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Love this film-funny, heartwarming, wholesome!
kdrice-3352030 September 2017
This is a sweet film about community, kindness and personal transformation. When a Miami-based driven woman headed for the C-suite lands in Minnesota, she has some lessons to learn about life and what it means to be human. The story's conflict and romance work well. It's so nice to see a film that's not full of violence, terror or sex. Love it!
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Cute movie but several errors.
dandllarsen28 September 2017
I enjoyed the movie mostly because I live in Minnesota. The movie wasn't filmed here as is obvious from the weather; it does not get that cold here in November anymore. Several errors were irritating. First, New Ulm is in southwestern Minnesota, not the southeast. Second, the first day you can go ice fishing is not a state holiday. The Twin Cities, where Lucy takes Bobbie to get her hair done, is a 3 hour round trip. And finally, the Mayo Clinic is in Rochester, two HOURS away from New Ulm, not a few minutes away. If you are going to set a movie in a specific city, RESEARCH it first.
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Enjoyable, amusing with a theme that meant a lot to me
alexahop20 August 2017
This is a light romantic comedy with a deeper meaning. There's a certain amount of predictability and corn, but Renee Zellweger, always a pleasure, more than makes up for that.

The theme of the movie is a huge impersonal corporation about to downsize a Middle West factory. The movie brings out many of the conflicting moral values that are at the center of American politics today. Even more interesting, the movie has something to say about what we're going through--something valuable.

I enjoyed the movie and recommend it highly. It's light fare with thought-provoking ideas.
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The Pajama Game without music and a flip
James M. Haugh15 August 2017
In 1953 Richard Bissel wrote a novel titled "7&1/2 Cents." In 1955 his novel became the book for a Broadway Musical titled "The Pajama Game." Then George Abbott had Bissel write the screenplay for a musical film version of the play. In that movie, as in the book, a female Iowa pajama factory worker who is head of the union at the factory falls in love with a male superintendent who has been hired by the factory's boss to help oppose the workers' demand for a pay rise (7 & 1/2 cents.) Take this book and change the male role into the union rep and make the female role to be an executive from a corporation who want to downsize the candy factory or close it down. Then move it from the Sunny South to the frozen north (Minnesota,) remove the music, and you have this film. I just simply could not get the "The Pajama Game" or "7&1/2 Cents" out of my mind as I watched this film. And the ending was exactly the same.
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Super cute!
Davis P10 February 2016
New in town is so cute and refreshing to watch and enjoy. This romantic comedy might not be the most original one in the whole world, but boy it sure is entertaining. Renee Zellweger is so great in this starring role, she really fit the character well. And Harry Connick Jr. Was really well suited for the main love interest, he physically looked the part and acted well too. And oh my god Blanche Gunderson was perfect in this movie!! I loved her character, very funny, she was by far the funniest the funniest part of the whole film. And the other actors did well too with their respective roles. The script wasn't very original, but it didn't really have to be, because it was entertaining and cute and funny too, and that's what people were expecting and wanting from this film, so in my mind, it delivered on that part. The love story and the intimate scenes between the two leads were both very well done. Getting to hear their backstories in the intimate love scene was very cool and it made me invest even more in their characters. I give it an 8/10
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The efficiency expert
Prismark107 February 2016
New in Town is a bland inoffensive rom-com that wants to channel the off beat spirit of Fargo without a murder mystery.

Rene Zellweger is Lucy Hill, a troubleshooter sent by headquarters from her base in tropical Miami to turn round an under performing food processing factory in Minnesota.

Hill soon finds that the weather is far from warm as Miami (she arrives in heels and any lack of warm clothing) and the locals are hicks used to small town ways and so there is immediately a culture clash.

Hill also falls foul of the kind hearted local union representative (Harry Connick) who also conveniently happens to be a widowed single parent.

As time goes by Hill who in effect needs to fire people realises that she can turn the company around by taking a high risk approach but needs to rally the town together and proves to the company that she works for that she is prepared to scrap with them to save the factory.

This is really a fish out of water comedy of a woman who realises that the town has depth and comforts missing in her life. The hunky widowed union rep helps.

This is watchable but it would never amount to above average. The accents were laid on thick, sounded Canadian to me but it there is never anything original in the pudding baked in this movie.
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Don't Waste Your Time
folsominc226 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I had high hopes when I turned on this movie last night for the first time with Renée Zellweger, but my hopes were completely dashed as the stupidity of her character and the formula plot was exposed.

A management personnel, played by Renée Zellweger, shows up in cold Minnesota (I think) to take over management of a company and lay off 50% of the staff. Harry Connick Jr (amazed he is still around) plays the labor union representative.

Of course, she is under dressed and made fun of by the locals who considered her in-affective and not necessary, and of course, she falls in love with the town, Harry Connick, Jr and endeavors to save the factory by producing another viable product.

The so-called romance is boring with absolutely no chemistry, and the most funny items they can add to the plot line is him trying to open her britches so she can go to the bathroom!

I never saw Renée Zellweger look so bad - not even in her movies with Colin Firth when she was overweight.

There were many questions throughout the movie that were never fully explained nor represented to help the viewer understand the plot better, and the way that they ran through the holidays endeavoring to show time passing was very painful to a viewer.

The one good thing that was in the film that surprised me was the fact that, although Renée Zellweger made two patronizing remarks about Jesus and God, the main contact member of the town, did not seem to find it funny. I did enjoy the town's Christmas son around the Christmas tree which really gave a piece of good spirit ... until it was almost the next day (she was returning the tapioca dish) and it was supposed to be Valentine's Day!
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a heartwarming film with a beautiful moral message
robito15 March 2015
In a world where profit goes before ethics, and CGI goes before story, it is nice to watch a comedy drama that is not superficial.

This film is all about community, love and compassion, and making a positive difference in this world that impacts and benefits the people around you.

Renée Zellweger, Harry Connick Jr. and J.K. Simmons are a pleasure to watch as always, and the lesser known actors such as Siobhan Fallon are excellent too.

If you want to watch a heartwarming film with a beautiful moral message about human values and what really matters in this world, this film will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and remind you what life is all about. For those who prefer blowing things up, watch something else.

I haven't seen a decent comedy drama with such inspiring human values since Sweet Home Alabama. (and guess what, I just checked and screenplay writer C. Jay Cox was behind them both!) LOL Is there really only one screenwriter out there who can write romantic comedy with compassion and community at its core? In my opinion, the world would be a much better place if these values were the focus of Hollywood.

This is a wonderful film which deserves much more than the rating it has.
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DogFilmCritic17 February 2015
Were do i start with this movie I don't want to pretend i know a lot about chick flicks but the clichés are so easy to spot, Renne Zellweger is to good for this kind of movies,i know she has her fair share of romantic comedies but i thought she would learned to stay way from romantic comedy land to movies with a more serious Outlook were shes really good at,so were to begin with the horrible clichés in new in town, your protagonist Lucy Hill neurotic,frustrated,perky,fish out of water just wanting to find love, i bet you never seen this type of women in films like this over and over and over again, like i said in the beginning I'm not a chick flick expert but if you see one you probably seen them all it comes to a point of how generic they get with time, i don't see them as boring as i see them dull, something we saw once we see it repeatedly and each time it gets worst.

Don't believe me usually our protagonist don't like each other in fact hate each other but for plot convenient reasons one need the help of the other and there relationship becomes mildly indifferent,soon they realize they have a lot in common and they mature and quickly fall in love with Little to no screen time,simply because man and women in this films cant be friends they have will somehow be forced to fall in love.

the plot of the actual movie? who cares you only go see it to see how long it takes for them to fall in love.
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Now this was FUNNY!
native-vermont29 January 2015
I don't get why this movie is rated so low. Maybe it's funnier if you grew up in a small town?

It's got a good premise, it was well written, and the acting was pretty good, too. Some of the characters are just FUNNY! For me, Blanche and Harv provided the most laughs. The chemistry between Renee Zelweger and Harry Connick, Jr. built slowly and you could definitely see it coming from their first scene, but this is one of those movies where the supporting actors were the real stars. But I must say that Renee Zelweger did better than I thought she would. She was believable as the Florida corporate executive relegated to a cold, snowy Minnesota winter.

WHO WILL LIKE THIS MOVIE: - Parents - Kids (both my teen daughters love it) - Residents of Northern Tier states - Those who grew up in or enjoy small towns

WHO WILL NOT LIKE THIS MOVIE: - Corporate board members who take their jobs too seriously. - Residents of large cities who don't understand small town life. - Canadians and Minnesotans who are too critical of being imitated. - People with no sense of humor.
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The ultimate feel-good movie
irene_woodhead3 January 2015
I didn't expect I'd like this movie so much. It has loads of what they call a 'human factor'. Renée Zellweger is perfect for the part of an ambitious and uptight executive. Her character is still young but you can easily see what she's going to become in ten years' time: a corporate monster incarnate, a new Miranda Priestly. Her character has long lost grip on reality, speaking in meaningless corporate buzzwords: basically, this unexpected business trip to Minnesota saves the poor girl's life. I absolutely love Ms. Zellweger's portrayal of her character: everything in her from her facial expressions to little corporate accents is so recognizable!

This film left me with a very good feeling, as if it had restored something important within me. A subtle comedy and an even subtler romance - basically, this is just a life story with its humor, love and heart-warming developments. Perfect for a quiet Christmas evening - yes, because the filmmakers managed to add a touch of Christmas which, IMHO, wasn't really necessary and ruined part of the story appeal for me (as in, "oh no, not another Christmas movie!" halfway through it).

Overall, a wonderful experience, can't recommend it enough.
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Charming, predictable, funny, (yummy) and at the right time kinda perfect
juneebuggy30 December 2014
Charming, cute, feel good, predictable, funny, (sometimes LOL funny) did I mention predictable? Okay how about cliché? This was a nothing sort of movie that had its moments especially if you've ever had to deal with severe cold or the idiosyncrasies of small town living and it's locals. (I could relate to both). There's a decent back-up cast here playing the townsfolk and I enjoyed Renée Zellweger in her role as a transplanted Miami businesswoman. She's transferred to a tiny Minnesota town to restructure a manufacturing plant and must adjust her lifestyle accordingly, not quite how she pictured climbing the corporate ladder.

There were moments in this movie that really made me laugh, (the nipple scene killed me) but all in this is just another forgettable romantic comedy. Sometimes though that's exactly what you're looking for, plus there's something yummy about Harry Connick Jr. even if he is looking a little rough here. 05.13
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New In Town
babbsjc22 September 2014
This was a charming movie about an executive sent from a big company to do what many Minnesotans are familiar with....downsizing. She is sent there to downsize and the folks there know it. They aren't too happy to see her and as she prances down the stairs in her high heal shoes and business suit they aren't too warm to her. As time goes on, she sees how genuine and loving these people are and that they need these jobs. Then she is told to close down the plant. She has learned how those of a smaller town have more caring and concern for people than those she may have seen in the big city and she grows to love them. At the same time, she meets a man who she thinks is just a country hick and finds that he loves to live this way and is happy and actually...has money. But before knowing that...she starts to fall in love with him. I loved this movie. I could relate because I was born and raised in Minnesota and also live here again. The only thing that kind of bugged me is that the accent/dialect that the people used was not true of Minnesotans...maybe Canadians but not Minnesotans. It reminded me of FARGO. And New Alm is close to the cities and people don't talk that way in Minnesota.
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Cute 'boy meets girl' movie
oprlvr3317 August 2014
While I was never a big Renee Zelweger fan, I absolutely adore this "boy meets girl" movie. And no, it is not a Chick-flick.

Zelweger is utterly charming as female corporate executive Lucy Hill, in this delightful film.

Enjoying the serenity of her high- powered upscale executive Miami lifestyle, Lucy's bosses suddenly send her to a northern Minnesota nowhere-land mining town to oversee and revamp a local production plant. An obvious fish-out-of-water, Lucy slowly warms up to her new surroundings, and her new friendships with the locals, until corporate threatens to shut operations down; forcing Lucy to step up, and risk her own future.

While some critics or fans may have criticized Zelweger's appearance or performance, I beg to differ. She is adorable in this role, and pulls it off nicely. And little doubt the good acting, interaction, and chemistry between her and Connick Jr.

While much of the supportive cast is equally delightful, the true scene- stealer is Sioban Fallon as Blanche Gunderson; the kindly neighbor and plant Production Specialist who takes Lucy under her wing, leads a scrapbooking circle, and makes Tapioca pudding as a hobby.

Why...She sure is pleased as plum punch ta meet cha' all :)
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Much better than expected!!
jarten15 May 2014
Funny, charming and romantic. My wife and I both liked this movie a lot. Cannot understand why it was not better received. Great cast and by the way did I mention that it was FUNNY! Not only a good movie, but much better than the formula.There are no car chases or much in the way of special effects, but there is a lot of heart. Cast was uniformly excellent. J K Simmons did a great job as did the entire cast. I had not heard anything about this movie until my wife found it while changing channels. We tivoed it and watched it a second time and it was just as good if not better. We even liked it enough to buy the DVD so we don't have to ff through the commercials and hopefully see whatever the broadcaster took out.
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Not Funny Romantic Movie With A Predictable Feel Good Concept
Jakemcclake2 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
As I watched this movie, I kept looking for the unexpected, but found nothing unexpected about it. I also did not laugh at all, with the exception of one drinking game bit. The characters all follow a typical storyline of icy female executive who is supposed to put people out of work, as she comes to a small town meets the people she is to terminate and develops feeling for them. Additionally, she gets involved with a guy in the town. Finally she saves all of their jobs.

The movie labors to get to the good ending that was not very surprising. It stretches to find comedy for example lets laugh about a drunk woman falling down and people getting sprayed with pudding. All and All there was little entertaining in this unimaginative story. The drinking game bit was the one time I laughed, so, maybe it could be worth a view (if free) for that, but little else.

Oh and just for the heck of mentioning it, when will someone get that wondering cow off the road, finally. In the middle of this movie a cow causes an accident for the main character because she swerves her car to avoid hitting it. This might be the same cow that causes the same type of problem in Utopia, Texas (In the movie "Seven Days in Utopia") and Grady, South Carolina (In the movie "Doc Hollywood"). It might be that this particular cow keeps wondering around the country purposely causing people to wreck their cars, by avoiding the cow and driving off the road and into snow drifts like in this movie or into fences, like Doc Hollywood and Seven Days in Utopia. That not-so-nice cow has caused a lot of problems for drivers, in movies. Nothing ever happens to that cow. Therefore, I guess this cow will keep on doing this. Perhaps sometime in the future, after this happens to so many drivers in so many movies, maybe someone will do something about that ole meandering cow.
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Rom-com without much chemistry
SnoopyStyle30 December 2013
Lucy Hill (Renée Zellweger) is an aggressive executive from Miami who's new in a freezing tiny little Minnesota town. She's a fish out of water in town to downsize half the plant. Only the workers aren't cooperating. Plant manager Stu (J.K. Simmons) takes advantage of her. The union rep Ted Mitchell (Harry Connick Jr.) clashes with her right from the start.

This is an attempt at rom-com without any likability or chemistry. The jokes of Zellweger and the cold are more misses than hits. Nobody really shines in this one. They're mostly just competent. Like the weather, it takes awhile for anything to warm up here. It's a fairly flat effort, a flat 5/10 effort.
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Formulaic culture clash comedy
tieman6410 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Directed by Jonas Elmer, "New In Town" stars Renne Zellweger as a big city consultant who finds herself transferred to small town Minnesota for the purposes of overseeing a failing factory.

Resolutely formulaic, the film watches as Zellweger teaches the locals a little about big city life, whilst they in turn expose her to the charms of small town Minnesota. Along the way, Zellweger feuds, falls in love with, loses and reclaims a sexy single dad who also happens to be a union boss. To see these clichés done about as well as they can be done, see "Local Hero".

5/10 – Worth no viewings.
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Been there, seen that
alan-lohf11 November 2012
At last, a fresh and imaginative comedy. An ambitious, hard nosed, big city mover and shaker (Zellweger) goes to small town USA to shake up a local company that's behind the times. She falls for the local hunk (Connick Jr) who is the union rep, which of course complicates the situation. Throw in a few 'mom and apple pie' characters plus dollops of homespun philosophy ...... what, you've seen it all before? No kidding! Yep, this effort is as stale as last week's buckwheat pancakes. The cast does its best but the story line and characters are so hackneyed that nothing could save this film from mediocrity. Utterly predictable and cloyingly sweet, you should watch it only if you've finished reading all of your junk mail catalogues.
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Predictable but enjoyable enough
huwdj30 July 2012
Your know where you're going with this film as soon Harry Connick's name appears on the cast list. It is an utterly predictable, formulaic little movies that plods along from one cliché to the next until it arrives at it's inevitable destination. High flying, city dwelling executive Zellweger is sent to a mid-America town to down size and modernize the local plant where Connick is the Union Rep. The town is populated by good hearted folk with eccentric accents who depend on the one factory for local prosperity. You'll never guess what happens next - indeed you don't really need to guess - just think of all the similar films you've watched. And yet it's a well made little film. The principles delivering the goods and are well supported by the rest of the cast. So I have to admit I did enjoy it even though I don't think I be watching it again any time soon.
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Quite funny if familiar
badajoz-16 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Some funny moments, some shrewd observation of middle America (presumably that some critics do not wish to be reminded of!), a couple of charming leads, but an over-familiar storyline and development (Doc Hollywood etc) and far too rushed ending spoil a decent and fairly cheaply produced movie. The story of a hard assed career woman (and we keep seeing it in a pencil skirt) out of sunny Miami descending on freezing Nowheresville, Minnesota, to close the only industrial plant in town I've seen on TV, but so what, if the observation of her coming to terms with a slower, more honest, community-based Us proves truthful and funny. And for the most part, it does. Yes, she falls for the hunk who rescues her, she does not manage to slip on her Jimmy Choos on the ice (something you are so expecting), and she warms to the friendliness of her workers. She saves the plant, but.... Well acted, nicely written, unflashily directed, a surprise on Film Four after the bellicose pomposity of 'Avatar!' And it is not afraid to mention Jesus in a serious context! Wow!
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A pretty good feel good movie
John Raymond Peterson2 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This is a pretty good feel good movie. The storyline in IMDb is sufficient if you wish to avoid spoilers; that wasn't my reason for wanting to watch the movie, nor was it the work of director Jonas Elmer who I knew nothing about. Turns out Elmer did not make any mistakes and manage to capture all the good parts of a romantic comedy is suppose to have. Elmer even makes the landscape a kind of character, which was the thing to do here. I'll remember, I hope, Jonas Elmer, in a good way, next time I see his name as director and it might influence positively my choosing a movie.

That being said, it was Harry Connick Jr and J.K. Simmons' work that influenced my decision; Renée Zellweger I am sort of indifferent about. Given she has the lead role, I'll admit she did not disappoint, not like in the Bridget Jones trilogy or Appaloosa. Connick and Simmons did however live up to my high expectations; I can't think of any movie in which I've seen them in, with a bad performance by them. They made the movie worth watching. Connick also happens to be a talented musician and excellent composer, of whose work I'm a fan.

The story was good enough, a little predictable as all, OK most, romantic comedies are. I recommend it to guys who have to make up for watching guy movies with their bored better half. If anything, you can get an appreciation for Jonas Elmer's work as director.
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New in Town
Jackson Booth-Millard7 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
At the time of its release, I had heard about and possibly seen a trailer for this film, so when I got the opportunity to see it I wanted to see whether or not I would agree with the low opinion rating given by the critics. Basically Lucy Hill (Renée Zellweger) is the high achieving high-powered company consultant who enjoys an upscale lifestyle in Miami, and she is sent to the almost middle of nowhere town of New Ulm, Minnesota. There it is her job to oversee the restructuring of a blue collar manufacturing plant, and one of her responsibilities is to lay off a few of the workers. Lucy takes an immediate irritation toward the woman she is staying with and who is the office secretary type, Blanche Gunderson (Men in Black's Siobhan Fallon Hogan), and slowly she works through the other changes that will be made in the plant. Being new in town and after all her slightly cold-hearted actions she is given a very icy reception by the locals, and she also has to put up with the freezing cod weather and icy roads that don't help her get places. Slowly though Lucy starts warming to the people of the town and their lifestyles, so much so that she is regretting more and more the actions she is taking for her work, especially as she is being accepted more and more. The big kick in the nuts is when she is told that the plant is going to be closed down, and she seems not to have the power to do anything about it, she is worried that the entire community will be out of work. In the end though, Lucy tastes Blanche's secret recipe for tapioca pudding, and she reignites a former yogurt production line which creates a lot of interest amongst buyers, the plant is saved, and Lucy gets a happy ending with her love interest Ted Mitchell (The Iron Giant's Harry Connick Jr.). Also starring Spider-Man's J.K. Simmons as Stu Kopenhafer, Mike O'Brien as Lars Ulstead, Frances Conroy as Trudy Van Uuden, Ferron Guerreiro as Bobbie Mitchell and Barbara James Smith as Joan. Even a sweet perky faced and lovable actress like Zellweger can't save this rather ridiculous story, she is in a pointless performance, well, the whole film is pointless, it did not make me laugh, it did not make me happy or sad with the love story, and almost none of engaged me, it is just a stupid and not worthwhile romantic comedy. Pretty poor!
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Puts the "meh" in mechanical
MBunge4 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Just as a Random Number Generator is put to use in statistics and cryptography, Hollywood seems to employ a Random Romantic-Comedy Generator to churn out fluff like New In Town. For this one, they set the generator to bland and pushed the "Minnesota people are funny" button to produce a shallow and erratic but marginally amusing film that is entirely supporting by the subjective charms of Renee Zelwegger. If you like her, you won't mind this. If Zelwegger grates on you, watching this movie will feel like being dragged at high speed over a gravel road.

Lucy Hill is a corporate executive from Miami dispatched during winter to a plant in New Ulm, Minnesota to handle its retooling for a new product line and the elimination of half the workforce. She arrives to meet a colorful cast of small town characters, including a handsome and abrasive union leader (Harry Connick Jr.). In a development that won't surprise any living thing on Earth, including the bacteria living in my commode, Lucy falls in love with both the townspeople and the union rep and when her bosses announce they're shutting down the plant entirely, she has to find a way to salvage both the livelihood of the community and her budding relationship.

Now, I like Zelwegger so I found New In Town to be Perfectly Acceptable Entertainment. Yes, it's predictable and obvious and unoriginal and stumbles from one rom-com cliché to another without any structure or direction. Lucy Hill is a cipher, her love interest is practically an absentee character and the only reason the two of them wind up together is because there's literally no one else in the story they could be with. But there's nothing jaw-droppingly stupid about any of the plot, none of the characters have to act like compete and total morons to keep the story going and there are persistent attempts at humor through the whole thing. As chick flicks go, this is not a pain to sit through.

The Random Romantic-Comedy Generator did manage to spit out a couple of interesting concepts, but they go criminally underutilized. Early on it's established that the workforce at the plant has made a habit of running mangers out of town and there are moments when New In Town almost wanders into a more lively and unexpected story about the conflict between an ambitious executive who cares only about her career and the subversively devious employees who don't take kindly to outsiders telling them how to run "their" plant. There's also a second where it seems like the movie might use scrapbooking as a metaphor of the difference between small town permanence and the disposable world of on-the-go corporate existence. Neither of those opportunities are recognized or taken advantage of.

If you hate rom-coms and/or Zelwegger with a passion, this motion picture is not for you. If you like either or both, New In Town will be an okay way to kill 97 minutes. You know which group you belong to.
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