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Season 1

24 Jan. 2008
There is disagreement whether Toronto should continue with Edison's DC system or Nikola Tesla's AC system, differences that seemingly result in murder.
31 Jan. 2008
Glass Ceiling
A vicious criminal, known for his deadly use of a stiletto may have escaped from jail to revenge himself on those public servants that helped convict him.
7 Feb. 2008
The Knockdown
Black professional boxer Amos Robinson is supposed to throw a fight to a local Tornto favorite but knocks him out instead and is murdered before the night is out.
14 Feb. 2008
Elementary, My Dear Murdoch
Murdoch accompanies Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who is in Toronto on lecture tour for spiritualism, to a local clairvoyant who leads them to a freshly buried murder victim.
21 Feb. 2008
'Til Death Do Us Part
After the heir to a profitable business is murdered in church only minutes before his marriage of convenience, a post-mortem discloses he had recently engaged in sexual activity.
28 Feb. 2008
Let Loose the Dogs
One of the conspirators running a fixed dog fighting competition is murdered and the drunkard who is the prime suspect happens to be Murdoch's estranged father.
6 Mar. 2008
Body Double
During a performance of "Macbeth" in a venerable Toronto theater, a desiccated body breaks through the floor and lands with a chandelier just missing Lady Macbeth.
13 Mar. 2008
Still Waters
The affluent and influential young man who recently replaced one of the rowers for the 1896 Olympic rowing team is found drowned in the river.
20 Mar. 2008
Belly Speaker
When a drunken, philandering wastrel is found dead in his room, having had varnish forced down in his throat, his estranged disturbed ventriloquist son is found in a wardrobe.
27 Mar. 2008
Child's Play
Howard Rookwood is murdered in the horse stables of his glue factory, but who would want to kill a humanitarian involved with placing troubled English youth in foster homes?
3 Apr. 2008
Bad Medicine
After a research physician of brain abnormalities is murdered with a crossbow, Murdoch traces the hooded killer to the patients of his institute.
10 Apr. 2008
The Prince and the Rebel
Prince Alfred, grandson of Queen Victoria, is visiting Toronto and Murdoch is assigned to protect the reckless playboy from Fenian conspiracy.
17 Apr. 2008
The Annoying Red Planet
Murdoch investigate the hanging of a farmer found in a freshly plowed field with no footprints around it. Crabtree suspects extraterrestrial involvement.

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