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Geek Gossip: The X Files producer pushes for third film; The Mummy franchise to be revived by Prometheus writer

Talk of the cast and crew of The X Files getting together again for a third movie has been lingering since I Want to Believe, which sank without trace in cinemas in 2008 - although it's actually much better when viewed at home with no pretensions of being a summer blockbuster.

David Duchovny spoke about further films back in December 2008 and in September 2011, his co-star Gillian Anderson expressed her hopes for another instalment that stayed closer to the central mythology of the show and its portent of alien invasion.

Producer Frank Spotnitz (pictured above, second from right) has now given his own views, saying he is pushing for 20th Century Fox to greenlight another film.

According to Screen Daily, Spotnitz spoke about the possibilities at the press junket for his new UK spy series Hunted, saying: "There is a very active and relentless fan campaign for a last movie. I do
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The Devil Inside Movie Review

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The Devil Inside Movie Review
Title: The Devil Inside Director: William Brent Bell (‘Stay Alive‘) Starring: Fernanda Andrade (‘Sons of Anarchy’), Simon Quarterman (‘The Scorpion King: Rise of a Warrior’) and Evan Helmuth (‘Fever Pitch’) Dramatizing a supposedly real exorcism in the ever-popular found footage sub-genre is a frighteningly effective plot element for horror directors. Despite the early success of the sub-genre with such acclaimed hits as ‘The Blair Witch Project,’ ‘Cloverfield’ and ‘Paranormal Activity,’ the real-life use of terrifying shots has lost its efficiency in scaring viewers. ‘The Devil Inside,’ the latest entry in the found footage category that claims to be inspired by actual events, is the perfect example of why the pieced-together...
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DVD Review: The Scorpion King 3 – Battle for Redemption

The Scorpion King 3: Battle For Redemption

Stars: Billy Zane, Ron Perlman, Victor Webster, Dave Bautista, Kimbo Slice, Selina Lo | Written by Brendan Cowles, Shane Kuhn | Directed by Roel Reiné

The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption continues the story of warrior Mathayus (originally played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, then Michael Copon and now played by Victor Webster) who is now a deadly assassin… Despatched by the King of Egypt, Horus (Pearlman) to protect his ally King Ramusan, in return for his services Mathayus is offered Ramusan’s daughter Silda’s hand in marriage, as well as the legendary Eye of the Gods medallion which imparts extraordinary supernatural powers to its wearer. However, all is not so simple. In order to redeem his reward, Mathayus must show his strength and courage by rescuing Princess Silda who is being held captive by Horus’ scheming brother Talus (Billy Zane).

So let me get this straight,
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The Scorpion 3 Trailer Battles for Redemption, or Some Such

Hey, look what I found, it’s the trailer for “The Scorpion King 3″! Yup. Originally called “The Scorpion King 3: Rise of the Dead”, the film (the third in the franchise) is now called “The Scorpion King: Battle for Redemption”. Victor Webster steps in to play the Mathyus, the big guy who would eventually become The Rock in “The Scorpion King”. Supposedly this film bridges the gap between the first sequel, “The Scorpion King: Rise of a Warrior” in 2008 and the Rock-fronted original from 2002. Or at least, that’s the idea. Then again, according to the trailer, it’s all about Ron Perlman and Billy Zane trying to kill each other, and some dude name Mathyus shows up and gets in the middle of it for some reason. As The Scorpion King 3 begins, Mathayus has lost his beloved queen and been driven from his former kingdom by a virulent plague.
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Chopper Troubles In New On Set Pic From Death Race 3: Inferno Shoot

'Death Race 3' is due to crash its way onto DVD next year and already it appears to be shaping up be one of the more worthwhile direct-to-disc entries to look forward to. Roel Reine returns to the helm for this the third installment in the prison-based car action franchise which kicked off back in 2008 with Paul W.S. Anderson's 'Death Race'. Writer Tony Giglio has provided the first on-set pic from the shoot currently lensing in South Africa. Luke Goss returns as Carl 'Luke' Lucas (Aka Frankenstein) and is joined by returning players Ving Rhames ('Piranha 3Dd'), Danny Trejo ('Machete'), Robin Shou ('Deathe Race 2'), Fred Koehler ('Torchwood') and the sexy ex-model turned actress Tanit Phoenix (below). Actors Dougray Scott ('Dark Water', 'Mission: Impossible II') and Jeremy Crutchley ('The Scorpion King: Rise of a Warrior') are the newbies on board.
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That Untitled 'Wolfman' Reboot Now Has a Cast as It Begins Production in Romania

Back in June it was first rumored Universal was looking to re-write and rework Michael Tabb's would-be sequel to the failed 2010 effort The Wolfman starring Benicio del Toro and directed by Joe Johnston into a new werewolf franchise. A month later, Moviehole reported Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead, The Hitcher: I've Been Waiting and Carnosaur 2 helmer Louis Morneau would direct for a fall shoot. Now, it has become a reality as Universal announced the start of production on what they describe as an "all-new supernatural Untitled Werewolf Thriller" with Morneau directing. Filming will take place in and around Bucharest, Romania and the film won't be heading to theaters as the studio confirms it will be part of their DVD Originals line alongside such titles as The Scorpion King: Rise of a Warrior and the upcoming January release of [amazon asin="B005TK0WG8" text="The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption"] starring Ron Perlman and Billy Zane. This Untitled Werewolf Thriller will be released on Blu-ray,
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You'll Get More Than Kicks on Route 66 in Killer Holiday

Ah, spring break. The parties, the raging alcohol consumption, the glistening hardbodies, the carefree sexual experiences. Such a shame that this annual reincarnation of Sodom has to so frequently be the backdrop for slasher film carnage. Can't we just let the girls wiggle around in their skimpy bikinis? Is all the filleting of young flesh really necessary?

In the new film Killer Holiday someone thinks it is. And that someone is the newest slasher on the block, Melvyn "Spider" Holiday (Killer Holiday, get it?), played by Michael Copon. He tracks his prey along Route 66, eventually following them to an abandoned amusement park (Come on victims, an abandoned amusement park? You're just begging for it! Didn't you see Funhouse?) where all sorts of nastiness is promised.

Killer Holiday is the first film in what is hoped to be a new horror franchise from Ridiculous Pictures with an expected 2012 premiere.

From the Press Release

Ridiculous Pictures,
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Randy Couture Joins Bruce Willis and Ryan Phillippe in Set Up

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This is quite interesting casting news, indeed!

Randy Couture has signed on to co-star in Set Up, the upcoming action movie that already has Bruce Willis, Ryan Phillippe, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and Jenna Dewan Tatum all signed on.

Movie will be directed by Mike Gunther, and it will follow:

“…a group of small time criminals who are catapulted into the middle of a diamond heist that turns deadly.”

At this moment we know that Couture will play “an enforcer who works for a local crime lord (Willis) tasked to oversee Jackson‘s character on an assignment.”

Couture has been talking about doing more acting as he winds down his Ufc career, doing small parts over the years, while also starring in The Scorpion King: Rise of a Warrior and also in the ensemble film The Expendables.

Gunther is directing the movie from a script he co-wrote with Mike Behrman.

Set Up
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They’re Making another Scorpion King Movie and This Guy is the New Scorpion King…

Though honestly, if my “Scorpion King” Iq is correct, technically he’s just some dude who hasn’t risen to the level of the Scorpion King ala the Rock in the “Mummy Returns” and after that, his own “The Scorpion King” movie. There was a direct-to-dvd movie that told the (made up bullshit) origins of the Scorpion King as you’ll recall (read my brilliant review of that movie here), and this latest movie, given the casting, would seem to be a follow-up to that little piece of genius. News from What’s Playing is that Victor Webster (yeah, I have no idea who he is, either, but apparently he’s been in “Castle” and “Melrose Place” — that’s him looking all shirtless to your left) is in line to play the third incarnation of “The Scorpion King”, taking over for, of course, the Rock and Michael Copon, who played
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Stay Alive Duo to Expose Us to The Devil Inside

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The duo who brought us the video game terror tale Stay Alive, William Brent Bell and Matt Peterman, are back with a new flick called The Devil Inside that's already in post-production. Talk about sailing in under the radar!

The flick stars the ever flexible Bonnie Morgan (pictured below; Piranha 3D, Transylmania, The Burrowers), Fernanda Andrade, Simon Quarterman (The Scorpion King: Rise of a Warrior), Preston James Hillier ("Prison Break," "Nip/Tuck"), Evan Helmuth (Dead & Breakfast), Suzan Crowley, D.T. Carney, and Ionut Grama. Check out the plot crunch below and look for more soon!


Her entire life, Isabella Torelli believed her mother brutally murdered three people because she was clinically insane. After being told the murders occurred during an exorcism she sets out to discover the truth. While documenting her experience with a film crew in Italy, she becomes involved in a series of unauthorized exorcisms.

- Uncle Creepy

Visit The Evilshop @ Amazon!
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Lautner 'Fighting For Role' In New Moon

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Lautner 'Fighting For Role' In New Moon
Twilight star Taylor Lautner is reportedly battling to play Jacob Black in the hit film's sequel New Moon - after rival actors Michael Copon and Ben Barnes showed an interest in taking over the role.

Lautner played the Native American character in the box office smash, and was expected to continue his portrayal of the part in the movie's highly anticipated follow-up - in which Black becomes a pivotal character.

But moviemaker Chris Weitz, who has taken over the director's chair from Twilight's Catherine Hardwicke, is planning to offer the part to a more established actor, according to industry reports.

Prince Caspian star Barnes and Scorpion King 2 actor Copon are reportedly both in the running to take over from Lautner.

And a representative for the franchise admits the film's castings are not yet set in stone.

A spokesperson tells MTV, "The casting decision in regards to the character Jacob Black has yet to be made."

The Scorpion King 2 Movie Review

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by Brian Corder Title: The Scorpion King 2: Rise Of A Warrior: Cast: Michael Copona as Mathayus, Randy Couture as Sargon and Karen Shenaz David as Layla. Directed by: Russell Mulcahy (Resident Evil: Extinction) Scores: Technical:90 , Story:60 , Acting:60 , Overall Score: 70 After the great success of the original 2002 film The Scorpion King by director Chuck Russell and starring Dwayne Johnson, another film from the producers of The Mummy franchise was inevitable. Director Russell Mulcahy who is best know for his 1980’s classic “Highlander” and who recently brought us “Resident Evil: Extinction” starring Milla Jovovich directs this straight to DVD prequel to The Scorpion King starring Michael Copona as Mathayus. The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior follows Mathayus as a young [...]
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The Scorpion King 2 DVD Artwork and Details

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Universal Home Entertainment released the DVD details and artwork for the upcoming action film ” The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior ” by director Russell Mulcahy ( Resident Evil: Extinction ) and actors Randy Couture ( Redbelt, Mandrake ), Michael Copon, Karen David and Natalie Becker. DVD Bonus Features: The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior DVD contains an arsenal of exclusive bonus material, including: - The Making Of The Scorpion King 2: Rise Of A Warrior: An inside look at the making of the film, featuring interviews with director Russell Mulcahy and actors Randy Couture, Michael Copon, Karen David, Natalie Becker, and other key members of the cast and crew. - Fight Like An Akkadian: Black Scorpion Training Camp: Stunt [...]
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