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Stiffed (2010) Movie Review

Small-time criminals become undead armed robbers — it’s a concept so simple in design that I’m surprised the scenario hasn’t already been done to death. “Necroville” co-director Billy Garberina takes a cinematic stab at the premise with his 2010 horror/comedy “Stiffed”, a motion picture about — you guessed it — three bumbling crooks who find themselves back in the land of the living after a car crash abruptly ends their lives. Outside of a few technical problems, this low-budget endeavor actually isn’t that bad. Sure, the dialogue sounds like it was written by a Tarantino devotee and the sound design is a little hissy, but it all comes together in the end. “Stiffed” is a good time, bumps, flaws, and all. I’m assuming, of course, that you’re forgiving of the problems generally associated with microbudget cinema, especially those that dwell within the horror genre. As mentioned, the
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Official Trailer for Richard Griffin’s Exhumed

Remember last week when I was whining incessantly about not having a trailer for Richard Griffin’s upcoming horror endeavor “Exhumed”? Apparently someone was listening to my rants, as this week we’ve been sent the official preview, which you can find lurking suspiciously below. Griffin, of course, is the director behind such the cult flicks “Necroville”, “The Disco Exorcist”, and, my personal favorite, “Nun of That”. “Exhumed” looks to be a little different than his previous efforts, though this hasn’t diluted my excitement one nasty little bit. For even more info, stop by the official Facebook page
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A Monster-Sized Case of Rotgut

Reason #1 we don't drink tequila - the worm. We ingest Nothing that is the home of an insect dead or alive. Hell, we wont even go near honey. Screw all that. Still ... the characters of the new indie flick Rotgut are about to find out why the hard way.

Directed by Billy Garberina and starring Whitney Moore (Birdemic), Jeremy Owen (Paul, Wedding Slashers, Pornography), Billy Garberina (Taintlight, Gimme Skelter, Feeding the Masses) and Israel Wright (The Stink of Flesh, “Death By Chocolate”).

Check out the plot crunch, some stills, and even some early art along with a teaser trailer below. For more visit the official Rotgut website.


A man walks into a bar. It’s not the start of a joke. In this case, it’s the beginning of Rotgut, a new horror film from director Billy Garberina (Necroville, Stiffed, I Heart U) and screenwriter Devin O’Leary (Stiffed,
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Exclusive (and non-work-safe) Braincell trailer

The producers of the new sci-fi shocker Braincell gave Fango the exclusive first look at the movie’s trailer; check it out below the cut. The preview features a nice amount of blood, and also a bit of skin, so it ain’t work-safe!

Directed by Alex Birrell and lensed in Liverpool, England and Naples, Italy, Braincell (which we last covered here) stars Raine Brown as a young woman who discovers horrifying experiments with violent results taking place at a university where her uncle (Joe Zaso, also one of the producers) is a professor. Darkness Surrounds Roberta’s Eileen Daly, Necroville’s Billy Garberina and Colour From The Dark’s Eleanor James co-star; the music is by Marco Werba, who’s also scoring Dario Argento’s new Giallo. “There’s a lifetime’s worth of horror-film watching in Braincell,” Birrell tells us, and Zaso adds, “It’s a very savage
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Exclusive Pics From Joe Zaso's Latest Braincell!

Cinema Images is finishing up work on their latest feature Braincell. There are few working as hard and tirelessly in the world of truly independent horror as producer/star Joe Zaso and the crew over at Cinema Images. Their films, which frequently make use of fantastic locations and international casts, really hearken back the Italian productions of the 70's and 80's, which was especially evident in their last feature Darkness Surrounds Roberta.

Zaso has provided Icons of Fright with 3 exclusive pics from his latest production Braincell, which is wrapping up, on location, in Liverpool, UK as well as Naples, Italy. The film has been produced by Zaso’s Cinema Image Productions in association with Studio Mare Nostrum LLC and Cryptkeeper Films. Zaso has also provided us with the one-sheet for Timo Rose's werewolf mystery Beast.

Zaso described his role to Fangoria earlier this week as "Dr. Cornwall, an unhinged
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Exclusive pics and quotes from Brit shocker Braincell

Having teamed up on camera for fright features in Germany (Barricade, the upcoming Beast) and Italy (Darkness Surrounds Roberta), American actors Joe Zaso and Raine Brown are now wrapping up a new horror flick in England. Braincell is being lensed in Liverpool, as well as Naples, Italy, by Zaso’s Cinema Image Productions in association with Studio Mare Nostrum LLC and Cryptkeeper Films.

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Zaso stars here as “Dr.
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