just loved it!!!!

so go and watch it..i am sure if you are into Hindi love story movies then you will enjoy this movie....

by R-A-S-H-3-L
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Good entertaining movie
Paddy Raghunathan2 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
First Kismat Konnection is what it sounds like: a movie about kismat and chance.

Most reviews on this site criticize this movie on two grounds. The first being that Jab We Met was better, and second being that the movie is all over the place.

In general, they are right. That doesn't mean the movie is badly made. Nor does it mean the movie is not entertaining. It is not a great movie, but certainly one that has the ability to stay in your minds for a while.

I am glad I did not read the criticisms on this site. I am glad I saw it and enjoyed it thoroughly, and I hope that folks who read my review are actually encouraged into watching this movie.

Since I don't really care for SRK's acting, I don't go by the comments that SRK would have done better justice to the role of Raj Malhotra. Shahid Kapoor has done a fine job. His ability to get into a character is in full evidence.

To put a long story short, Vidya Balan's Priya is Raj's lucky charm, and the narration builds it up in the first quarter very well. The second quarter is Raj finding himself falling in love with Priya. The third quarter is about Raj getting the kabab mein haddi out of the way, and the fourth is when he must convince Priya that he loves her more than his Kismat. The denouement is superb, where we find Raj getting Priya, and his new found Kismat remains intact. In fact, Priya's realization that she is very important to Raj's cause, gives her a new meaning to her life.

Where is the script weak? When Priya tells Raj, "Thee na main tumhaare saath. Hone dete jo hota." The truth is she wasn't really with Raj all the way at the time. Getting rid of the Kabab mein haddi, Priya's love interest, is not all that well done. Those are aspects when you feel the film is a bit all over the place.

When is the script at its strongest? When Priya gets in the way of Raj on his important billiard's shot, no doubt.

Vishal Malhotra, as Hiten and Raj's faithful sidekick is simply outstanding. Om Puri is great, and so is Ms Shivpuri.

Give this movie a try: you will not be disappointed.
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Its really "Konnecting"
josh_baba27 July 2008
This Saturday night I got to see this movie, and I am very thankful to the new love birds of bollywood, Shahid kapoor and Vidya balan that they have made it. Both have shown that they really have some nice chemistry not only behind the screen but also on the screen. Movie start with "kismat" and ends with the same. The best part of movie is that it raises a nice cause besides the entertainment, it has a really nice massage for all the businessman and even common people. Songs are really nice too. I thoroughly enjoy the movie. There are some scenes in the movie with Juhie Chawala that I don't like very much, but overall this movie has blossomed very nicely. Shahid kapoor is once again a true nice innocent guy in the movie. You will worth your money as well time, specially when seen with your girlfriend, you would get certain credit. In the end I will give a 9 to this movie because of comedy, charm, entertainment and a real good massage delivered in the movie.
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My Bad Kismat
springsunnywinter25 July 2008
I feel so sorry for those who seen this rubbish movie on the cinema because I got to see it for free in my friend's house and I hated it right from start to end. I cannot explain how glad I am that I did not take a trip to the cinema and take money out of my pocket for the ticket then wait for the next show; otherwise I would've jumped into a bottomless pit. There was no story although it is a rip off of Just My Luck. The whole movie was so boring that I felt like ripping my arm out and constantly bash my head with it.

The music isn't even good, the only catchy song is Aai Pappi and the rest of them do not jar and lacks instant recall after the first hearing. It is directed by the awful director Aziz Mirza who also made movies like Chalte Chalte & Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani which were specifically made for the brainless audience. Overall my luck turned out to be good and bad. Good because I did not see it on the cinema and bad because I saw it.
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leenabr29 July 2008
If you're a Torontonian, then there is a high possibility that you will not like the film. Yes the movie is shot in Toronto so that should be interesting enough right? But that's where you are wrong. The film is shot all over Toronto, parts of Niagara, India, and a city or two I'm sure. Firstly, any single person in Toronto does not live in a two story house by him or herself. And if you are going to design a house, why not even get a glimpse of what a house in Toronto looks like. The staircase was so Indian, the lamps were Indian, and the fact that you showed a one story house from outside and two stories inside was SO Indian! Moreover Adelaide street where Mr. Shahid Kapoor lived does not have houses. It is highly commercial and totally packed with no rooms for houses. Secondly, Vidya Balan is sitting at Sheldon Lookout and her waving friend sits across the lake to her. This is not possible because the rocks she's sitting on face a huge lake, and the sky line of Toronto. And if someone Is sitting on the other side, unless you have bionic eyes, you cannot see them. Lastly, the two love birds go for a walk in Toronto, at Harbour front, then walking around King Street, then Bay street, but when the song is nearly ending, they are actually at Niagara falls which is two hours away from Toronto! But the audience is made to believe its all still Toronto! If you are going to use an outside location, at least get its geography right. Toronto is flooded with Indians, Pakistanis, and Bangladeshi's and Srilankan's all of whom are big on Bollywood. But this much error in presentation of a movie by such a well known director is just sad. The movie is okay. If you have time to spare watch Jab We Met again. This one is a pass by.
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I Didn't Connect ..
the_birs23 November 2008
I saw this movie lately and now I'll try to comment about it in few words: There is nothing interesting in the whole movie. It's so boring sometimes. The story line is so simple and not connecting at all that when we end it we aren't satisfied at all.

There is nothing about he chemistry between the 2 principal actors. If only the story was more credible and the script stronger than what we had to see.

I liked the dress of the actors and the general colors of this movie. The music was too modern I didn't like it.

It's the kind of movie to watch once and never again.

My vote: 5/10
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The connection of lady luck
jmathur_swayamprabha9 September 2014
Lady luck is the personification of luck in the form of a lady bringing good or bad fortune for a person (mostly a male as it's the males who think this way). Males look upon the females they love or like as lucky for them and it's just a wild thought that their association brings good luck to them. Well, such phenomena may not exist but several people believe in its existence. And as they say, man's thoughts only reveal themselves to him in tangible form, such things do happen also (may be out of pure coincidence or due to the famous Law of Attraction). Kismat Connection (2008) tells such a story only.

Set in Toronto, the story of Kismat Connection (the connection of luck) is the story of two young architects - Raj (Shahid Kapoor) and Hiten (Vishal Malhotra). They are talented and sincere but their luck does not favour them and they are struggling hard to get work. While continuously approaching Mr. Gill (Om Puri), a director of a construction firm - Batra and Gill in their bid to get a contract, they stumble upon Priya (Vidya Baalan) who runs a community centre meant for the modestly earning people. Soon Raj starts feeling that Priya is his lucky charm. Love blossoms in his heart for Priya and he expects better days for him when two significant developments take place.

Raj comes to know that Priya is engaged to Karan Behl and they are going to tie the sacred knot soon. On the other hand, the coveted contract sought after by Raj and Hiten turns out to be the one which will result in the demolition of the community centre Priya is associated with. After a good dose of comedy in the first half and a good dose of sentiments in the second half, the movie ends in the Bollywoodish 'All's well that ends well' style.

The director of this movie is Aziz Mirza and it is the signature movie of this director who had earlier directed movies like Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman (1992) and Yes Boss (1997) having a similar tone. The movie is entertaining, no doubt. And the theory of lucky charm may not be a scientific one but it may appeal to a sizable chunk of Indian audience (including myself). It's a weak movie all the same with the director trying to pack too many things in the climax when the hero delivers his emotional speech and gets what he wants.

The first half of the movie which focuses on comedy is more interesting and makes the viewer sit through it. However the later part follows the tried and tested formula-studded path and starts boring. Well-identified scenes appear first to bring the members of the lead pair closer, then to separate them and then to reunite them, rendering a feeling that the filmmaker has nothing new to offer. The later reels have a clear hangover of Lage Raho Munna Bhai (2006) also when the issue of the dismantling of the community centre for the sake of the project of the mall creates a twist in the story. However everything remains quite predictable and the audience knows the end beforehand.

It's difficult to understand why the filmmaker has set the story in Canada whereas the same could have been narrated with an Indian backdrop in a much better way especially when all the characters of the story are Indian only. Setting the story on a foreign land has diluted its impact for the Indian audience because it becomes difficult to relate to it on account of this very reason.

Vidya Baalan has replicated her Lage Raho Munna Bhai act because she has got a similar role and similar script as well. However while she was perfect for Sanjay Dutt who's much older to her, she is quite a mismatch for Shahid who is younger to her. She appears to be her aunt from all the angles and their on screen chemistry is quite unappealing. Shahid Kapoor, Vishal Malhotra, Om Puri, Boman Irani and others including Juhi Chawla in a cameo have done their respective parts well. More than the chemistry between Shahid and Vidya, it's the chemistry between Vidya and her peculiar friend Boman which impresses the audience.

Technically this movie is good and the beautiful locations of Canada have been captured very well by the cinematographer. The movie is lengthy and should have been made crispier through proper scripting and editing. Pritam's music is good.

I recommend Kismat Connection as a decent entertaining watch to the regular movie buffs. Well, whether you consider someone special as your lucky charm or not, is up to you but you can enjoy this movie which is more or less a fun movie.
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Were your earlier outings Kismat Konnection Mr. Mirza?
Avinash Patalay28 November 2008
Seriously not a product you would expect from somebody who has strings of hits to his credit namely Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman, Yes Boss, Chalte Chalte and my favourite Phir Bhi Dil Hain Hindustani. Clearly the midas touch is missing. After watching the first few reels, one can walk out and confidently write a review (like me here!). The idea is pretty stale – probably belonging to the roaring 70's (Sanjay Chhel, how did you manage to market the lousy stuff?).

Aziz Mirza's Raju Ban Gaya & Yes Boss contributed towards numero uno status for SRK and with the same hope Shahid Kapur gives his best.

Hey Baby, you need some serious advise on fashion ie. Vidya Balan at her awful best.

Vishal Malhotra as a side-kick is becoming monotonous in his la Rajendranath roles.

Om Puri is wasted.

The lucky mascots donning the narrators and fortune teller hats don't help either ie. SRK and Juhi.

Music by Pritam is good with a few catchy fusion mix numbers.

There is no good reason to base the story in Canada. Any city from India would do. Old age home idea is plagiarised from Lage Raho Munnabhai.

PS: Will I finish the rest of the movie? Hope not!
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Their Kismat seems to work....
SurpriseIIIIIIIme19 July 2008
Yes... by far the freshest couple to hit the screen in recent times... different...yet fresh.... initial chemistry does exist...whether its shahid's boyish charms, or vidya's believable eyes..... whatever it may be.... but it has the signs of a new sparkling family seems to disagree with me.... but i am convinced that this pair can hold good for some time..... the story works.... struggling fresher... needs a little luck... meets a girls by chance... who seems to be getting the luck he needs........ """lucky lips... are always kissing""""...well, no kiss in this one, but their eyes say enough...

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It's a good movie. It's also in colour!
Sunil Reddy19 July 2008
It's 2.5 hours of annoyance from dumb and dumber Shahid Kapur and his side-kick (I forgot his name). The movie is poorly edited. It goes on and on and on with inane dialogues and idiotic behaviour. The lead lives in Canada, but doesn't know how to use an ATM card! And, this nuisance is repeated.

Hey, it's at least better than Sawariya.

On the positive side, I at least got $2 worth of entertainment from my $10 ticket, because of Vidya Balan.

I hope the other $8 went to the the community centre, which is Vidya Balan's pet project.

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Better "Luck" next time Shahid!!!!!!
Unborn P20 July 2008
(This review is an open letter to Shahid who is the main lead of this movie)

Hey shahid what happened to you dude?? I missed you a lot in this movie because I thought it was going to be you but it turned out be an imitation of shahrukh. Everything looks so cute from the top but logic doesn't apply. Like your pairing with Vidya Balan. You look too young for her and in some scenes you both are like chalk and cheese.

You acted good in some scenes but the dialogues were so silly like when you tried to make karan and priya happy by taking both sides. And where did you find Juhi Chawla who went over the top in almost all her scenes. May be you thought that we would laugh at some of the predictable jokes. Maybe you thought that we would be happy to believe that Priya finds "true love" in you. Maybe you thought that we would like the way your luck flip flops predictably. Maybe you thought that your speech in the movie was inspiring for the audience. Whatever it was, you made a wrong decision for your "Kismat" as this movie didn't "Konnect" at all with us.

Anyways Id like to gift these two stars to you. Keep them safe as a lucky charm. As for Aziz Mirza and the writers of this movie, the less the said the better. Best of "luck" for the future.

Regards, Yours "fate"fully A well wisher
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Expected Storyline with few moments to enjoy
abhishek-anandk19 July 2008
Another romantic story. Not the best of executions with a dragging second half. lots of (expected) turn of events. This summarizes Kismat Connection. Movie starts of well with Shahid being a winner in his college but a loser in the big bad world of business because his Luck seems to have run out. However situation changes when Vidhya enters the movie. However there is a catch with her engagement and her dedication towards community center of old people. Shahid lies loves and does all things to keep his "Lucky charm" with him however things end up in a different manner...

Shahid Kapoor acts well but vidhya balan is almost like his elder sister or something. Seems like a big misfit of cast.Supporting cast is good and has a few hilarious moments. Juhi chawla is wasted and given a poor role with even a poorer execution. Overall atime pass movie if you are free and have nothing else to do worthwhile. Go with low expectations and you might enjoy the film.

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NO KONNECTION? Shahid and Vidya fail to ignite the combustible chemistry expected in a film like this.
sumanbarthakursmailbox19 December 2009
Kismat Konnection is the kind of film you might truly enjoy if the last film you watched was Yes Boss all the way back in 1997. Like most of director Aziz Mirza's films this one too is at its core an old-fashioned tale about a guy-next-door and the clash between his ambition and his middle-class values. Problem is, that kind of premise doesn't quite hold anymore. It's a formula that's been flogged to death many times over, and also because let's face it, it's hard to relate with that kind of naïve idealism in today's real world. Kismat Konnection is simply a rehash of Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman and Yes Boss, but it doesn't have the charm of either of those films because it's constructed from a script that's ridden with flaws.Shahid Kapur plays Raj, a struggling architect in Toronto who hasn't earned a dime in five years, but still manages to turn out in the trendiest of clothes day after day. Raj seems convinced that all he needs is a bit of luck to set him on the road to success. His lucky charm turns up in the form of Vidya Balan who plays Priya, an honest-to-goodness girl who, when she isn't busy ramming her car into Raj every other day, bides her time protesting against the construction of a mall where a community centre currently stands. As luck would have it, the contract for the construction of this mall is exactly what Raj is hoping to land, with a little help from his lucky charm.Director Aziz Mirza pulls out every other plot point from his old hat and applies it in this film -- guy uses girl to further his career, guy falls for girl but she's already engaged, guy suffers from bout of good conscience and decides to give up everything in exchange for girl's love, girl feels betrayed when she finds out guy had been lying all along, guy admits his mistakes in a gathering filled with too many extras and wins girl's heart eventually. You see, you've heard this story before.Intended as a breezy entertainer, Kismat Konnection -- like Mirza's previous films -- banks heavily on the audience's ability to relate to its characters and their simple everyday concerns. But it's impossible to relate to Mirza's cardboard characters who come with no back-story, no explanations whatsoever. Because there's little to count on in terms of story, the fate of this film depends almost entirely on the likability of its leads. Shahid and Vidya deliver earnest performances, but they fail to rise above the flawed script. Saddest of all, they fail to ignite the kind of combustible chemistry one expects in a film of this nature. It doesn't help that the director himself shies away from giving them any intimate moments. The closest you get in terms of romance here, are two hugs between the couple -- both moments seriously lacking in any sparks.The rest of the cast overacts beyond imagination, and a word here for Juhi Chawla who is dumped with the most annoying role she's ever played on screen. How could you do this to such a fine actress, Mr Mirza? Kismat Konnection doesn't work for many reasons, but perhaps its most fatal flaw lies in its snail-paced screenplay which includes so many boring scenes where nothing much happens. It's not entirely unwatchable, because the music's alright and the film's shot in a manner that's easy on the eye. But walking out of the cinema once the lights come back on, you're just glad it's finally over.Believe me the best thing about this film is Himani Shivpuri and her fabulous comic moments. That should tell you all you needed to know about this film.
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Kismat disconnected
silvan-desouza28 February 2009
If Ur a fan of Aziz Mirza films and used to like YES BOSS, RAJU BAN GAYA GENTLEMEN then this is an old wine in new bottle

The film is set in Canada and is nothing even watchable

If u like romantic films, this may work for u

The film is a remake of JUST MY LUCK but the indianised version is like the 90's romantic films which u have finished watching

The romance is too ordinary, though the confrontation towards the end is good but the ending is again, mundane

Aziz Mirza shows nothing great in this film Music is good, some songs are nice

Shahid Kapur had evolved as an actor since JAB WE MET but in this film he continuously hams like SRK and apes him but gets better towards the end Vidya looks too old to be paired opp Shahid though they are of the same age, her wardrobe is damn pathetic and her acting well nothing great in this role actually so can't blame Juhi is alright Om Puri and Himani are great Vishal is as usual, a jerk in another seen type before role
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drrohithg27 July 2008
fun filled film...good for a Sunday evening a few things which i thought the director missed..and a few things that could have been avoided

1. the film starts with shah rukh khan's narration...but when he comments on the house number of the character Raj malhotra..he says NO.626...but clearly..the house number displayed is 2. repetition of events...two many meeting scenes..with Mr.Gill 3. repetition of dialogues...for the lead character's friend.. 4. costume and hair do for vidya balan could have been better...some times you wonder which one of the two has longer hair...vidya/shahid 5. the plot in canada was unnecessary...and a Indian community centre with chronic canada.

anyways...its watchable...i took a British, non-Hindi speaking friend to watch this film...and she enjoyed it and even found it funny. 6.5/10
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