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"CSI: Miami" Going Ballistic (2008)

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A man lies seemingly dead on the ground, his face, hands and neck lacerated by a fall through glass. Caine, Frank and Eric are on the scene.

"Plenty of bridges in Miami to jump off of without a bunch of glass getting in the way," Frank comments.

"I agree with that too, so we may be dealing with a homicide," Caine growls.

Dr. Higgins, stepping in for the departed Alexx Woods, arrives at the scene to examine the body. Suddenly: A breath. The assumed victim might still be alive. And then: a gunshot! Higgins goes down, followed by chaos. More shots ring out. Eric is nearly hit. Caine pulls his gun, firing at a nearby building.

The shots stop. Caine approaches Higgins, checking for any signs of life.

"She's gone," he growls.

YEEEOOWWWW! Cue opening credits.

Back at the scene, the team investigates. Eric photographs Higgins's body. Dr. Thomas Wellner arrives on the scene. He is the short-lived Higgins's replacement.

Frank and Eric huddle. Eric says the breath from the dead man was only a death rattle. The shooter, Frank explains, was trying to make sure that the supposed jumper was dead. Higgins got in the way.

"I want this guy bad," Frank says.

Back at the lab, Eric is approached by Juan Ortega, brother of the victim. Juan says he and his brother weren't close. Juan did well for himself while Manny struggled.

"I'd like to say that I thought he'd never end up this way, but I can't," Juan says.

Back at the scene, Ryan and Natalia investigate the empty apartment from which Manny Ortega fell.

"Or was pushed," Ryan says.

Natalia discovers a blood swipe. Back at the lab, she matches the swipe with Evan Caldwell.

Caine questions Caldwell, an ATF agent. Caldwell explains that Manny was being tracked as part of an ongoing illegal munitions investigation. When confronted, Manny refused to talk. Angry, Caldwell punched a ladder, leaving the blood swath. He doesn't know what happened to Manny.

Back on the scene, Eric recreates the bullet trajectories with a pair of dummies. Calleigh arrives. The trajectory rods point toward a nearby parking structure.

Calleigh discovers bullet casings inside the parking garage, along with a few unspent rounds. The bullets, she says, "all look oxidized." Eric finds a piece of a gun grip. Calleigh theorizes that the gun might have malfunctioned, injuring the shooter.

Caine, growling into a cell phone, suggests that the team canvas all local ERs and look for powder burns.

Back at the office, Caine questions Ron Saris. He notes that Saris has a powder burn on his neck. Saris said the burns resulted from an accident at the range.

"You wanna book me? Book me," Ron says. "Otherwise, I'm flying."

"You know, Ron, justice comes in many forms," Caine growls.

Eric tests the bullet casings, looking for prints. He gets a name: Brad Gower. Eric calls Caine.

A Hummer races down the mean streets of Miami. Frank and Caine pay a visit to Gower. Gower says he has never heard of Manny Ortega. He explains that he works for a munitions company so his prints are likely to be on thousands of casings.

Back at the lab, Calleigh examines the bullets. The phone rings. It's Frank. While Calleigh talks, a bullet rolls off the table and discharges on the floor. It ricochets upward to a light in the ceiling. Flames erupt in the lab! Calleigh rushes to the fire alarm.

Later, Calleigh sits in the burned out lab. "Thank God you're OK," Eric says. The two search for any stray bullets that might salvage the case. Eric discovers one. "You are my hero," Calleigh says.

She empties the contents of the bullet to discover black powder, a rarity. Turns out the rounds are 40 years old. "He's buying old ammo and selling it as new through his defense contract," Eric says of Gower.

Caine arrests Gower. A search of the office finds a gun. The weapon matches the one used at the crime scene.

Gower confesses. He says Manny wanted to unload a brand-new prototype of ammo. Skeptical, he followed Manny and witnessed the meeting with Caldwell. Assuming Manny was trying to rat him out, Gower pulled a gun. He gave Manny a choice: take his chances with a bullet or jump. Manny jumped.

Gower says that he then ran to the parking garage. When Higgins yelled that Manny might still be alive, Gower opened fire to finish the job.

"I didnt mean to kill her," Gower says.

"But you did, Brad," Caine growls. "You did kill her."

Caine escorts Gower out of the building. A dark SUV approaches. The window lowers and a gun emerges, firing. Gower goes down. Caine opens fire, but the car escapes.

Growls Caine: "Frank, this is getting to be a very nasty habit."

Calleigh arrives at the new murder scene. She examines the body and theorizes that Gower was killed with "fused alloy rounds," an extremely dangerous type of ammo.

Calleigh meets with Caldwell. She correctly guesses that Caldwell has been investigating the sale of fused-alloy rounds. "They're lethal and illegal," Caldwell says. He says he confronted Manny about selling the rounds. Calleigh requests a list of Manny's buyers. Someone on the list is familiar: Ron Saris.

Caine brings in Saris, who says he has an alibi. "Julia and I? We just got married," Ron says. Caine is shocked. He recovers and asks Ron what he is planning to do with the rest of the ammunition he purchased.

"One thing and one thing only," Ron says.

"Is that a threat?" Caine growls.

"Don't flatter yourself, although it would be a lot easier on Kyle come Father's Day," Ron quips.

Growls Caine: "Ron, you're gonna be dead by Father's Day!"

Caine races to Kyle's school. Julia waits outside.

"Julia, Ron is after your money," Caine growls. He says that Ron will eliminate Kyle to get his hands on the cash. He urges Julia not to return home, but to meet him at an air strip later in the afternoon. Just then, school lets out. Caine tells Kyle that the boy will have to leave the country. Kyle is angry.

"I need you to trust me," Caine growls.

Calleigh and Ryan find the car from the drive-by shooting that killed Gower. Calleigh turns on the ignition, theorizing that the navigation system is linked to the driver's Bluetooth. Sure enough, she finds a phone number in the nav system belonging to a Colin Madison.

Calleigh and Ryan question Madison, who worked with Gower. Ryan excuses himself, saying he is "late for something." Madison confesses that a man burst into his office that morning looking for Gower. The man said if Madison didn't kill Gower, Madison would be next. Calleigh asks for a name.

"Make me a deal and I'll take you to him," Madison says.

Police storm a warehouse to find Juan Ortega hording the illegal ammo. Juan admits to arranging Gowers death as revenge. Ortega warns Caine, saying that arresting Ortega will make many people angry. Caine laughs and whispers something in Ortega's ear. Whatever it is, Ortega doesn't like it.

Julia and Kyle are waiting until its time to meet Caine. Julia leaves, saying that she has to "take care of something."

In prison, Juan makes a call: Horatio Caine -- I want to know when its done, he says.

Ron opens a cardboard box of the alloy bullets. He smells them, smiling.

Kyle opens his gym bag, pulling out a gun. He loads it.

Caine waits at the airstrip beside a plane, but there is no sign of Julia and Kyle. Suddenly, a shot rings out! Caine goes down.

Elsewhere, Ryan walks down the street. He looks at his phone. A text message reads: "It's done."

Caine lies on the tarmac -- his fate uncertain.


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