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Get Troian Bellisario’s Necklace On ‘Live With Kelly & Michael’ For $34

Stylish stars are always decked out in gorgeous jewels, and that’s why we were thrilled to find out that this ‘Pretty Little Liar’ was rocking such an affordable find! Shop if you want to make a statement just like she did.

Troian Bellisario, 28, appeared on Live! With Kelly and Michael on Jan. 20 looking fabulous and appropriate for an on-air appearance. We loved her outfit, (and especially her jewels!), so we found out exactly where to purchase the stunning piece.

Troian Bellisario’s Necklace On ‘Live With Kelly And Michael’:

We always see Troian styling and accessorizing her outfits in cool funky ways. She has been photographed recently in a lot of fun jeweled head pieces and stylish hats, but this time the star changed up her look with a gorgeous bib necklace. The necklace that Troian had clasped around her neck is from a very affordable collection.

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Troian Bellisario On Eating Disorder: My Family & Friends Saved My Life

Troian may play a perfectionist on ‘Pretty Little Liars,’ but her attempts to be perfect in real life came with real consequences. Find out what Troian revealed to ‘Good Morning America’ about her battle with an eating disorder when she appeared on the show on Jan. 7.

Troian Bellisario, 28, is pretty on the outside but what has the little liar been hiding? Troian opened up on Good Morning America on Jan. 7 about her struggle with an eating disorder. She said: “What I was dealing with was still trying to fit into the mold that I thought everyone else wanted me to be. I went down a dangerous path and I honestly don’t think I would be here if it wasn’t for a few incredible people – my friends and family.”

Troian Bellisario’s Eating Disorder — Opens Up

Her character Spencer Hastings is constantly trying to meet the expectations of her parents.
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Shay Mitchell’s Red Lips V. Troian Bellisario’s Smokey Eyes — Vote

The season three finale of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ left us with many unanswered questions but now we have a question for you! Shay Mitchell’s bold lips or Troian Bellisario’s smokey eyes? Vote on your fave look below!

Shay Mitchell and Troian Bellisario play best friends on screen, however, they are battling in this beauty post! Both actress’s chose to rock bold makeup choices on the red carpet recently. We want to know what you think! Do you prefer Shay’s bold lips or Troian’s smokey eyes? Let us know!

Shay Mitchell From ‘Pretty Little Liars’ — Her Red Hot Lips Look

Shay looked fabulous on the red carpet recently, with flawless hair and a fresh makeup look to match. Her bold lip proved to be a great choice! Her red-ish/pink lips looked glossy and gorgeous and added a refreshing touch to her red carpet makeup. Her
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Jim's Notebook: Pll, Mad Men and More!

  • TVfanatic
From the final episodes of Spartacus to the season finale of Pretty Little Liars... from the premiere of of Mad Men to the return of Awkward... I've enjoyed a full week with your favorite TV shows and now it’s time to empty out my Notebook.

And just a reminder that I’ll be moderating the Teen Wolf panel on March 30th at WonderCon, so leave me a comment here with questions or tweet me @JimHalterman. Will I see you there? (For details, go to the WonderCon website.)

Spartacus: War Of The Damned There are only three episodes left of the bloody good series and tonight’s “Separate Paths,” (10p.m. on Starz) is a doozy. Having already it, there are multiple emotional and physical moments that are as intense as any drama you’ll find on television. It’s obvious creator Steven S. DeKnight is not holding back with
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'Pretty Little Liars' Season 3 finale: Troian Bellisario teases Toby's fate, the A Team and the shocking red coat reveal

"Pretty Little Liars" brings Season 3 to a close Tuesday night (March 19) with "A dAngerous gAme," which star Troian Bellisario tells Zap2it is chock full of surprises and action -- including Spencer having gone over to the dark side.

"Spencer has crossed over," says Bellisario. "We have Mona, and Toby had cossed over -- but now, he's dead. Or is he? And we're still trying to find out who red coat is and is that the A Team or is that totally separate? You're going to find out a lot in the finale."

So we have to ask -- has Spencer definitely joined the A Team?

"When you say 'joined the A Team,' it really could be for any reason," teases Bellisario. "But she's definitely joined."

"I think one of the main reasons that Spencer joined the A Team is to find out what happened to Toby and what she can do about it,
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A Legacy of His Own: A Doug Liman Profile (Part 2)

With his latest film Fair Game released later this year, Trevor Hogg profiles the career of director Doug Liman in the second of a two part feature... read part one.

“I’ve always been a huge action film fan and a couple of friends of mine were in marriage therapy,” explained screenwriter Simon Kingberg as to the origins of Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005). “The way they were talking about it sounded kind of aggressive and mercenary. I just thought it would make an interesting template for a relationship inside of an action film.” Mayhem and chaos ensues when two married assassins are contracted to kill each other. “One of the ways that you write it is that all of the action sequences in the film have to be, in some form, expressions of where these characters are in their marriage… Instead of two people having a fight at the dinner table about the salt,
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