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Good follow up from previous episode!
jigsaw-9124 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
After the shocking cliffhanger from previous episode, the seventh longest day of Jack Bauer continues in a very remarkable way. The show stills being one of the best and this new hour confirms it.

Jack and Renee are seeking proofs in order to find Dubaku. They finally meet with his girlfriend Marika and they convince her to help to hunt down Dubaku. Meanwhile, Henry Taylor is fighting for his life in hospital.

This episode is a nice transition. Although it depends on the characters development much more than in the action or the thrills, it doesn't mean anything. This is a superb episode on the superb way that Season 7 is taken.

Also is very special due to the identity of the FBI's mole is finally revealed: Sean Hillinger (Rhys Coiro). A very nice twist. It leaves wanting more desperately. I can't wait for the next!.

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FBI Mole Identified
Desertman8414 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Henry is sent into surgery while Jack and Renee trace a money trail to Marika Donoso. Dubaku convinces Marika to leave the country with him and organizes transportation for her. Jack and Renee confront Marika at her apartment and show her evidence of atrocities committed by Dubaku; shocked, Marika agrees to wear a tracking device. When Dubaku obtains passports and tickets from his American co-conspirators, he warns them that their names will be exposed to the Justice Department if he is killed for being a "liability". At the FBI, Chloe and Moss help Jack and Renee track Marika to Dubaku. Sean Hillinger, revealed to be one of Dubaku's co-conspirators, stalls Jack and Renee by issuing an arrest warrant. Upon President Taylor's request, Bill sends Aaron Pierce to fetch Allison's estranged daughter, Olivia Taylor.

In summary,here the events that happened during that hour:

1.President Allison Taylor is informed about her husband's condition and demands that Dubaku must be found. She asks Bill Buchanan to send someone to pick up her daughter, Olivia. When Aaron Pierce goes to pick up Olivia, she initially refuses until he tells her about her father.

2.Colonel Iké Dubaku threatens Ryan Burnett with revealing the names of everyone helping him if he was caught. Burnett calls Sean Hillinger and informs him that Dubaku has to leave the country safely.

3.Marika Donoso is about to meet with Dubaku when Jack Bauer and Renee Walker storm her apartment. Jack Bauer asks her to go on with her meeting so they can track her to him, and Renee assures her she'll be fine.

4.Jack Bauer is stopped while he is following Marika by Washington police officers that present a warrant for his arrest. When Burnett tells Dubaku about Marika's betrayal, he prepares to confront her.

The mole has been identified at the FBI.That's good before he could manage to do more damage and make things life difficult for Renee and Jack as they try to pursue Dubaku.

Also,this is more of a dramatic episode after President Taylor have known that her husband has been shot and she tries to get in touch with her estranged daughter,Olivia.

Things get going for Day 7 after I felt that the show started rather slow by 24 standards.
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Once again, great suspense and intrigue.
Darwinskid2 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Henry Taylor is taken to the nearest hospital where his wife President Taylor attends to his side, soon enough their daughter finds out as well. Dabaku's girlfriend's sister discovers everything about him and threatens him not to ever come within the presence of him ever again. Renee becomes more shocked at Bauer's actions, they are soon lead to Dabaku's girlfriend's residence where she finds out the truth. In an act of action Dabaku escapes with her and lies to her to make her feel better. Meanwile at the CIA Chloe begins to run scans and get a lo-key job in the computer department, a jealous Janis fixes a few files to keep herself safe. Sean is revealed to be in the same line as Dabaku as well as another agent who he also happens to have an affair with.

A good hour for Bauer. Pretty enjoyable though not as nearly engaging as the last one.

The action scenes are well shot and engaging.

The story structure works.

The acting is fantastic, Dabaku gains more development.

Direction was solid and stylish.

Musical score was OK, just...Okay.

Good suspense and the handling of the "what happens next?" element of storytelling.

A fine hour.

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