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The new team
xredgarnetx10 October 2007
THE RIGHT STUFF starts out with House grilling 40 potential staff members on why the late character actor Buddy Ebsen really got sick while filming THE WIZARD OF OZ. But it quickly shifts gears when he is presented with a mystery patient who is undergoing bouts of "hearing" through her eyes, not a good thing in her actual profession as a combat pilot looking to become an astronaut. Familiar character actors Carmen Argenziano and Kal Penn are among the huge cast, and several unfamiliar faces add greatly to the shenanigans. House slowly eliminates doctor after doctor from the group as the episode races by, and by the third episode, we will find he is down to a tight handful. Since almost every actor appearing as part of the original 40 has lines of dialog, and they all must be SAG members to appear on a show like HOUSE, I can just imagine what this "little" episode cost Fox. But it was well worth it. Unlike the season opener, which had too much House and little else, a must-see. Oh, and some faces from the past make guest appearances. But are they real or figments of House's fevered imagination?
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Where do I start?!
InvisableMirages2 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Well... this was a kinda confusing episode. Not to mention twisted and it truly kept you guessing the whole time.

But boy, was it EVER entertaining! I just finished watching it a few hours ago. I fully enjoyed it.

It started out this girl was hearing what she was seeing. Interesting, huh? And although this was a great medical plot, I was more interested in Chase, Cameron, and Foreman. I want Chase and Cameron to come back /so/ badly. And I hope that happens. But I want a new person to join the team. Hmm... I can't wait for the next episode.

This is a great season so far. Although there's only been 2 seen episodes. Great nonetheless. Keep it up!
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Glad to see that House is getting a new team
clotblaster3 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
First two episodes were brilliant and demonstrate that it is time for a change. Those viewers that want to stay grooved with Cameron, Chase and Foreman need to get a life. The producers know what they are doing. The plots with the C, C, and F were becoming staler and more boring as the show progressed. It is time for a change. Cameron, Chase and Foreman will still be at the hospital and they will be worked into the show, but not as one of House's lackeys. Robert Sean Leonard (Wilson)is a superb actor who I hope will get more air time. Three new flunkys for HOuse will provide for more permutations and combinations, especially with the former lackeys still working at the hospital. But the show is really all about House. Like Columbo, the only constant we need from show to show is House. New characters every show--bring them on. I believe the best shows have been when the ill patient has an interesting story. The show about abortion when HOuse won't call the fetus a baby, and then the "fetus" squeezes his hand during surgery was one of the best film/t.v episodes I've ever seen. Since I referred to Columbo, I must add that House's charisma and eccentricity make this a Columbo type show--both do their job exactly how they want to do it. IN the real world Columbo and House would be fired, obviously, for the crazy way they go about solving their cases and the way they break rules and procedures. Great show. Hugh Laurie is a fine actor.
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