The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans (2009) Poster

Plot Keywords

drugs lieutenant
prisoner investigation
sergeant prostitute
drug dealer debt
police immigrant
drug lord alcoholic father
witness police sergeant
surveillance jail
alcoholic rescue
promotion murder
gambling dog
kissing while having sex police shootout
police protagonist no ending
no opening credits crime scene
henchman anti hero
restaurant neo noir
shootout district attorney
lawyer sawed off shotgun
machine gun swat team
revolver mafia
ambulance fire truck
spit take mansion
crime boss organized crime
security guard convenience store
supermarket star spangled banner
prison husband wife relationship
boyfriend girlfriend relationship death
blood splatter blood
panties shark
watching tv breakdancing
handcuffs video surveillance
police surveillance black lingerie
sports bar drug addict
mugshot wheelchair
grave side ceremony sex standing up
snorting cocaine flash forward
back pain polaroid photograph
sea snake evil man
city in title violence
dna crack pipe
multiple murder twelve step program
police property room hotel room
hotel prostitute wife
injured back back injury
jail cell hurricane katrina
stepmother stepson relationship grandmother grandson relationship
dead body corruption
shakedown junkie cop
bruise u.s. congressman
congressman child witness
evidence cokehead
junkie blackmail
bravery car accident caused by an animal
bare butt hand under skirt
hand job dirty cop
breakdance black panties
black bra black bra and panties
x ray woman in bra and panties
vicodin threatened with a knife
speeding ticket snake
shot in the chest sex in public
security camera rehab
reflection in car mirror racial slur
police station police raid
police detective police captain
pistol pharmacy
pharmacist oxygen tank
nude photograph nightclub
new orleans louisiana national anthem
murder of family market
marijuana joint locker room
illegal immigrant hiding in a closet
hiding behind the door heroin
held at gunpoint gun under a table
graveyard funeral
fully clothed sex football player
fleeing the country fish
female rear nudity envelope full of money
double barreled shotgun delivery boy
dance crack cocaine
corrupt cop corpse
cocaine snorting murder of a child
casino car accident
bookie body in trunk
bar award ceremony
assistant district attorney spoon
pregnancy police corruption
murder witness murder investigation
interrogation hallucination
gangster flood
father son relationship eccentric
drug addiction disposing of a dead body
black humor arrest
american football abuse of power
woman in a wheelchair police brutality
nursing home elderly woman in wheelchair
elder abuse unofficial sequel
unofficial remake water
smoking shot to death
massacre iguana
drug use cult director
aquarium alligator
place name in title city name in title

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