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43 out of 65 people found the following review useful:

Biker chicks, midget wrestlers and monsters... who wouldn't like this?

Author: TexasPsycho26 from United States
4 October 2008

First and foremost this is a comedy and isn't meant to be taken seriously. A few wannabe Eberts have ripped this film apart but they didn't get it. They obviously would rather watch a Julia Roberts comedy than a horror film and that's okay. This film is much more experimental and goofy than the first. There is some horrible greenscreen but that makes it more fun. The only bad thing is that Jenny Wade doesn't have a bigger part. The score is sometimes bizarre with some awful punk music thrown in but that's part of this film's charm. It's EXACTLY like the trailer says it is. So if you say you loved the trailer and hated Feast II you are lying. This movie is recommended to anyone who likes transgressive violence, splatstick violence, horrible CGI violence or any kind of violence. Any film with Clu Gulager is awesome since he starred in Return of the Living Dead.

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11 out of 12 people found the following review useful:

I sure as shite seen everything now.

Author: lastliberal from United States
6 November 2009

If you are looking for some kind of a coherent storyline, look elsewhere. This horror film is pure black comedy.

It is a continual "feast" of blood and mayhem. The monsters are back and they are hungry as someone says. At least the action takes place in daylight this time so we can see the ugly things - if you look fast because things move at lightning speed here.

Clu Gulager survives the first film only to be taken prison by a girl biker gang set on revenge for the death of their queen. In the process, he really does a number on Honey Pie (Jenny Wade) for leaving him in the first film. He goes all Mike Tyson on her! We have midget wrestlers, Thunder (Martin Klebba) and Lightning (Juan Longoria García), lots of biker chicks, and lots of monsters that may be interested in more than killing.

The autopsy performed by Greg (Tom Gulager) produced the most copious explosion of bodily fluids that I have ever seen. You might say the chance of you hurling while watching is better than even.

This was just one big gore-fest.

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34 out of 58 people found the following review useful:

Bodily fluids

Author: William Holttinen from Finland
6 October 2008

There is a whole lot a things going on in the "Town" and there is going to be bucket-loads of bodily fluids flying trough the air. Feast II is obviously made with love and with one thing only in mind - to offend anyone who is not accustomed to Braindead-type of horror. Because nothing is sacred in this movie. I mean, I can think only like two or three things "worse" than what is shown in F2 but it would have been illegal and thus they couldn't include those acts in the movie.

What comes to real cinematic values, like directing and so on... well don't expect intense horror and realistic reactions. Expect mediocre facial expressions and out-of-this-world situations. But hey, the cast and the crew really didn't even bother to try because you can't make this kind of movie with serious face. It's tons-of-fun and it's goooood. I say goood! If you like mad and incoherent movies with lots of corpses and you don't need solid plot because all you want is madness, then this movie is for YOU.

I give it 9 stars because of the fact that this movie is so politically incorrect and the fact that it is below 5 now. Without the mad scenes this would have been a 5 out of 10.

Have fun watching. And for the record, if you watch this with your girlfriend or boyfriend, tell them that you just picked it up without knowing what to expect :D

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16 out of 28 people found the following review useful:

Failsd miserably were the first succeeded

Author: horrorcritic72 from United States
13 October 2008

I really liked the first feast and thought it showed a lot of promise for gulager but then I saw this sad excuse for a horror film and am going to have to take it back. I think he tried to get a little to ambitious and the film suffered ending up a sordid mess. From terrible dialog to ridiculous set pieces with out the well done gore payout, Feast had no impact and took way to long to get started.

Another major flaw is how the creatures were shot in the day making them look like some bad film school student footage. Maybe it was the director trying to be Tarantino with flash cuts and edits but the film tried harder to be a bad action movie than anything horrific.Someone else should take a swing at this franchise as its taken a turn for the worse and its too bad.

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2 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

I'm Hungry

Author: Tonci Pivac from New Zealand
17 December 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Shortly after the massacre at the inn one of the survivors Honey Pie travels to the nearest town. Closely following her is Biker Queen and her gang, who after picking up a severely wounded Bartender (previously believed dead), head to the same town in order to avenge the death of her sister (Harley Mom). For no apparent good reason she blames her death on Bozo (one of the survivors of the first part, but not appearing in the second). However it turns out that the monster manifestation was much larger in scale than just the roadside bar and that the whole town is infested with the man-munching buggers. The few survivors include a car dealer Slasher, his wife and her lover as well as two midget wrestlers named Thunder and Linhtning. Add to that Short Bus Gus, a meth addict, who manages to hole up in the local jail-house (the safest place in town). Naturally everyone wants into the jail-house, but Bus Gus isn't willing to comply...

The aptly titled sequel Sloppy Seconds is an extravaganza in bad taste and rule-breaking with a despicable act of killing an infant the highlight of the sheer audacity of the director and his crew. Naturally a part of you cries 'no!', but surprisingly this sequence is handled very well and probably is one of the two standout scenes in the sequel. The second involves an extremely stupid plan, which for some reason everyone else thinks is quite brill. If this was The A-Team the plan would have worked... since this is Feast II it failed spectacularly, because lets face it - whoever came up with the plan needs his head examined.

That would more or less resolve the issue of what's good about the movie. The script is forced and the characters feel much more farcical than in the original, which really takes away the capacity to become emotionally involved in the action. Additionally their motivations and actions are nonsensical (but in a bad way). A couple of odd twists and turns work out well, but none of the new characters really click in this part (except for Thunder and Lightning), while the old characters are much more bland and uninspiring. To add to insult all the likable characters are killed off by the end of this part leaving only irritable heroes for the third outing.

All in all a decent followup, but lacks the consistent and edgy script of the first part. It would also seem that the Feast is not going in any specific direction as far as building the back-story of the monsters.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:


Author: kosmasp
27 May 2012

This is the second feast movie. And while the director remains the same (and some survivors from the first movie, too), it is not as rich and good as the first movie was. What you can't say though, is that the director had no ideas for this. While the introduction to characters has been changed from the written form to the moving picture form (a move I didn't approve of and was subsequently changed back in the follow up), the director had some craziness left up his sleeve.

The title is also very suggestive and could be taken the wrong way (anyone familiar with slang will know what "sloppy seconds" are). Therefor you shouldn't be too surprised if the movie does try to "dig" into strange territories. While the plot holes might be as big as they come (no pun intended), the movie still might get to you, if you let it.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

It's a sloppy sequel

Author: KineticSeoul from United States
21 October 2009

This isn't a bad sequel, but it isn't better or even in the same level as the first not that I expected much out of Dimension Extreme or anything. If you thought the characters in the first movie was awkward and weird, the characters in this film is on another level. This film just tries too hard to be over the top and way more crude and messed up, but that necessarily isn't a good thing. The monsters aren't even intimidating as they were in the first film, cause they seem slower and more vulnerable although they are larger in number this time around. Some of the characters seem similar as well, like the character Greg Swank which is like a sleazy and stupider version of the Coach in the first film, while giving some random speech about team work and working together while trying to play the hero, but just ends up messing everything up which I think was intentional but not as funny this time around, except when he gets the monsters to puke on grandma and pee on the girls which was a bit amusing to watch. This one tries to add some crude humor but it's just not that funny and ends up just being repulsive. There are also more random stuff going on in this film compared to the first one in order to add some humor, but doesn't really work. Like the scene where they try to catapult a midget to another building, it was pointless attempt at some crude humor which takes up a lot of time but really isn't even that funny, well at least it led to seeing the Tat Girl and Tit Girl's bare breasts so I guess is somewhat forgivable for a film like this. Everything in the sequel makes the audience get numb after a while and doesn't add the shock value they seem to be trying to achieve with it's vomit and gagging jokes thrown in. Also you didn't get the see much of the monsters in the first film which I think is a good thing, cause in this one it looks like men wearing rubber suits. Also the quality of this film appear way less than the first film, although the first one was low budget as well. The Bartender and Honey Pie was the only characters that appear again after the first "Feast" and Honey Pie don't add anything to the film but get beaten up, stumble around trying to survive but it all amounts to nothing, just about every character in this movie just isn't noteworthy. I give this film some props for at least trying to be more crazy than the first film, while being gimmicky. This isn't a terrible spoof though. The cinematography is nicely done for a "B" movie and at least they tried to be somewhat original while showing 2 hot girls bare breasts while kicking ass, the ending will make you feel cheated but I guess it's to set the audience up for part 3. The death of idiots and prick characters in this film is satisfying to watch as well, I think I might be giving this sequel a 6.3 out of nostalgia cause of the first.


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7 out of 13 people found the following review useful:

Lots of gimmicks but lacks story.

Author: TdSmth5 from US
13 October 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A whole lot is thrown at the screen here, but there is no cohesive or interesting story. In the special features, the director says that he told he writer "biker chicks, little people, a catapult" and had him write a story on that. And it shows. While Feast I was fresh, original, funny, with characters to root for, here they've just turned everything up a couple of notches, just for the sake of it: so we have the shooting of a dog, a baby's death, all sorts of bodily functions and liquids thrown at people's faces, sacrificing of a grandmother. Nothing is sacred, except a good script. The result is not funny, or all that involving.

The story starts with a biker chick finding the hand of her dead sister and swearing revenge on whoever is responsible. She drags along the bartender from part I and has her fellow gang members join her. She is the main character and is rather unattractive. No Krista Allen to be seen here, unfortunately. There are some cute fellow biker chicks but they don't get to do anything or say anything. At least near the end two of them get topless.

They end up in a town and meet up with: 2 Mexican little people wrestlers and their grandmother, a sleazy used car lot owner, his woman who is cheating on him with an even sleazier car salesman, some other survivor from part I whose involvement is pointless. For no reason whatsoever, all of these people agree to take part in the gang leaders quest to avenge her sister's death. This involves getting into to town jail where the killer and his relative are. The jail is also the safest place in town.

Meanwhile, the monsters are killing, eating, and reproducing with anything that is alive and in sight. But the sense of dread is not there at all. For a long time the monsters pose no threat to our group. Eventually they kill a monster and dissect it. During the dissection we get the over-the-top gross-out moments that involve all bodily fluids and then some. The plot is to make a key to get into the jail since the guy there won't let them in. That plan doesn't work. So the group gets on the roof of a building across the jail. The idea now is to catapult the little people onto the jails roof using a motorcycle's power to launch the catapult. How the bike got on the roof is anyone guess, but the movie doesn't care about details. It just wants to show us gimmicks. That plan doesn't work too well either. While all this is going on, a survivor girl from part I locked herself up in a store. Monsters are getting in, and she escapes.

This movie is somewhat of a letdown given that Feast I was so excellent. It suffers from a reverse sequel curse. Rather than running out of ideas, they overdid it completely. Out of the 15 or so character we have in this movie and who survive for most of the movie, none of them is noteworthy. Perhaps that's the point. What we should take note of is all the disgusting and offensive stuff. I can tolerate and accept all those scenes if there were a story and development to go with it, otherwise it's just the filmmakers bragging about what they were able to get away with. That said, the movie is nicely filmed. Unlike horror movies that keep the lame tradition of shooting everything in the dark, here it's all nicely lit. The cinematography is very good. There's a beautifully shot dream/nightmare scene. These guys know how to make a movie but they let their guard down and decided to just have fun with things rather than do the hard part and work at a script. It still recommended for horror fans, especially now that horror has become so sanitized. This is heavy dose of insanity and disgusting stuff to make up for that. But it's no Feast I nor particularly funny nor horrific.

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Mainly a mess, but with mighty memorable moments

Author: bowmanblue from United Kingdom
16 September 2014

The original 'Feast' movie was a classic. Its brilliance lay in its simplicity – i.e. monsters attack a bar at night and the humans have to survive. In 'Part 2' (of the trilogy) the makers try to outdo (or should I say 'out-gross?') their previous efforts (with very mixed results).

Here, we join (some of) the leftover survivors of the first encounter. However, the 'best' survivors from Part 1 aren't included and the film-makers don't really give us anyone as good to root for the second time out. In short... all the characters are pretty horrible and you won't care when they get devoured one by one.

Maybe that wouldn't be too bad if it wasn't for the monsters themselves. In Feast (1) they were only seen in the dark and had a real air of weirdness and mystery. Now we see them 'full frontal' (so to speak) and they show themselves up to be little more than men in rubber suits.

There are numerous faults with this film: the autopsy scene which goes on too long and just isn't as funny as it thinks it is, the fact that many characters change motivation for no apparent reason, the random psychedelic montage that doesn't really go anywhere and don't get me started on 'the baby scene.' However, its main fault is that it's just all over the place. It tries to break conventions and be as 'shocking' as possible, but without a decent story behind it, it just comes across as one gory 'stand-alone' scene after the next.

'Feast 2' is a mess and is nowhere near as good as the first. However, there are still a few fun moments that make me continue to sit through it (I do own the whole trilogy!). If you loved the first, just be prepared to lower your expectations before you watch this. But, if you're easily offended (or just like a film to have more of a story!) then stay well clear!

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Not nearly as good as the first

Author: siderite from Romania
13 August 2014

I really liked Feast and I recommend it to all my friends. Recently I found out that Feast is a trilogy, so I immediately went towards seeing the other two films. After seeing Sloppy Seconds I have to say that either I don't remember the first one well or that this sucked a lot more.

As other reviewers have commented, this is more about the gore than the fun. However most of it is badly made, the little humor that remains is more like Final Destination than the original Feast movie and none of the characters are easy to empathize with. The budget probably was close to none and the monster scenes are either uselessly gory and explicit, either completely ridiculous.

Bottom line: I will watch the third installment hoping for a miracle, but if it will be like this one, I will not enjoy watching it. It was more than a letdown and more than a failure, it was a pretty bad movie overall.

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