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  • Casey (Ashley Leggat) still believes in fairy tales that end with "happily ever after." While some would call that ridiculous, she calls it romantic, and nothing spells "romance" like the perfect prom. Derek (Michael Seater) has no intention of showing up at the "loser fest" until Sally (Kate Todd) ropes him into being her date. Emily's (Shadia Simmons) boyfriend Sheldon (William Greenblatt) is so excited about the prom, that soon he and Casey are swapping notes about flowers and formal wear. Though Casey wants everything to be perfect for her fantasy evening, things don't go according to plan. When an exhaustive search fails to turn up the dress of Casey's dreams, Nora (Joy Tanner) offers to make it for her. The dress is beautiful, but not quite what Casey had in mind; then Marti (Ariel Waller) gets a plastic tiara stuck in Casey's new hairdo, and the zipper on the dress gets stuck. But when Derek accidentally steps on the train and rips half the dress away, that's the final straw. Casey decides she's not going. At the prom, Emily ignores poor Sheldon's romantic advances as a bigger drama unfolds before her. Why is Derek there with Sally? Why is Max (Robbie Amell) alone (and in a baby blue tux)? And where is Casey? When the girls find out that Derek ripped Casey's prom dress, they order him to make things right. Emily tracks down a dream dress in the theatre department, Derek delivers it, and, like the mice from "Cinderella," Nora and Marti rush in to help Casey get ready. Casey finally has her "happily ever after" moment when she arrives at the prom to find Max newly decked out in tux and tails (also from the theatre department). She falls into his arms, and they start to dance. Sheldon gets so caught up in the magic of the night that he jumps onto the stage and asks Emily to marry him. Not surprisingly, Casey and Max are named prom king and queen; and Emily is left to talk some sense into poor Sheldon.

    - Written by Anonymous
  • Casey's dream of a romantic prom night turns into a nightmare when Derek accidentally ruins her dress.

    - Written by Anonymous


Casey (Ashley Leggat) plans the perfect prom night that, as expected, turns into diaster at the last minute. Derek (Michael Seater) plans on not going to his Prom until Sally (Kate Todd) reveals she never went to her prom and asks tag along.

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