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Terribly Happy isn't, but it is wonderfully unhinged, and a painstakingly constructed meditation on a place where good and evil meet, mate, and make sour times sublime and, dare I say it, beautiful.
The Hollywood Reporter
The film gets seriously weird as it goes along, but without losing its sense of direction or taste for offbeat humor.
Terribly Happy must surely be the greatest Danish Western ever made.
Chicago Sun-Times
I've only been to Denmark twice and have no idea if this is even remotely a Danish situation, but it could fit right fine in the Old West.
It may not sound funny, but there's a bleakly comic air about the story, and a bit of surrealism, suggesting the most caustic side of the Coen brothers.
The actors are charmingly low-key, and the lensing, by Jorgen Johansson, adds to the offbeat aura. Whatever you do, don't miss the booze-guzzling showdown.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
This deadpan police story produces unexpected chills.
Such dark doings won't be for everyone, but fans of similarly dry Nordic fare -- like the works of Aki Kaurismaki -- will be happy to have found it.
Time Out New York
The film is vigorous exercise for those who prefer their mysteries knowing and knotty.
The characters are intended to be slightly stupid, but the writing isn't necessarily smarter.

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