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This has been going on for too long.
Wim Boeren2 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The first half of the episode is pretty bad. The fact that Jack is still on the field doing his job is ridiculous. Not only is Jack way too emotionally involved, he's also dying, has memory loss and is extremely unstable at this point. I get using him as an adviser and a source of information and to establish tactics. But to actually use him on the field to get to Tony, his only friend who is now responsible for so many deaths and working for terrorists, that's beyond utterly stupid.

24 has always used a lot of technology, technology that doesn't even exist yet. But for me, hacking into the ear piece of Jibraan who's being watched by Tony and his team without them noticing, that's a step too far to be believable. Even the one that was watching Jibraan in the train didn't notice him talking to himself and looking all around him to find a package.

What happened to Jack's memory loss anyway? He was forgetting stuff just a few hours ago and kept repeating himself. Now he's even the guy who takes the bomb and runs it to a safe place. Why him? What if he has some kind of breakdown or attack, falls and causes all around him to die of poisoning. And how could they be so sure it was the bioweapon anyway. It could've been an explosive device too, why not? Yet they didn't even ask anything about it and just assumed it the gas could be isolated.

I'm also getting sick and tired of all the plot twists. It's just too much. The first season(s) of 24 were tailor made for the 24-hour format. The story was made with 24 episodes of 45 minutes in mind. But the longer the series kept on, the later seasons kept pushing and pushing and making more and more forced plot twists to get to those 24 hours. In my opinion the series had to either finish after season 5, or at least had to change the format to something more loose. I haven't started watching the new "24: live another day" series but it has only 12 episodes and that sounds very good to me. It's what the series has needed for a long time and I'm already looking forward to it. They should've changed it to 12 episodes after season 5.
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Subplots Increase The Action And Suspense
Desertman8414 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Jack and Renee race to locate Jibraan, who is being coerced into helping Tony to launch a bio-attack on Washington Metro. Due to some timely hacking by Chloe and Janis, Jack and Renee are able to locate Tony, ramming his van before capturing him. Despite their rivalry, Chloe and Janis also recover Tony's data which was damaged before it could be secured. With this they contact Jibraan, who helps them intercept the canister; he is reunited with his brother after Jack manages to isolate the canister before the bioweapon is released. Olivia meets with her contact, who reveals that he forced Hodges' murder through; she tries to cover her tracks, but Pierce calls Ethan for help in accessing an electronic recording device in her office, with which he plans to uncover her misdealings. Finally, Jack is contacted and threatened by Tony's accomplice, Bowden, who has a pair of operatives covertly shadowing Kim at the airport; Bowden will have Kim killed unless Jack helps Tony escape.

In summary,here the events that happened during that hour:

1.After Jonas Hodges is murdered, Aaron Pierce calls Olivia Taylor to inform her that the Justice Department will be interviewing everyone who knew about Hodges. She meets with Martin Collier and tells him she didn't transfer the funds. Martin tells her that he authorized the hit because that was what she wanted.

2.With the help of Chloe O'Brian, Jack Bauer tracks Tony Almeida and captures him. While handcuffed, Jack punches him repeatedly asking him about the last prion variant canister. Even though Tony refuses to talk, Jack manages to track the canister and detonate it in an enclosed space. Afterwards, he collapses due to the symptoms of the pathogen. When Renee Walker advises him to give himself a shot of pandopamine, he tells her that it isn't working anymore.

3.Kim Bauer is at the Washington airport conversing with a couple, not knowing that they are operatives sent by Cara Bowden to hold her hostage. Cara communicates with Jack and sends him a video feed of Kim, and tells him to help Tony escape if he wants to see Kim alive.

Subplots occur in this episode.There is the death and elimination of the other villain - Jonas Hodges.Then there is Kim,whose life is in danger somehow with operatives sent by Cara Bowden to eliminate her at Washington airport.Then there is the rivalry between Chloe and Janis at CTU to recover some important information about Tony.These may cause some sort of distraction to the main story especially for some viewers but for me,it is a great addition to the the main feature wherein in the battle between Tony and Jack together with Renee.

In this episode,Tony is captured by Jack and Renee with the help of Chloe from CTU and they manage to contain the plan of using a bioweapon cannister to could kill many people.

We all know that the villain is going down soon and the subplots try to extend the number of episodes to 24.But still,it does increase the action and suspense the show is known for.
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Intense Introduction To The Finale!
jigsaw-9115 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This episode is the build up to the grand finale of the season, and I'm proud to say that its a great return to the fast paced and the excellent action and suspense in the series. This one is the strongest from the last four installments.

Jack hunts down Tony and manages to pull away the final canister. But what he doesn't expect is that Kim is in danger in the airport because is being controlled by the wrong people. So, in order to save her, Jack must free Tony from the authority again. What Jack will do?.

The plot of this episode is already known and watched and it's a bit predictable. But the tension that surrounds it, the excellent rhythm and the great set up in the end makes this hour stronger than others and it finally delivers us an impressive suspense set up for a promising finale!.

My only question is: How Season 7 Will End?.

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Sick of plot twists!!!
Erdem Hebele13 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Recently, i have read a comment about plot twists of 24 on IMDb.com. Actually in all seasons, we got used to this twists, because we knew that was necessary. But even in the 6th season(the worst season of the series), there is only one plot twist. Now, let's sort the plot twists of 7th season: 1-CIP Device and Dubaku, finished with capture of Dubaku. 2-Siege of the White House, finished with capture of Juma(let us all admit it, this is the silliest plot i have ever seen.) 3-Jonas Hodges and Starkwood, finished with capture of all canisters 4-Oh wait! Tony Almeida suddenly decided to betray and kept one of the canisters, and this plot finished with capture of Tony Almeida and neutralizing the last canister. 5-And the most annoying plot maybe, Tony's employer and "lover" Cara decides to hold Kim Bauer as a hostage. This has not finished yet but i hope in the season finale, they kill Kim Bauer, she is not so beautiful anymore but she became dumber, that's a fact.

And also, we, 24 fans, sick of these absurd plot twists. I can appreciate the producers, because Jon Voight joined 24 crew and gave a lift to the series, but the rest of the season except Dubaku, does not make sense. There were specific hostiles in other seasons and actually this was disturbing, especially for Muslims. But in this season, there is no a specific hostile group, everything happens spontaneously. There is no plan, there is no actual threat, there is nothing...

I hope 7th season will be the last or this show will become more annoying, more disturbing and of course, less attractive.
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24 'Day 7: 5:00 AM - 6:00 AM' Review
Elizabeth12 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Who else thought it was fun watching Chloe and Janis battle it out over who was smarter? It was even more painful watching Jack use Tony's face as a punching bag.

Jack - "Why did you betray me"

It was sad though, I keep hoping for them to say something like 'Tony's been undercover this entire time, he's really not the bad guy, killing Larry was for his cover, or even this League of his is really good', but that would be naive don't you think?

Speaking of the League, they mentioned something about their 'Operatives watching Kim'. How big is this organization that they could recruit operatives to train? What does this League stand for?

Obviously they wouldn't be showing us Kim Bauer going home safely to her husband and child, that would be crazy! ...and boring. Her life must be threatened.

Another 24 cliché, to use the ones you love against you. It happened to Jack, with Kim and Terri already, to Tony with Michelle wait and to Michelle with Tony! Don't you think Kim has had enough you guys, the cliché feels too overdone now, come on!

It was a big hint that something would have happened to Kim when she saw the mysterious guy looking at her. Of course she wouldn't know her dad sent him, but that guy was so obvious, I mean come on you're the professional Jack hired! No wonder the real perpetrators fingered you out, if Kim could have done it. You're supposed to be like a ghost, and you're not allowed to take bathroom breaks either! You are only going to find a guy with long hair waiting to kill you!

Another thing, did Kim trust this woman enough to ask her to watch her bag for her, maybe she shouldn't judge on first impressions, being Jack Bauer's daughter and all, you can't be trusting of anyone!

That husband and wife was a bit in the forefront as well. From the time Jack revealed the guy to be just the protector of Kim; the husband and wife's true motives became obvious. It's not that creepy guy then it had to be the strangely happy couple! They were just to happy and friendly.

Renee(To Tony) - "You're going to pay for what you did to Larry!"

I actually expected that from Renee, Larry's death was completely unresolved and Renee needed to seek vengeance. Still I was saddened to know that her vengeance would be cut short, since the 'operatives' had Kim, Jack might do anything to keep her safe. Do you think Jack would find a way to warn Renee, I hope he does, anyone that came between Renee and her seeking revenge was sure going to end up in deep water. I'm sure Jack couldn't kill Renee either, not after the moment they shared before.

Did you guys see that smirk on Tony's face when Jack entered the van, it was like he knew he was going to wash his hands of the blood he had stained. Like he was telling Renee, maybe you could find some other guy to hate for Larry's death, did he even care.

I found it strange that they would use Jack at all in his condition. What if he began to seize during the time he's helping Tony escape? Even Renee let him take control of things.

For now 24 feels like they've been trying to pull out wild cards at every stop. I think things should have just ended with Hodges, only because the have to stretch it out 24 episodes, but still, sometimes it's hard to maintain the idea that all these events transpire within a day.

I really couldn't care for the scenes with Olivia and Hodges. What a nice way to bring back Ethan Kanin. I actually liked him though, he and the President shared some nice scenes together as well as he and Olivia.

I disliked Olivia better then, she's lost touch with her bad bone now.

Non-the-less, right now, I just want 24 to wrap everything up, I get the point. The only thing I'm hoping for is a question of hope for Jack and probably for Renee to get the vengeance she needs. Other than that the other things should come to an end. Two more hours left; a lot could happen in two hours.



Three and a half out of Five Stars

Grade C+

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