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A waste of time and a parasite upon humanity

Author: fritosorlays from United States
27 June 2008

If I were to spend my time trying to find a word that could describe how much I loathed this show, the world will have already found a clean and efficient fuel source.

I did not watch TMZ for more than 30 seconds before changing the channel, and when the commercials come on and advertise TMZ, I groan, literally. Why anyone would spend time gathering and watching the garbage they air, I have no clue. TMZ constantly mocks, harasses, and stalk celebrities, making up lies and emphasizing mistakes you could catch any normal human doing. Celebrities are't criminals, but they aren't gods either. They don't deserve being stalked by these trash for mistakes I'm sure most of us make. They are people who just happen to be good at acting or singing, just as a programmer would be good at programming. Yet you wouldn't stalk him, the person who made your computer what it is and has probably provided more entertainment for you than celebrities ever could.

TMZ is trash, pure and simple. They make a living off causing others pain and ridicule. But perhaps it would be bearable, if not for the smug and childish attitudes of the staff. They're hypocrites of the highest caliber. Laughing at every fall, picking at every hair, and acting as if they are better than the celebrities themselves. The worst part yet is the people who actually enjoy this crap, they're no better than the staff.

Trash content, a trash staff, and a trash audience. I am surprised it has not been canceled yet. - Actually, no, I'm not, and that's what worries me.

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Educational, inspiring stuff

Author: Jason Evans from United Kingdom
19 March 2012

I was flicking through the channels yesterday when I stumbled across TMZ on TV for the first time, just as they were asking the question "What is Matthew Perry up to nowadays?"

"Oh my gosh", I thought to myself, "I've been so busy worrying about the situation in Syria, the Eurozone Crisis, and the conflict in Libya that I've completely forgotten to keep up to date with the life of Matthew Perry". Ashamed of my ignorance, I stayed tuned and watched those fearless TMZ reporters, valiant guardians of truth that they are, chase Matthew Perry across a restaurant car park whilst shouting insightful questions like "Matthew, who were you with tonight?" and "Matthew, do you still talk to Matt le Blanc?" These are questions that we all need to know the answers to, and yet the BBC and CNN stubbornly refuse to report on them - preferring to focus on trivial matters like famines, droughts and wars. Thank God that TMZ on TV is here to supply us with real, hard-hitting, investigative journalism!

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Most disgusting Evil - This killed Princess Dianna

Author: sirjsk from United States
15 January 2009

Extortion - Blackmail - Invasion of Privacy - Trespassing - Easdropping - Peeping - political motivations - leverage industrial.

This show is a criminal syndicate posing as the worst trash of journalism. A step up when in reality it's much worse.

This show is the worst evolution of Mortin Downey Jr., Geraldo Brawls, and Jackass Ignorance. But not by accident or innocence but by design.

This show is a propaganda machine utilizing bling hypnotized, starry eyed, delusional aspiree's in thinking they are legitimized.

I've posted here many times and have found all posts cleared out. I was surprised to see any negative comments allowed again.

I support anyone working to get this show off the air, all others restricted and these participants blacklisted.

This show is meant to be divisive and destructive, for their own determinations.

It's time to stop.

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Cancel this piece of crap

Author: DashTheGreat from United States
25 August 2008

TMZ on TV has got to be the most brainless, untalented, and uninspired piece of garbage to ever hit network TV. Who Okay'd this show, i.e., who needs to have their head examined? The "cast" of TMZ are a bunch of rejects and Hollywood wannabes who obviously are just projecting their hate for those who are more successful than them. I wonder how many failed actors / actresses there are amongst the bunch? I'm guessing all of them.

This show is absolutely pathetic. First of all, I love the little stuck up manner that they talk about their fellow human beings. They talk like they're better than celebrities, and all celebrities are immoral. Hmm... So, people at TMZ, how moral is trying to take pictures of people with no clothes on, or the other stuff that paparazzi do on a daily basis? Your jobs have no merit in society. Everybody laughs and steps over you. That's why the cast on TMZ try to make a name for themselves and act all high and mighty. They have no talent nor ambition. They can't join the Hollywood crowd, so they blast it.

So, in closing, TMZ on TV is a terrible show perpetrated by evil slugs who will do anything to get rich and famous. Unfortunately, they fail to realize that, other than their demographic, who ride around in "Rascals," and are probably over 100 year old fossils, nobody actually watches this show. You would have to be insanely bored, or have masochist tendencies and be punishing yourself for some wrong doing. Whatever network this is on, and who really cares? (this show left such an impression on me that I'm not even sure which channel it's on) please do us all a service and cancel this piece of crap before more peoples' time is wasted. I lost a few hours of my life watching this bogus, untalented piece of garbage (just to fall asleep, of course - this show has that effect), but nobody else has to. They probably air it at night because this show wouldn't have a chance in the daytime, where people could be easily interested by other things, such as smacking themselves in the head repeatedly with a 2 X 4.

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I drive by this place everyday on a way to a real job.

Author: Chuck Steak from United States
24 January 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I live in West Hollywood. I drive by TMZ on Sunset Blvd. everyday on my way to work. Just a little FYI, they are in the Trader's Joe Building, they have the complete third floor. Crunch Fitness is also in the same building. TMZ does not advertise they are in that building, there are no signs. Or anything to indicate that TMZ and company are in that building. Except if you shop at Trader Joes & you keep seeing the entire TMZ staff in there buying food & drinks. They are all cool people, and they are making a decent living. Who cares if they are not reporting serious issue or current events. It is what is. I also thought that TMZ was short for "The Media Zone" it turns out that it means "Thirty Mile Zone" a production term about distance from other entertainment businesses.

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Welcome to "all-slime-all-the-time" TV

Author: LeonardOsborneKael from United States
25 March 2008

How to get a show on TV these days: get a bunch of snide, sarcastic youthful losers - who will appeal to all those snide, sarcastic losers out there in TV land - and have them do snide, sarcastic, pseudo-journalistic reports on those oh-so-marketable celebrities. Paris Hilton's proudest defender through three DUI convictions, attorney (?) Harvey Levin, arms folded, plays corrupting fagin to this smarmy crew of young, wannebe misfits. On this program, Harvey gets to pretend to go back in time and finally hang with the popular kids in school. Yes, the cool kids finally LIKE him. The budding young "reporters" - all carefully selected to present a wide appeal to the various awkward teens out there, seem shy at first. They come from nice homes and they're not 100% sure it's okay to trash away on pretty much anyone they can find footage of. But hangdog-eyed Harvey encourages them, egging them on, and they gain in snide, sarcastic confidence with each sojourn into the world of slime TV. After all, they are now no-talent celebrities, too, right? They are on TV, being smug - so, ironically enough, these kids are really the latest batch of "famous-for-doing-nothings". As far as the "reporting" goes, there doesn't even have to be a story - just footage - the snotty kids can do the rest with their sneering, contemptuous, drooling, star-envying voice overs. Oh gosh - it's fun to be snotty with famous adults and get away with it, isn't it! And it's apparently a can't-fail formula in today's media world. The producers are counting on America's youth to prove them right and Harvey seems sure this crap will make him a rich man - maybe even rich enough to live next door to his poor, downtrodden friend, Paris Hilton. Has anybody checked to see if this goon really has a law degree? If he does - with this show, he even manages to give lawyers a bad name.

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Get A Life !

Author: ahmed elshikh ( from Egypt
29 February 2008

"How do they sleep at night", "This is utterly rubbish", "A sick waste of time". Those are my everlasting comments about such a big crappy program !. What really gets on your nerve and successfully is the way of making the show : An anxious old boss with a cup of coffee (as if he's tired out of working !!!?) among some young bunch of true genuine losers whom got a lot of spare time with totally nothing to do at all except chasing stars, any stars in so irritating trite style !. There isn't by any chance any use out of watching this even for having some nice brainless time as long as this Paparazzi kind of hunting is too annoying (as well as too embarrassing). Plus the fact that you'll never ever have any sort of news as what you'll going to watch every time is just some stars going in or going out places, and that's it !! So that celebrity or else was walking his dog, well…The dog didn't bite him, he didn't bite the dog, so where is the news ?, or rather where is anything ??! So that celebrity didn't want to speak to you !, give him a space to breathe, treat him like a human, stop that unremitting nuisance, and then if he refuses to, then he's right, you're such a lousy show with nothing to offer or one respectable question to ask ! Actually, from the level of mentalities I see, no one of them got an iota of culture or even smartness to be able of criticizing in the first place. Not to mention how their sarcasm (if you call it so) is forced, dull, and sets a new definition for "tasteless" ! Can you have the ability to stand endless miserable jokes WITH some extremely silly people who crack them while being unable to stop laughing on them too ?! How Brutal ! In one damn episode one of the show's brilliant *reporters* asks Ann-Margret herself, an old lady for him!, if she's known person because he thinks that he saw her before ?? OH MY GOD !! And Mr. boss, with heavy reddish make-up on his cheeks, turned it into one of his unbearable laughing hysteria !!! I have never seen similar program with failure people whom are so happy with their failure and so proud of it like this at all. It's shameful how the show's makers expose boldly their stupidity, deficiency, along with desperate desire to be famous. They spend all the time blabbering about defects of other people, or imputing false ones to them, while that itself discloses how many real defects they already have. And you know what, dumb pals, these people you pursue, disturb and gossip about got talent and viewers to love UNLIKE YOU! In a word; nothing here to entertain or - God forbid - to obtain except tons and tons of provocation and disgust. In the list of programs concerning the stars' news or mocking at them, TMZ is not in the lowest rank, it's not in the list. I've always believed that Hollywood is cursed by so many ugly things...This is graphically a great instance for one of them. All in all those untalented shows or reporters are the ones whom could kill themselves and others by their petty pathetic work. P.S : The title of my comment is for the makers of THIS and its lovers too.

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Is there a word for childish, putrid & embarrassing TV. TMZ

Author: Hugh Jorgan
11 February 2015

TMZ must be the worst show ever put on TV, and that category has some stiff competition. Had they done to the TMZ offices and lowlifes that work there what they did to Charlie Hebdo there would have been a ticker tape parade for the terrorists.

Obviously all of the last ten star reviews come from the children who (work) there. You really fooled us guys. They chase people around hiding behind the law when any self respecting man would John Wayne them to the pavement. Makes you want to follow their mother around for a month asking stupid questions and filming every time she leaves the house to go shopping. Perhaps if they got feedback, never mind, these people don't have mothers, they rose from some slime in a swamp.

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tmz idiots on TV

Author: mikimwoodard from United States
18 December 2013

TMZ is by far one of the worst shows iv ever seen. its not funny at all and the stupid voices that comment about celebrities are infantile. and that Harvey Levin guy is another parasite, celebrity chasing jerk with his gigantic sippy cup and straw trying to act like he's in his 20s with his brood of overpaid insensitive morons. anyone who watches this crap as far as I'm concerned is no different. but there perfect for justin bieber and the kardashians. fools chasing fools. the least they could do is make it entertaining! if celebrities would just stop being normal and quit traveling, going to stores, buying coffee, hitting the bars, going on vacation, laying around on the beach or just playing with their children in their own yards at home, we would be free of this excruciating boring dribble.

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TMZ Poor Filming

Author: Apple Dumpling Gang
14 November 2014

I concur with the comments about how awful TMZ reporting is with their stupid comments. I had the privilege to do VIDEO taping at the Comcast studio for my VIDEO PRODUCTION Class, and If moved the camera around like they do on TMZ, all choppy and jumping here and there, and zooming in and out super fast like they do, my instructor would have failed me. TMZ's filming is very annoying to watch. TMZ must find the worst camera people they can use. I tend to wonder who approves their video tapings.

In addition, who is doing the narrating with that annoying voice. I can't stand to listen to it. That guy sounds like a real jerk making his stupid comments about the starts. I don't know why celebrities even answer their questions, especially when they know how awful they treat them.

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