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The best WWE produced DVD ever
bh_tafe38 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The Four Horsemen were one of the most successful heel factions in wrestling history. Bringing together Ric Flair, Ole and Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard, four fine wrestlers, and throwing in charismatic manager JJ Dillon, the group dominated the JCP/ NWA, and continued to through various personnel changes with Lex Luger and then Barry Windham also a part of the group for long periods at the height of their popularity.

Eventually the idea went as far as it could, but WCW continued to keep the horsemen going as they slowly faded into irrelevance.

This is a sentimental, but honest look at the various incarnations of the horsemen, their impact on wrestling, and their eventual decline. Four of the five original horsemen are interviewed, along with Barry Windham, Eric Bischoff and Dean Malenko.

There is a small, but stellar, collection of matches, including Flair's famous steel cage match with Ricky Morton during the 1985 Great American Bash tour, a superb Wargames match with the Horsemen taking on Dusty Rhodes, Steve Williams, Lex Luger, Nikita Koloff, and Paul Ellering from 1988.

A good featuring Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard taking on Sting and Nikita Koloff, and another one their matches with Barry Windham and Lex Luger, which led to Windham joining the horsemen.

It also features a first Blood match between Tully Blanchard and Dusty Rhodes, a decent PPV match between Ric Flair and Arn Anderson from Fall Brawl 1995, and a six man tag match from 1985 with Blanchard, Arn and Flair taking on Pez Wheatley, The Italian Stallion and Rocky King.

Also included are some classic skits and promos from the horsemen, nearly all of which are spoken about in the documentary.

Between the fascinating subject matter and the bonus disc delivering what it promises by showing the promos and matches spoken about in the doco in full, this is the best DVD the WWE have ever produced and one of the best about pro wrestling anywhere, Superb.
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Ric Flair and the IV Horsemen
George T21 April 2008
Wow! Or should I say... Wooo! Like many others, I am a big fan of the Horsemen and have been for some time. Due to the fact that the WWE had nothing to do with the legendary stable, I was almost certain that they would mess this DVD up, but to my surprise they delivered a quality product! And yes I believe its still true: The Four Horsemen are the greatest wrestling stable of all time! The DVD starts off in the pre-Horsemen days, with Gene Anderson and Ole Anderson wrestling together as sibling tag team (the team actually predated Ole but maybe that's another DVD...). Ole was joined by Arn Anderson, who was noticing the potential in a young man who we now know as Ric Flair. Along with their "sparkplug" Tully Blanchard, the group joined to become the Four Horsemen and were managed by J.J. Dillon. The group would famously isolate a certain body part (i.e.- leg, hand, whatever) and "work on it" to wear it down. They were also known as much for their flamboyant lifestyles outside the ring as they were for their wrestling skills. This led to a great combination of exciting interviews and classic arcs in the history of the NWA/WCW where each member held a belt (Ric- World champ, Arn and Tully- Tag champs, 2nd generation member Barry Windham- US champ) amounting to one of the greatest forces in the wrestling industry.

As it was, the biography was great as they discussed the different groups and how a lot the changes were made more for political reasons rather than good business sense. They also said that some changes were made by non-wrestling officials (which I tend to believe myself). Overall, just a great trip down memory lane. To paraphrase Jim Ross' words, "WITHOUT THE HORSEMEN, THERE WOULD'VE BEEN NO DX, NO DANGEROUS ALLIANCE AND THERE DAMN SURE WOULD'VE BEEN NO NWO!" Get this to see the rise and fall of the "symbol of excellence."
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