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26 Jun. 2011
The Long Way Down Job
The team must battle a treacherous mountain, dangerous conditions, and hired mercenaries to retrieve evidence to bring down a corrupt financial executive.
3 Jul. 2011
The 10 Li'l Grifters Job
When a mark is killed in the middle of a con and Nate is accused of the crime, the crew must find the real killer to prove Nate's innocence.
10 Jul. 2011
The 15 Minutes Job
The team uses a PR executive's own notoriety against him to bring him down.
17 Jul. 2011
The Van Gogh Job
Nate and the crew discover the history behind a Van Gogh painting from World War II they are attempting to recover.
24 Jul. 2011
The Hot Potato Job
The Leverage team tries to recover a rare agricultural object worth millions of dollars.
31 Jul. 2011
The Carnival Job
An innovative computer chip the team steals from an executive's home becomes the ransom when the executive's daughter is kidnapped.
14 Aug. 2011
The Grave Danger Job
The team goes after a funeral home director who is scamming bereaved families out of their money but quickly discover the scam involves a Mexican drug cartel.
14 Aug. 2011
The Boiler Room Job
Nate and the team take on one of their toughest assignments: a con man from a family with a long history of pulling off successful scams.
21 Aug. 2011
The Cross My Heart Job
While stuck at an airport, the team must retrieve a heart donated to a fifteen-year-old patient when it is intercepted by a sick defense contractor.
28 Aug. 2011
The Queen's Gambit Job
Sterling asks Nate to steal a nuclear reactor component which someone intends to use to produce uranium which will then be sold to terrorists. Nate thinks Sterling is holding something back but he decides to do it. They figure out that the man selling it will hand it off while his step-daughter is competing in a chess tournament in Dubai. They try to proceed as planned but Sterling shows complicating things.
27 Nov. 2011
The Experimental Job
When the team investigates the disappearance of homeless vets around Boston, they stumble across a sinister plot.
4 Dec. 2011
The Office Job
While Nate and the team try to uncover an embezzler by infiltrating an office, they get roped into participating in a documentary of the company.
11 Dec. 2011
The Girls' Night Out Job
A con to take down a cunning thief who is part of a larger conspiracy is told from the point-of-view of Sophie, Parker, and Tara Cole.
18 Dec. 2011
The Boys' Night Out Job
A con to take down a cunning thief who is part of a larger conspiracy is told from the point-of-view of Nate, Eliot, and Hardison.
25 Dec. 2011
The Lonely Hearts Job
Walt Whitman Wellesley IV (David Ogden Stiers) never made it to Nate's naughty list, even though he is rich as Croescus. WWWIV asks the team to find his missing bride, Lacey, whom he met at a charity auction. They travel to the Hamptons to infiltrate a bachelor auction and look for one run-away bride. They uncover a ring of "Laceys," all on script with their tripping and soul gazing seduction techniques. It is up to Lady Charlotte Prentice to lure the ringleaders from hiding so the team can "gift wrap" a very special present for the bad guys.

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