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Season 1

10 Jul. 1974
I Know What I Meant
A reconstruction from the audio tapes recorded in the US White House after the Watergate break in.
24 Jul. 1974
Just Fine
Ted Mander was writer who died in a car crash in 1974. For 25 years his body has been kept frozen.The Kowalski Institute now believe they have the technology to bring him back to life.
14 Aug. 1974
You Don't Remember!
A couple in a café see something that triggers an old memory.The trouble is they cannot work out if it was a real memory or just a fantasy- or even if their world is real now.
21 Aug. 1974
On the Sixth Day
Two strange gentleman arrive at the bedside of a dying man claiming they have a postmortem agreement with him.
28 Aug. 1974
M + M
Comedy drama on how the game show 'Mr& Mrs' might look in the future.

 Season 1 

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