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"CSI: Miami" Tunnel Vision (2008)

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Hard-charging rock music plays over the Miami landscape.

A red sports car speeds along the mean streets when it is cut off by a silver BMW. Road rage takes over and the sports-car driver rams the BMW from behind.

"You trying to get us both killed?!" yells the incredulous BMW driver.

"No, just you!" snarls Mr. Sportscar.

Meanwhile, cracks begin to appear in the road up ahead. Mr. Sportscar is about to throw a canned energy drink at his foe when the road collapses beneath him. The driver is dead.

Horatio Caine and Frank Tripp arrive on the scene. One of them is wearing sunglasses -- no fair guessing whom.

Frank explains that the driver must have fell into a sinkhole -- but wait! -- Caine has noticed lights under the car. There appears to be a tunnel below the road.

"Where the hell is it headed?" asks Frank.

"There's only way to find out," growls Caine.

The two climb down a ladder into the tunnel. They discover rolls of cash on the floor.

Frank theorizes that the tunnel was dug to rob a bank across the street. They find a womans body pinned under some rubble and a pathway leading directly into a bank vault.

"Tunnel must've collapsed during the bank robbery," Frank says.

"Like divine intervention," growls Caine.

Eric questions the bank manager, who says that no alarm sounded during the robbery. Eric shows the manager a picture of the dead woman found in the tunnel. It is the managers assistant, Lori Stoltz.

The manager insists that Stoltz had nothing to do with the robbery, saying: "I'm going to see this with my own eyes." The manger checks the security system: Stoltzs code was the last entered.

Eric and Caine conclude that plastic explosives blew open the safety deposit boxes inside the vault. Eric notices rolls of money still lying on the floor.

"I dont think they were after cash," Caine growls.

Calleigh and Natalia, meanwhile, meet at a construction site in search of the tunnel entrance. One montage of the two combing the grounds later, they find it. The pair also spot tire treads that might have been made by the getaway car.

Calleigh questions construction foreman Keith Farrell. Farrell is combative, but explains that the building under construction is the new headquarters of orange-juice distributor Amanda's Orchards.

Back at the lab, Eric and Ryan dust the safety-deposit boxes for prints. One montage of print dusting later, Eric finds five suspects. One name, Carlos Santiago, rings a bell. Eric brings the long-suspected drug runner in for questioning.

Carlos explains to Caine that he had nothing to do with the robbery. In fact, his safety deposit box -- registered under his company's -- name was one of the boxes robbed. Carlos refuses to say what was in the box.

Alexx, meanwhile, finds a bullet in Stoltz's body. The tunnel collapse didnt kill her; she was murdered. Alexx also finds semen in the victim's underwear. Calleigh matches the semen to Charles Brighton, the "gazillionaire behind Amanda's Orchards."

Eric heads to the orange-juice magnate's estate but finds daughter Amanda, the company's namesake. Amanda directs Eric to her father's warehouse. Eric puts in a call to "H" (Horatio).

Caine and Frank arrive at the warehouse. Brighton admits that he had recently begun a sexual relationship with Stoltz, but that he knows nothing of the bank robbery.

Calleigh and Ryan examine the explosives back at the lab. Ryan recognizes the detonator device from an older case. He brings in Freddie Mays for questioning.

Freddie quickly folds under questioning, but insists that he didn't kill Stoltz. Freddie explains that he was part of a crew that included Stoltz and Dan Kirkland. He says Kirkland pocketed something during the robbery. Unfortunately, Freddie isn't positive what the mysterious item was.

Natalia confronts Kirkland at his home. The man reaches for a gun hidden in his belt and Natalia shoots him in the arm.

Caine arrives on the scene. He searches Kirkland's house. A video camera is revealed to covered in "explosive trace" -- it came from the vault. It's the item that Kirkland swiped.

Back at the lab, Calleigh and Ryan view the tape from the stolen camera. It shows Amanda Brighton in bed with Carlos Santiago. Calleigh theorizes that someone robbed the bank to get to the tape.

Caine confronts Carlos and impounds his vehicle. "Should I call you a cab?" he growls.

Calleigh questions Kirkland. Kirkland confesses that Stoltz hired him to dig the tunnel. Stoltz's lone demand was the video camera. Suspecting its value, Kirkland took the video camera instead. He insists that he didn't shoot Stoltz, however.

Eric brings Amanda in for questioning. She says she had nothing to do with the robbery and will do anything to help. Eric impounds her car in order to compare the tire treads to those found at the construction site.

One montage of Eric examining the tire treads later, he finds a match. Natalia, meanwhile, finds an oily substance on the gas pedal.

One montage of Eric testing the oil later, the substance is revealed to be water insoluble. Calleigh explains that the substance would be valuable at a construction site where concrete is poured.

Calleigh returns to the construction site. She suspects the murder weapon has been covered over in concrete. Ryan uses a "ground-penetrating radar" device and discovers the gun buried under concrete.

Frank runs the gun through a database: It is registered to Charles Brighton.

Under intense questioning from Caine, the gazillionaire admits to hiring Stoltz to steal the videotape to protect his company from blackmail at the hands of Carlos. He also confesses to driving his daughter's car to the construction site and killing Stoltz moments before the cave in. He then buried the gun where he knew concrete was to be poured. Caine places Brighton under arrest.

Caine and Eric show up at the warehouse to confront Carlos. They discover cocaine in the Amanda's Orchards orange crates. Carlos is arrested.

"This is way above your head, lieutenant," growls Carlos.

"It is a skill I've perfected, Carlos," growls Caine.

Case closed.


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