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Errors in geography 

During the La Push Beach scene, a lighthouse can be seen in the background. There is not a lighthouse at La Push. The lighthouse is actually Tillamook Rock Lighthouse, about 2 miles off shore at Cannon Beach (Oregon Coast).

Audio/visual unsynchronised 

In the scene where Edward plays Bella's Lullaby on the piano if you watch his left hand you see he is not playing all the chords that you can hear.
When Angela appears for the first time she says "Smile!" and takes a picture, but her lips don't move.

Boom mic visible 

In the scene where Bella is next to her truck the day after the "accident", you can see the mic in the reflection of the truck window. You can see it several times during this scene-as Mike walks up and asks Bella to Prom.
When Bella pulls into the school the first day you can see the boom reflection in her truck window.

Character error 

In the book, it is clearly said that the Cullens never touch the food on their plates. The only time that they do eat is when Bella asks Edward if he can eat food, and he takes a bite of pizza. Even so, in the movie, you can see Emmett eating in the background of a cafeteria scene. (as stated by Stephenie Meyer, they had to keep re-shooting this scene because he kept accidentally eating).
In the baseball scene, Rosalie's hat has a "G" on it instead of a "C".
During the baseball game when Rosalie is called out by Bella, with the correct signal, Emmett, happy with the call, yells "out", but gestures the "safe" call.
Many of the flags in the cafeteria are wrong. The Kenyan flag (green, red and black, with a shield) is upside down; the black stripe should be at the top. Another flag is blue, white, and red, with a red star. This is a Yugoslav flag from before the breakup of the country in the 1990's and is no longer used.
In the dress shop, two flags are in front of the building across the street; the American flag and the Oregon flag (blue with a yellow symbol). Washington's flag is green with a picture of George Washington.
When Bella is searching for information about creatures with the same characteristics as Edward's, you can see some information about Apontamkin (The Cold One: Apontamkin). In the next web page, the creature's/god's name is Apontampkin.
Throughout the film, Esme's name is pronounced differently by Edward. When Edward is telling Bella that he and then Esme were changed by Carlisle, he pronounces her name as "Ez-mee", but when he is introducing Bella to his family in their kitchen, he pronounces her name as "Ez-may".
In the cafeteria scene when Edward says "I'd rather hear your theories", Bella replies with "I have considered radioactive spiders and Kryptonite", in allusion to Edward's abilities. As the statement of radioactive spiders is correct, Kryptonite is not responsible for Superman's powers.
In the baseball game scene, Carlisle is wearing a striped black and gray scarf. And in the garage scene, his scarf is plain and gray. He may have changed it, but would he care at that time?
At several points Edward slips into more of an English accent as opposed to an American one. Whilst the actor Robert Pattison is English the only character that is English is Carlisle not Edward.
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After Bella's accident in the school parking lot, the overhead shot shows Angela running and kneeling beside Tyler's van; when the shot moves to ground level, you see Angela run in and kneel down again.
In the final credits, "Emmett" is misspelled.
In the garage scene Edward closes the car trunk twice.
As Bella and Edward's fathers are at the second crime scene, Bella asks Edward to turn in to park up. The car moves right to turn in, then the next shot is the car still in lane, and hasn't moved right yet.
In the biology classroom, a stuffed armadillo on the shelf in the background appears and disappears between scenes.
When Rosalie, Emmett, and Edward are leading the tracker away, Rosalie's hair is curled when they leave the garage, then frizzy when she rubs the jacket on the tree, then curled again when they realize the tracker changed course.
In the first lunchroom scene Bella's arms go from folded to in front of her between shots.
In the scene after Edward saved Bella from the car and people gather around her there is a close-up of the Cullens around their car near the end of the parking lot. When they zoom out in a later shot the car is gone. In the next shot we see the Cullens get in the car and drive off. They seem to leave twice.
When Edward takes Bella to his home to meet his family, Esmee and Dr. Cullen are in the kitchen cooking. Rosalee is making the salad. When Bella responds to Esmee's "I hope you are hungry" comment, Rosalee drops the salad bowl and salad is on the floor. In the next scene, Esmee walks around the counter and there is no salad on the floor. When Edward and Bella leave, Esmee tells Rosalee to clean up the mess, and the salad is on the floor again.
After Edward reveals himself in the sunlight and tries to frighten Bella, he jumps into a tree. Bella walks under the tree and leans up towards him, while he leans forward towards her. In the close ups they are maybe 6 inches apart, his face beneath his arms, but in the wide shots his face is above his arms, and their faces are a couple feet apart.
In biology class, the owl behind Edward changes position through both scenes
When Edward first brings Bella to the Cullen's house, we see that there is a two car garage on the entrance level. In the garage scene, however, we clearly see three cars parked in the garage: Emmett's Jeep, Rosalie's convertible, and Carlisle's sedan.
In the baseball scene when Carlisle hits ball, you can see Edward and Emmett start to run after it. But, after the close-ups of their faces, they start to run again.
In the garage scene, Jasper is seen bent over in the background putting things in the trunk of the car. When the scene switches to a close-up of Alice, Jasper is standing upright and looking in Alice's direction.
When Bella confronts Edward in the forest, the flap on his right shoulder of his jacket is buttoned down, then unbuttoned, then buttoned again.
Throughout the film, dark roots appear and disappear from Rosalie's hair.
When Bella first sits next to Edward in biology and he visibly recoils, two samples are on their shared desk. Edward nudges one towards her and pulls the other towards himself. In the next shot, they're next to each other in the center of the desk.
In the meadow, Edward and Bella are lying very closely together at first. When the camera angle switches, they are suddenly farther apart.
When the Cullens are playing baseball, Rosalie slides into home. When she stands up, there is a large stain on the right side of her white pants from the slide. Later, when they are in the garage getting into the various cars to run from James, Rosalie turns away, and her pants are unstained.
In the diner when Bella and her dad are eating, the label on the A1 bottle faces away from Bella's dad then towards then away in the same scene.
The dent in the back fender of Bella's truck changes size a lot throughout the movie.
In the scene where Edward and Bella are talking outside in the rain, when the shot moves from slightly further away to close up, Edward's facial expression is obviously different.
In the driving scene in Port Angeles, Edward speeds into oncoming traffic, but while in the car the outside background moves at a very slow speed. Then when an outside shot of the car zips around other cars on the street it is at very fast speeds.
In the forest scene where Edward jumps off to a tree, he leans closer to Bella's face when she asks why he hated her so much when they met. When he answers, Edward is shown sitting straight up (and far from Bella) to deliver his first sentence of "I did, only for making me want you so badly." The next sentence, Edward is seen leaning over closer again to utter his next line of "I'm still not sure if I can control myself."
When Bella pulls into the school lot her first day, Tyler is sitting there with a hoodie on. When he says "Nice ride," he has a vest over his hoodie. The shot pulls out again, and he has no vest on.
When Bella is in bed on the phone with her mother, she's wearing gray shorts. Moments later when she and Edward are making out, her shorts are gone and she's wearing green panties.
The 'Romeo & Juliet' book on Bella's pillow disappears between shots.
Bella's prom dress color changes from light purple to teal.
When Edward and Bella are walking and discussing in the green house , there are two girls walking in front of them during the close up shots. The two girls walking in front of them change position and one of them is not there anymore when the camera shot is further away.
When Edward and Bella arrive at the baseball game, his vehicle is facing the field. When they run back to the vehicle to leave, it is still facing the field. However as he drives off, it is now facing away from the field.
When Bella is shown in the hospital after being attacked, there is the sound and image of her electrocardiogram with a steady heart rate in the background. After Edward suggests that she move to Florida, Bella becomes visibly agitated, but her heart rate according to the EKG doesn't change.
When Bella is the hospital with a nurse having her blood pressure checked, the cuff is off/on between shots.
After Bella goes to the book store in Port Angeles and buys the book about the legends, she puts it in a bag to carry it. After Edward rescues her and they are driving, they get out at the police station and say good night but she does not have the bag with her. But the next scene she is at home with the book searching the Internet for information.
When Bella is in gym and the ball comes toward her she hits it strait to the side. When it hits Mike in the back of the head the ball comes from above, as though it were thrown at an angle.
In the first cafeteria scene right after Mike falls and right before Jessica scoots closer to Bella you can see Jessica bend over and her face is in the bottom left side of the screen. Then the shot changes and she moves next to Bella.
When Bella confronts Edward, her red book bag on the left of the screen seems to flip and move around in different shots.
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When Bella and Edward are talking in Biology class, the stuffed armadillo seen on the shelf behind them disappears and reappears.
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When Edward and Bella are talking in a line of people, Bella trips and pushes the girl in front of her, who isn't wearing a hat, a foot forward. Then, in the next shot from in front of the line, the girl has been replaced with one wearing a hat and a different colored shirt.
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Crew or equipment visible 

When Bella is sitting in the lunchroom, a man is ducked down and carrying a lunch tray trying to get out of the shot.
When Edward tells Bella "you better hold on tight, spider monkey" you can see his harness pulling his shirt up.
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When Bella is wearing a green shirt in her bedroom, you can clearly see the audio wire under her shirt when she lifts her arms up to do something.
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When Edward passes Billy and Jacob Black on the road, a man with a cap and equipment is visible in the window.
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When Bella first arrives to her bedroom at Charlie's, as she stands near her bed, you can see a black wire between her jeans and her sweater.
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In the scene where Bella and Charlie first go into Charlie's house and they are going into Bella's room, there is a shoulder of a crew member in the shot. It is next to the door frame on the right side.
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When Bella and Edward first ride to school as a couple, Edward very courteously opens Bella's door on the Volvo. The crew and a mic are clearly visible as he opens the door.
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Factual errors 

When Dr. Cullen treats Bella in the E.R., the x-ray on the upper left behind him is upside down.
Clair de Lune is incorrectly listed in the credits as "Claire" de Lune.
When Bella and Edward stop at the police station to see why Bella's father and Carlisle are still there at such a late hour, Bella goes into the station without her bag, which is presumably in Edward's car. They say goodbye. Later that evening, Bella pores over the book she purchased at the book store, which was in her bag.
Near the end of the closing credits, a few counties are thanked for their help during filming. Clallam is misspelled "Clallum".
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In the scene where Bella is doing research on vampires, there is an illustration portraying a vampire in the Indian legends. However the original picture illustrates the devil in the biggest medieval manuscript, the Codex Gigas.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

There's a scene where Edward and Bella are talking in the forest, it's raining heavily and they are soaking wet. Soon after they are shown talking in another forest location, and appear to be completely dry. This could, however, indicate the passage of time, especially given their change of clothes. It is therefore assumed that their conversation takes place over several days.
This series does not conform to traditional vampiric legends, such as mirror reflections, burning in sunlight, wooden stakes, repelling from crosses, and so on. Any difference with vampire nature as stated in other books and movies cannot be considered a goof.
In the first gym scene, a girl who looks about 6 years old is running around in the background. However, many high schools also have a pre school in the same area, especially if they teach child development and childcare, or health and social care.
When Edward is lying next to Bella on her bed, moonlight (sunlight reflected off the moon) is coming in through her window and hitting his face, chest, and hand, but they are not sparkling. However, this could be because Edward is not in *direct* sunlight, therefore it has no effect on him.
Sometimes Edward wears sunglasses or takes a nap. Vampires in this series do not require these things, but act along to keep up appearances.
Bella starts school in March. A few weeks pass before Billy and Jacob come over "to watch the Mariners game," meaning baseball season has started. Later, when Bella is talking to her mom, she says Phil is still in spring training. Minor League spring training ends in March, before the Major League baseball season, but it is possible that Phil is still in Spring Training as some players participate in a team's "extended spring training" before joining one of the organizations minor league teams during the season.
When Bella is running away if you look very closely when she opens her bedroom door you see Edward standing to the side waiting for her. However, in the book it is explained that in Edward's fear he climbs into her window to help her pack and figure out what she is going to say to Charlie.
In the garage, Edward asks Rosalie and Esme to put on Bella's clothing to mislead the tracker. Edward throws clothes towards Esme. Esme was in the scene for quite a while, getting stuff in the background. She was just out of frame when he addressed her.
After Edward saves Bella from the car crash, she overhears him, Carlisle, and Rosalie talking in the hospital. Vampires usually talk so fast and low that human ears cannot understand them, but they can also talk slowly and quietly. They were talking "human" because other people were around.
When Bella is with Edward in Port Angeles she has a red purse with her. When he drops her off at the police station she does not take her purse with her. However, Bella may have just left her purse in Edward's car in the rush and commotion.
When Bella is confronting Edward about being a vampire, there are what appears to be visible bite marks on the left side of his neck. However, these are moles, not bite marks.
In the cafeteria scene "edible art" Bella is eating something when discussing "La Push" then, in the next scene she seen at the salad bar preparing her lunch. However, Bella was only eating a cucumber slice, which she could have easily gotten from a friend's lunch.
The second time Alice pitches to both Rosalie and Jasper, the runner is running from second base before she throws the ball. After both have hit the ball, the runner is just leaving second base. However, Esme states at the start of the games that "she knows they cheat", so this could just be an example of them cheating.
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Revealing mistakes 

Throughout the movie, the vampires' contact lenses are clearly visible in close-ups.
When Bella is on Edward's back and they are running up the mountain Bella's hair lies flat as if it she were standing.
When Bella goes to meet the Cullens. Esme has a large dark line on her forehead near her hairline which is actually her natural skin showing next to the pale makeup skin.
In the baseball scene when Emmett and Edward were running to catch Carlisle's ball you can visibly see them (especially Emmett) jump up on something and hear the sound of a trampoline.
The pepper spray that Charlie gives Bella has a green label. A green label means it is a "training canister" and contains water instead of pepper spray for training purposes. Canisters containing actual pepper spray have red labels.
When Edward slides his arm under Bella in the parking lot scene, where he pushes the car away, Bella's hair is inside her coat, than outside, then in again. It looks like the stunt double had her hair out and Kristen Stewart had hers inside her coat.
After Angela secretly takes a picture of Bella, she looks at the back of the camera as if to check the picture. But there is a cover over the LCD screen so this would be impossible. It also happens after she takes a picture later in the film.
When Bella and Edward are discussing her theories at the salad bar, you can see Robert Pattinson mouthing the words "radio active spiders and kryptonite" as Kristen Stewart says them. Since she is the only one immune to his telepathy, this cannot be used as mitigation.
In the first scene, with the little deer, you can see that it's not the same animal. The first one, drinking water, has a dark and white tail and then, when it is running, it changes to a deer with a dark tail only, with no white fur.
Throughout the film, various vampire's faces are paled out, but not their ears and necks. In one of the cafeteria scenes, Robert Pattinson's ears are extremely red.
During Bella and Edward's "formal" introduction in the biology classroom, Edward's makeup changes between shots - his face is ALWAYS gray but his neck and ears are not. It's particularly noticeable as they leave the classroom after - you can see where the makeup stops a few centimeters down his neck and reveals his natural skin color.
When Bella comes to school in the beginning of the movie, you can see a group of people playing hackisac. They are clearly pretending, and are all moving at the same time as if they were all getting the hackisac simultaneously.
When Bella and Charlie first drive into Forks at the beginning of the film they stop at some traffic lights. The camera zooms out to reveal a large truck carrying logs driving in front of the screen going right to left. However, there is no one in the cab driving the truck.
When we first meet James (the boat scene) part of his "godspeed" tattoo on his left hip is visible.
In the scene where Bella is walking down the front steps of her porch, right before she slips on the ice, the viewer can see the outline(s) of knee pads behind her jeans. It's especially noticeable since she's wearing skinny jeans.
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When Victoria is holding the baseball it is a baseball, but as she says "We Shall See" the ball changes to one of the plastic ones they used whilst filming.
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In the baseball scene when Edward is chasing Rosalie's ball, the string tied to it is visible when it is on the ground.
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The goof items below may give away important plot points.

Character error 

In the book, the bite from James is on Bella's palm and she is screaming about the burning in her hand. In the movie, the bite is on her arm, yet she is still screaming about her hand.
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In the hospital scene in Phoenix Bella's oxygen tubes change location throughout the scene. when it is a close up, the tubes follow the line of her cheekbones, and when the camera zooms out the tubes are lower down, halfway between her eyes and mouth.


In the scene in which Edward and Bella are dancing in the gazebo, when the two dancing couples stop dancing and leave, one couple walks down the steps to the side walk, the frame changes and they walk down the steps again.
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In the kitchen, after Bella has packed her things to run from James, in the first shot of her face, we can see a bottle of water on the kitchen bench and in the next shot of Bella's face, there is no bottle.
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When Bella asks where Edward is in the hospital, it pans to a brief shot of Edward slumped against the wall, with his head facing towards Bella. In further scenes he is still slumped against the wall, but his head is facing the opposite direction. The picture behind him and the lamp on the table beside him also move.


During the scene in the ballet school, immediately after James bites Bella's wrist, she isn't wearing her bracelet. However, every subsequent time we see the bite, at least part of the bracelet is visible.

Errors in geography 

In the car scene where Jasper and Alice are taking Bella to Arizona, you see the car driving through California hills/savannah and then when the camera is zoomed into Bella in the backseat, you see Oregon forest in the car's rear window.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

In the very last scene, Victoria turns to leave the balcony overlooking the gazebo where Bella and Edward are dancing, with her hair tied up. As the camera cuts to her leaving down the stairs, her hair is flowing behind her. Victoria pulled out her hair pin at the top of the stairs.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

After Bella is out of the hospital she still wears a leg brace when she is heading to prom. But she doesn't have any bandage or mark on her right arm from when she was bitten. However, the venom that changes human to vampire heals the body in that process, thus also the skin. There might be a scar, but the wound would certainly be healed well enough for Bella to go without bandages.

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