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Starting off with the wizard lesson of the day, the Russo children are taught how to freeze time. As the wizard who invented the spell had only one leg, the spell lasts for as long as you can stand or hop on one leg. Once you drop your foot, time unfreezes. Although Justin's practice run didn't quite work out as planned, it is obvious that Alex can, as usual, use this spell for her own selfish purposes. After her mother takes the credit for her ideas at a sandwich inventing meeting, Alex decides she is tired of not getting the credit she deserves. She complains about it to a customer, who turns out to work for a fashion magazine. She tells him the designs he's working on for the layout are all wrong, then shows him what she thinks they should be. He likes her 'pinache,' so he offers her an internship. Alex tells her parents that she's taking it, forcing them to hire a new employee. On her first day on the job, Alex irritates the other intern, Paul (pah-ool) by telling her opinions at the meeting, rather than just getting coffee, like an intern is supposed to do.(Not to mention by calling him Paul.) Her idea to make summer colors work for fall impresses her new boss, who decides to run with it. Meanwhile, Justin and Max are waiting to meet the new waitress, who they think will be old and smell like ham. When she comes in, however, it is apparent that neither guess is true. Justin quickly decides that she is pretty and Max convinces his brother to let him help convince her that he's pretty great himself. Justin lets Max tell Millie his good points, which doesn't work out so well, as he tells her that Justin plays with action figures and wears his underwear in the shower. However, she seems to think this is fine, so she tells Justin she has two tickets to see Tears of Blood, which happens to be Justin's favorite band, and tells him to come to her apartment before the concert. As for Alex, she is so excited about her idea being presented to the woman in charge of the magazine (think Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada), that she invites Harper along for the show. After calling Harper 'the girl dressed like a giant kindergartener,' the woman decides she loves Alex's idea...except that her boss takes all the credit, and Alex is left to get coffee for everyone, including Harper. So Alex decides to come up with an idea that will make her boss regret taking all the credit. Remembering the comment about Harper's clothes, she asks Harper to design the most hideous, juvenile outfits as possible, passing them off as 'Fashion for people who hate fashion.' Unfortunately, her boss decides to give Alex all the credit, forcing her to freeze time and give the outfits a last minute makeover. Even though she decided all she did was make 'Bad outfits...differently bad,' the woman in charge liked them. Alex decides she's had enough, she she quits the intern and she and Harper leave to (gasp) eat. Justin shows up at Millie's apartment for the concert, but when the door is opened he realizes that she never intended to take him. Her boyfriend is there, and Justin is expected to babysit Millie's son. Justin is disappointed, of course, but as Millie's son likes the same action figures as Justin, he decides it's okay.


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