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John Carradine and John Saxon
kevin olzak19 March 2014
GREATEST HEROES OF THE BIBLE was an NBC television miniseries broadcast in four parts Nov 19-22 1978, totaling 8 1/2 hours. Story 8, "The Story of Solomon and Bathsheba" (retitled on video "The Judgement of Solomon"), stars John Carradine as elderly King David, who must choose one of his two sons to lead the 12 tribes of Israel. Adonijah (John Saxon) makes no secret of his desire to rule, while Solomon (Tom Hallick) expresses only his wish to serve God. With his dying breath, King David decrees Solomon his successor, over the ambitious warrior Adonijah, who refuses to acknowledge his brother's throne, vowing that he will still rule Israel one day. Solomon earns the respect of his people, pledging to build a house of God where all may worship in peace, just as his father wanted. Such a gargantuan undertaking was fumbled by clumsy casting and impoverished production values. The bearded Carradine's majestic presence is at least matched by John Saxon, with support from Carol Lawrence, Tyne Daly, Kevin Dobson, and Steven Keats.
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