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Warm, Touching Movie

Author: swestey from Las Vegas, NV
27 November 2011

This movie really had a message. It was heartwarming and moving. I was particularly surprised that it was written by a 14 year old! Wow! She hasn't even lived enough life to experience the emotions presented in this love story. Imagine what a great writer/director she will be as she matures? Most the the actors were unknown to me, by Sophie was brilliant. I would like to know more about the actor who played Carson (Johnathan Zabawa)...very attractive and hunky! For one seemingly so talented, I'd like to see more of him. The scenery was also beautiful, and from what I understand, it was filmed mainly in the California area. Obviously it was a low-budget film, but for such a film, it was well done. I would recommend this film to everyone. Mental health is an area the public needs more exposure to.

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A great story from a young Canadian

Author: SteffyBe15 from Canada
25 May 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I always like to discover new movies, with Faded Memories, I was amazed! The movie contains everything to make it a great story: love, fight for values, and a surprising end.

For all those who believe it is important to stand for what you believe and who you love, Faded Memories is a movie you must see. Not only the drama or romance lovers will like this movie. People from any type of group, who might feel unaccepted or different will relate to the story of Faded Memories.

Since I read that Anne-Sophie Dutoit was 14 when she wrote the movie and 16 when she directed it, I just think it would be worth one more star! I suggest you check out the DVD, it will be out soon!


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What an amazing movie, and an amazing performance

Author: nicolas-174 from United States
29 July 2009

After seeing this movie, you can't imagine it was written by a 14 year old teenager, who is also the main actress and the director...(she was 16 when she did the movie)

There is such a maturity in the writing, such a poetry in the words.

The pictures, lightning, the music and the actors are consistent and depicts with a rare subtlety what true love is seen though the eyes of the 3 women in this movie.

It is all about love, love between a mom and his son, between a son and his dad, a daughter and her mom, a niece and her taunt... and of course between two teenagers.

Not only this movie is good, emotional, weird, genuine, but it also have a real unique ambiance and personality.

It is attaching as are the characters. Nothing is scripted and predictable, this movie avoid the clichés of this genre.

Anne Sophie Dutoit is a genius.

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Audience reviews (the real thing)

Author: goivan from United States
9 January 2009

"Faded Memories expertly brings you into the sad and lonely world of teenager Cassandra (played by Anne-Sophie), as she goes through her journey to healing and wholeness. It is a beautiful, character-driven drama." (Fred K. Los Angeles)

"I found the story to be both engaging and compelling and the performances were impressive. I thought the love story was believable and I liked the unconventional structure of the narrative (the past and present sequences were effectively interwoven.) It has a handsome look and the production quality is good." (Emily M., Los Angeles)

"Faded Memories is a wonderful film that appeals to people of all ages. It is astonishing that it is written and directed by a very talented 16-year old! And, by the way, this 16-year old also stars in the film and is a convincing, natural actress. The cast is strong and believable. The story is honest, thought provoking and real. Anne-Sophie's film-making career is off to a terrific start." (Jeff W., Los Angeles)

"At 16, Anne-Sophie is an AMAZING actress/writer/director/producer... I can't wait to see her work at age 26, 36, 46, or even next week. She is truly a film-making force to respect." (David P., Los Angeles)

"Faded Memories is a film deeply rooted with emotion and complexity. Each character has a story within themselves that brings the full story to life with love, danger and ultimately, the freedom of one's self.

Cassandra is a lost soul trying to find herself in the world but feels like no one can truly understand her. The character has so many layers of emotion which are portrayed throughout the film so strongly that the audience is able to connect themselves to her and feel her every emotion.

Faded Memories is like no other film I have seen. On the outside, it seems very simple and precise, however on the inside in the story itself, the complexity of it is extremely intriguing and beautiful to watch". (Nicole C., 17, Toronto)

"Anne-Sophie is a phenomenon. Her performance denotes a disarming maturity and depth. If you are interested in watching the first movie of potentially one of the next best director of our generation, watch Faded Memories. In her movie, Anne-Sophie gracefully juggles lightness and profound transformation. She is unequivocally a very promising talent to follow closely." (Marie-Josee C., Montreal)

" A breakthrough insightful film depicting how true love can break all barriers. I truly loved this film and its idea in its entirety. Rarely do I go see movies twice, but this one was the exception. Anne-Sophie truly expressed her character and made her world ours. As someone who is a true movie buff, I highly recommend this movie to anyone who could appreciate a great story line with innovative characters." (Sol R., Los Angeles)

"Dear young Sophie,

Your movie was a breath of fresh air. Confusing at times, present, future and past intersecting thorough out. Some of it looked like the creation of a troubled imaginative young girl, and I almost expected it to be a true story. The search for real love and stability by the aunt collide with the look for financial stability by the boyfriend's mom and created a tragic collusion.

I think the love story, was more about love & hate. There was something very young, naive, yet troubled about the movie, and it made me switch sides, between anger but also sympathy towards the worry mom because I am a mom, and sympathy towards the young couple because of my faded memories of my own teenage love stories." (Nava S., Los Angeles)

"This is a movie that was very insightful, a touching yet dramatic story, intriguing, a story that drew the audience in revealing something new as the story evolved. Realistic and tasteful cinema, time well spent." (Neil S., Los Angeles)

"The story of Faded Memories has a very good conflict and plot. This movie is a very sad drama, it made me cry and I would rate Faded Memories an A!" (Tara, 12, Culver City, CA)

"Anne-Sophie is an extremely talented young director; her sense of relationship between the essence of youth and nature is uncanny; I love the way she has conveyed young love as associated with water - the waves at the beach, the stillness of the lake, the joi de vivre of a water balloon fight, the cleansing glee of the rain. All of these scenes are my favorites.

The casting was also excellent - all very talented actors ably crafting their characters to support the progressive angst of the young girl. Anne-Sophie's portrayal of a "girl gone mad" is very believable, and her scenes with her co-star, Lucas, are tender, innocent and awkward, as well they should be.

I am looking forward to Anne-Sophie's next film. Considering all of the talent she has applied to the making of Faded Memories, it is certain to be another remarkable work of cinematic art." (Jane L., Los Angeles)

"I have seen this film in Los Angeles, It's the most impressive feature film I have ever seen from someone that was 16 years old. I don't know if she understands how inspiring she is and how the passion she has towards her dreams effect and rub off on those around her. She has been an inspiration in my life, and will continue to inspire others." (Michael C., Los Angeles)

"With Anne-Sophie's excellent writing, this film really brings out the depth and true emotion of love. And it really means something. This is a movie that can't be missed." (Lillian, 11, Los Angeles)

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"Faded Memories" rocks L.A.

Author: ( from Los Ageles, CA
1 December 2008

now I'm not a cinematographer, but those air shots on the beach side was just perfect, but I'm a director my self! but I've talked to "Anne-Sophie" my self as a friend, and i told her that her film was & is a labyrinth of a movie. no joke here. Anne had a dream and went out into the real world and she believed in her self, grabbed a crew of people and some very very talented actors and made a film that is Oscar worthy, 100% no joke, is. i hope she makes another one thats even better. the shots of where Anne and Brock were climbing the tree where cool tho. Anne-Sophie is one of the most unique directors of our time.

Anne-Sophie Dutoit rocks my world, huge fan of her work.

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Faded Memories review

Author: cool90403 from United States
16 November 2008

I didn't expect this... this movie is brilliant. I was at that Awards Screening at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood the other day and there was a standing ovation from these industry pros. I also attended the Q&A at the Encino theater this weekend and people had tears in their eyes at the end. I love what you have accomplished at your age and the humanity of your message and the character growth of Cassandra, the protagonist The unconventional structure of this movie is really unique for a teen movie and kept my interest throughout. I think Faded Memories can become a sleeper hit and I hope you'll get wide distribution so everyone can enjoy this very special and touching movie you have created.

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