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Just a very unrealistic, badly put together movie...
j-b-51-77789112 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
At the beginning of this movie we are told that it is based on a true story. I'd like to see that story as this movie seems like the most unrealistic depiction of an Internet predator case I've ever seen. I can recall watching a 10-minute awareness movie in high school that was more true to life.

Don't get me wrong, I think that it is vital to stay informed, kids do get lured over the Internet, but the way this movie presents it is laughable.

First of all, the characters are incredibly shallow clichés. The abused girl who values herself very little and thus engages in risky behavior including drinking, doing drugs and having indiscriminate sex. Her best friend is the cardboard cut-out of the good girl, and is picked on for being so.

Both girls seem completely naive to the point where they should not be allowed to be online, let alone in chat rooms. While chatting with "Josh" they are almost oblivious to his contradictions (dog wrecked web cam/little brother wrecked web cam), his stalker-like behavior and his avoidance of showing himself on video or in person.

Even more problematic in my viewing of the film is the way the kidnapping case was portrayed. If a minor like Amy came forward with evidence like she did, her identity should be kept a secret, as should the information she shared. There are reasons why certain information is not revealed in an investigation. Also, as Amy was one of the last people who saw Megan, she should have been questioned, and the information about "Josh" should have been discovered much sooner.

Even after all of this, Amy is still chatting with "Josh" even when it becomes very apparent he is the kidnapper.

Also, in a case like this, officials should be able to track "Josh's" location via his IP address.

Also, "Josh's" profile as a criminal is very blurry. He seems to be intelligent in some cases, however, he makes some major mistakes in other cases. He is not a believable criminal, and were this movie reality, the police should have been able to track him down.

This movie was just not up to par for either being an informative video or a "scary movie." It relied solely on the hype and fixation people unfortunately have on the idea of people being dramatically kidnapped by Internet predators. Skip this one.
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I get what they were going for, but that doesn't make it good (heavy spoilers)
gavynhelfyre26 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I'm sorry. I know I'm in some sort of minority about this movie, but frankly I think it was terrible.

The first part of the movie was pretty poorly written and the acting wasn't terribly much better. Far too much of this movie was told to us instead of shown, which is a surefire way to make you not care about characters that the finale requires you to care about. If a character has to tell you that they're broken, instead of you seeing it revealed through their own actions and the revelation of those weaknesses... even the revelation of their awareness of those weaknesses, then you haven't made me feel for the characters inherent sadness.

"I'll pretty much do anything as long as you tell me you love me," should be a heart breaking revelation... but it wasn't earned one bit. It just fell flat and made me say "okay, so she's broken.... what a stereotype".

Frankly I think making this a found footage film was a mistake. While I'm sure it was done to try to bump the realism factor, the genre itself is so limiting that it forces awkward scenes and also some very strange moments like Megan and Amy doing some sort of video chat on their phones when they're literally on their way to each other (apparently a very short distance). It also forces one to question who in the film was recording all of these Skype sessions and why were they recording them?

Moving beyond that, crucial points in the film are also gaping plot holes. When the Amy character finally goes to the police about Megan's possible kidnapper (after strangely not telling them about him earlier, you know, before the odds of her being alive shrink dramatically) they plaster her name and face all over the news. I'm sorry, but that sort of thing does not happen. Additionally, if all of Megan's Skype sessions were recorded, wouldn't the police know about Josh before hand? Also, if Josh is going around posting photos of Megan on message boards, then there's obviously a way to track him. Unless we're expected to believe that Josh is not only a kidnapper, rapist and murderer, but also a computer whiz.

None of it adds up, but it's all crucial to the plot.

Finally, let's talk about those last 22 minutes.

I'm sorry, but if you're deeply disturbed by those last 22 minutes, you have missed A LOT of films in the last 40 or so years. The last 22 minutes felt way too sanitized, likely because of the characters ages, when held up against things like the original Last House on the Left or even the remake of The Hills Have Eyes (watching the attack scenes in those films, I felt I needed a shower afterward just to feel clean. Last House particularly felt so much like a snuff film when I first saw it, it took a long time for me to watch it again). She's kept prisoner, raped and then stuffed in a barrel with, yeah you saw it coming a mile away, her dead friend. Then we sit through a man digging a whole for 10 minutes while Amy, clearly not seeing where this is going, tries to talk her way out of the barrel.

This all leads to a big problem with the climax- Amy never really seems to take her situation seriously. She never does anything but scream at Josh. She seems to think that "if you let me go I won't tell anyone" will be taken seriously. To top it off, even during the brief moments in these last 22 minutes when she's not chained up, Amy makes absolutely no attempts to escape. At one point there is clearly a jagged piece of metal a few inches from her head, and she never goes for it... she just keeps crying for help.


I'm sorry, but this film just doesn't work. It expects you to find it's subject matter shocking and disturbing because it's made its characters 14 years old (though the actress who played Megan looked far older then 14). This fails because unless you sell me on what I'm watching, just telling me that this person is a specific age will not make me engaged during their problems later in the film. It doesn't engage a willing suspension of disbelief. Make me care up front, or when I need to care... it'll be too late.

I get what the filmmakers were going for, and I applaud the effort. I think that if they hadn't tried to cash in on the "found footage" boom that's been going on, they may have made a much more engaging and effective film. A film that makes you care, instead of expecting you to care because adult actors are playing characters of a certain age.
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the only thing disturbing is why was this even made.
jason_leo10 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
i watch a lot of movies and have come across kid related stuff before IE hard candy, the woodsman, hound dog,. how it starts is very insulting to anyone with a brain by saying its actual footage etc... 2 seconds in you know its not and the fact it is based on actual crimes that it uses mixed with fiction is disgusting to actual victims. if you think the film is made to raise awareness about danger you are very sadly mistaken as shown by many aspects of the film. three main scenes raise serious questions about the film makers intentions and whether he should be let near anyones kids. the first is the photos designed to shock you. second is the over the top up close rape scene of what is meant to be a 14 year old kidnapped girl. last but no means least is the web cam chat about summer camp. in one scene Megan tells her friend about her first bj at summer camp when aged 10 she goes on to describe it in detail appearing to not have been bothered but it but more to have enjoyed it. this scene has no bearing on the film but does raise a serious question as to why the filmmaker glorifies child abuse. really strange and very disturbing. in short the acting sucked the filmed sucked and the filmmaker should probably be looked at by they police
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Like that one time...
Space Cowboy28 February 2013
I remember that, a while back, the government of my country (The Netherlands) was trying to put together an educational program to teach teenagers about the dangers of the Internet and how sexual predators are active on it (don't meet up with someone alone, and all that). This film's only purpose seems to be made for just that, it's an educational video. In the USA you have those ads "Meth, not even once"? This has the same message written all over it. No harm done, but don't call it a movie...

Some of the reviewers on this site and several others have said that the message is the most important thing about this flick, but I'll let you in on a secret: it's not. The acting was horribly unconvincing, the characters where flat, shallow stereotypes, and as far as the rape scene: go watch "Irreversible" and then come back and tell me that was the worst, stomach hurting, godaweful scene you ever saw in a movie. Plus, that movie *will* enrich your life, whereas this one really doesn't.

In short, if you haven't seen it: don't watch it.
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A lot of Hype for A lot of Gore
mrsdrasek25 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was kind of pointless except for shock value, it didn't send a message at all other than claiming "based on true events" and hype over the last 22 minutes being "actual footage". Parents need to realize that although the film boasts that it is sending a message about online sexual predators this film is very brutally graphic. I got tired of hearing moms say they were making their daughters watch this. No normal parent would let their children watch this garbage to "send a message". Be a parent and do your job. It wasn't hard to find out where some of the ideas came from for the film. It was loosely based, but drew from the murders of two young Oregon girls. Their murderer was not even a man they met online but a neighbor who's daughter they befriended. They were also abducted on their was to school. Only one was buried in the blue barrel in the back yard, the other in box in his shed. He was caught and convicted and is serving out two life sentences. Sure stuff like this happens every day but it can be put forward as a message sender like movies such as "Trust" to get the point across, not a below B flick horror. Sadly its would be message is lost on the target audience that could have watched a more thought out form of it, rather than it just being more horror fodder for gore fans who seem to the bulk watching it.
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bad acting!
im_a_werewolf12 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This story follows Amy and Megan,two besties that share a weird relationship.This movie is filmed like paranormal activity,but with cameras,phones,and computers.

I give this movie three stars because this has really bad acting and really clichéd events.Like for instance,a boy on the internet,without a video camera talking to Megan though the internet.And him asking her to meet behind a abandoned diner.....which leads to Megan's disappearance to school the next day,then the next day,then never.

Amy goes to ask Megan's friends that are,you know,hoes.They don't know were she is ,then blames it on Amy.And the one who's yelling at her,is the one that introduced josh(the no camera on the web guy)to Megan.

Amy starts to talk to josh about Megan's disappearance,and he tells her to forget about it,then he freaking kid naps Amy,rapes her,and puts her in a bucket,where,wait for it.......includes her best friend's,Megan's,dead body.

He is so stupid,because all this time,he records it on Amy,s video camera.The PO-PO finds it and a couple photos of Megan being tortured.They movie people called it completely true,but i call bull crap.
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i don't think anything needs to be said, Mr Goi.
move_on_reakshun1 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers

it's simple, you watch this review and enjoy it. it's not being mean, but it's extremely well written and absolutely hilarious at the same time. while i haven't seen the film, i feel as though i have. i don't think i should have to sit through the whole thing after this guy has done so well as to point out every single error in the film and how much difficulty Michael Goi has in understanding technology and the youth.

these girls are meant to be 13 and 14, they look to be in their early twenties. the writing is absolutely atrocious, and is only matched by the delivery of these 'actors'. when Larry Clarke has been challenged for his content regarding sex between minors, Goi's willingness to portray a 14 year old girl as a drug addicted sex case goes largely unnoticed. i guess if anyone had actually seen this film, then perhaps more outrage would be far more widespread.

i urge you, watch the review, do not watch the film.
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Fear Mongering and Deplorable
Bob Johnson1 March 2012
I can't believe some of the reviews being posted on here and it only goes to show what tools we have in today's world.

The movie was PURE TRASH. I have absolutely nothing positive to say about it... I have no doubt that psychos like the one depicted in this exist, but are they the status quo? How many Albert Fish archetypes really exist? Not many... How many Jeffrey Dahmers exist? Not many. This movie tries to make it look as if these people are a dime a dozen.

(Whether you buy that or not is up to you.) But despite this, assume they do exist and that they're potentially even in your neighborhood or something. Do you honestly believe that having only 1 family computer in the middle of the living room is going to prevent your child from being a potential victim of that sort? Surely if you're intelligent enough to know how to watch this piece of trash, then surely you can weigh in on the logic behind my question as well as imagine the numerous other mediums and avenues some sick freak can take advantage of in order to nab some helpless child.

Which brings me back to why this movie is trash: it's nothing but fear mongering in a 1st and 3rd-person perspective.

If the intent behind this crap was to supposedly *warn* parents and children alike of the supposed dangers that exist on the internet, then instead of making this junk, why not instead donate the total amount of cash used for it to something like your local police station or Federal Bureau of Investigations' field office? But no... Instead, we have to epitomize some of the world's worst criminal cases known and depict them as if they're everyday life.

This "film" is trash in the worst definition.
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Out of 90 minutes, only one second managed to be good.
mrhs612-18 May 2011
And even that second wasn't that great. It was basically just a surprise shock. I'm not going to write any spoilers, because I want to make sure you read this. The first hour is just annoying teenagers babbling about how they're cool for having sex and drinking and making fun of the only virgin.

I don't know what emotion the first hour was intended to provoke, but annoyance was the only one I felt. And at least the 45 minutes do nothing to build the characters or the plot. You grow only to hate Megan more and more. In fact, you grow to hate every character except Megan's best friend, Amy, who is a self-hating pitiful girl that every one makes fun of because she isn't a giant whore.

The last 20 minutes are only there for shock value, and most of it is terribly acted, boring, and just make you feel uncomfortable.

There is a one-second reveal that made me jump, and only because I happened to walk back into the room at the exact moment.

If you're looking for a genuinely scary movie, this isn't your movie. If you're looking for a movie showing the danger that children are in due to online predators... this still isn't your movie. The characters are too one-dimensional to be believed and if you're a parent, trust me your teen doesn't act like this.

If you're looking for a cheap shock based only on surprise, you can do better. I've had serious shocks from movies that don't annoy you for 80 minutes before getting to a shock moment.

Basically, watch something else.
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Creepy and disturbing
Jordan A30 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This movie had originally looked like a good laugh, but it was truly quite the opposite. The apparent goal of the movie is to warn teenagers and parents about the dangers of the internet, however from what I could tell, the movie was *actually* made to act out some disgusting, disturbing fetishes.

My first problem with the movie is that it exploits these teenagers. The 13 year old girl is discussing giving head at the age of 10. Not only does she say it happened, but she goes into about 10 minutes worth of detail. It was at this point in the movie that I began to question the director's intentions with the movie, and believe me, it got worse.

The end of the movie features 22 minutes of "uncut footage" wherein we watch: - the 14 year old girl (Amy) chained to a wall in a dungeon - Amy being forced to eat out of a bowl like a dog - Amy being brutally raped (yes, the entire thing - blood and everything) - Amy being shown her best friend Megan's dead body which is sitting up in a barrel - Amy being put in the barrel with her best friend's dead body and banging to be let out - "josh" digging a hole, which is literally a 10 minute scene where he digs as Amy screams from inside the barrel - finally josh buries Amy alive with her best friend's body

Now usually I am not offended by gory, disturbing scenes. In fact, sometimes they definitely help portray a message. In this case, however, the last 22 minutes were UNBELIEVABLY unnecessary, and simply horrifying to watch. It is EXTREMELY inappropriate and downright creepy.
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Disappointing average and over rated
mariaroberts16 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Having recently watched 'Megan is missing'(written and directed by Michael Gori)spurred a few thoughts in my mind, and in fact how badly a so called 'horror' film can be directed.

Although all seems bad praises go to the writter in some kind of an extent for 'attempting' to bring a film to bring awareness to some's eyes.

Megan Stewart (14) and best friend Amy Herman (13) though differ to one another spend nearly every moment, day, and minute together. Clinging together for social acceptance. Megan becomes intrigued with a 'boy' on the internet, without knowing that this boy is in fact a paedophile, 'MAN'

If you consider the first 30 minutes of this film, it makes you feel as though you are back in school watching one of those educational teen documentaries that make teens think twice.

This film being rated a 15+ is a joke to me, it's disappointing and in fact disgusting. Me myself being a 15 year old was mentally scarred having watched this movie it's great to watch and be aware of the issues that can actually go on in the world we live in about 30 minutes in. But paedophilia for a film should not be shown this way.

Genuinely, realistically this film's moral issue should be aimed and shown to the clueless, teenagers and under-age.

But no, this film could not be shown to a 12 year old, and the reason being the last 30 minutes of this film turns into a mental amount of minutes of torture, rape and the de-humiliation of humans.

Since when was it OK to promote drinking and underage sex okay to do? Since when was making a film so unrealistic to real life issues okay? and most definitely above all since when was it okay to present such an issue as this in the most wrong way ever?

Take Trust (2010) a film including the same issue but different understandably okay scenes, it presents the issue with no need of there being any rape and violence in such a way Megan is missing is presenting

So really, watch this film go for it it's most definitely not a great film its just one that you'll watch be shocked about and recover from watching this disastrous film about two days after

This film is most definitely 'missing' the point.
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Michael Goi... Really?
simonbradley2520 August 2013
Worst. Movie. Ever. I cried but not because it was heart warming and sad. But because it was the WORST MOVIE EVER. The acting was terrible, the lighting was bad, the editing was terrible. It's as if the director didn't understand what makes a good movie. The acting is the most forced thing I've ever seen.

Honest the director has no concept of what us teenagers act like. He makes us look stupid and irresponsible. NOT ALL TEENAGERS ARE AS DUMB AS THE TERRIBLE ACTORS IN THIS MOVIE.

If you are considering watching this movie, save your time. Watch this video from Much more entertaining
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Terrible Movie!
Santiago Rubio21 July 2013
This movie is so pathetic that it actually encouraged me to write my first review on IMDb. Why? Because i think it would be a crime and an irresponsibility not to warn the world from the insulting garbage i just watched. The problem with this movie is everything! I can't imagine hoe they could ever think this was good. the acting is abysmal, the writing is lazy and even funny (in a bad way) and the directing is worst than terrible. The overall idea of the movie is just wrong, the way the characters behave is not even close to how real people would act. The whole point of the movie is antagonizing the internet when the director and the creators of the movie don't even understand the concept of online browsing. THE DIRECTOR... Oh my god this guy made some mistakes not even i would have made in a high school movie project! The quality of the shots doesn't match the devices this movie is supposed to be shot with (like cellphones, "computer files", and web-cam footage) WHO the HELL says COMPUTER FILES! There is even a scene where you can actually hear the guy yelling "ACTION!" and he didn't edit that out. How careless is that? Have you no shame? I was so impressed by this that I googled the guy, and he is the... wait i have to take a moment to say this... he is the PRESIDENT of the ASC (American Society of Cinematographers) That's it people. I'm out... I've got nothing. Do yourself a favor, and don't watch this movie. It's dumb, it's childish, it's terribly written, terribly acted, horribly edited and insultingly bad directed. It deserves less than a 0 in rating. From now on I will only write positive reviews for good movies because I don't want this to be my last one... It sure was my first one though.
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One of The Worst Movies I've Ever Seen---In My Entire Life
This is supposed to be based on actual events surrounding the disappearance of two teen girls. The director, Michael Goi claimed to have researched the case and used actual "computer files" to reconstruct the scenes.

Everything about this movie is terrible, the writing, the acting, the directing, even the lighting.

The actors stare directly into the camera all the time, and talk to it. When they have scenes together, there were supposedly Skyping, and the screen was split, again showing them talking to the camera. Aside from the oddness of having the actors talking to the camera instead of each other, teens don't Skype, they text. But that's just one of the many things fundamentally wrong with this film.

This movie is a good example for film students of what not to do.
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A Reminder of a Local Tragedy In My Home Town!!
fralligator27 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Actually my heart sank when I read the description of the movie because there were some striking similarities to a tragic case that happened here in Portland Oregon. Another reviewer mentioned that the movie is supposed to be based on a true story but when they tried to research it they could not find anything that matched. If you read more carefully you will see it is based on a study of multiple cases which I am guessing means they used elements from different cases to create this story.

Several years ago 2 teenage girls who were friends disappeared in Oregon City Oregon. Their names were Ashley Pond (almost 14 years old when she went missing) and Miranda Gaddis (14 years old when she vanished). They both lived in the same apartment complex on a dead end road. At the top of the road there was a house where a man named Ward Weaver lived with his daughter who was roughly the same age as Ashley and Miranda. The two girls became friends with Weaver's daughter. In August of 2001 Ashley accused Ward Weaver of attempting to rape her but the police did not investigate. In January of 2002 Ashley disappeared on her way to school. As in the movie - everyone searched for her including her friend Miranda - she was never found. Two months later Miranda vanished.

As in the movie there was media coverage that speculated the girls ran away. There was talk that one girl had a bit of a reputation and came from a home that would be considered "broken". Both families insisted their children were victims of foul play. They appealed to the public and put up ads on billboards all over the city. In both cases the girls left for the school bus stop at the top of the road but never made it there. They just seemed to vanish. They were never seen alive again.

For months there was speculation that Weaver had something to do with the girls vanishing but he denied it. I remember him giving a local news anchor a tour of his property showing his yard and proclaiming his innocence. I also remember being sickened when the truth came out. At the time of the interview they were standing on a recently poured cement pad and underneath that pad was the body of one of the girls in a blue barrel.

I remember being glued to the TV for hours in August of that year as the story broke. Every local channel ran uninterrupted coverage that weekend. I remember watching them use ground penetrating radar and cadaver dogs. I remember the video from the news helicopters as the police sifted through the dirt looking for the bones of the missing girls. Eventually they were both found dead on the property. One of the bodies was found in a shed. The other girl had been put in blue barrels before she was buried behind the house and then covered with concrete where Weaver planned to put a new hot tub. I remember crying for the families of those children whose lives were cut short by a monster. Watching this movie with all the similarities brought all of this to mind in vivid detail.

What I took from this movie was that this could happen to anyone's child in the blink of an eye. I grew up in that neighborhood. I had a friend that lived in the same apartments that those two girls had lived in. When I was a teenager I went to the same schools that Ashley and Miranda went to. I walked on the same roads, shopped at the same stores, etc. If this horror had happened 10 years earlier, it could have been me or one of my friends. From time to time I still have to drive past the place where those girls died and laid hidden in the ground while their families searched for them. Eventually they tore the house down but the land will never go away.

Who cares if the acting is bad, the writing is corny, the budget was cheap or if it was shot in a week - It is the message that is important. If this movie brings awareness to young girls or saves a single life it is worth every star I can give it.
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Not very interesting... then suddenly sadistic
Mark O Reilly11 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Very strange film, Serious subject matter but feels more like a hallmark true-lifer on the dangers of the internet. The acting is hammy and it becomes entirely camp when mock footage of news shows get added to the mix. The only moment close to shocking at this stage is a short and slightly uncomfortable description of one girls sexual abuse suffered as a child.

....Then suddenly and with very little foreshadowing it turns into a disturbing snuff movie for 22 minutes. I usually do not spoil as much as this but this film needs it. A prolonged and brutal rape of a 13 year old in real time is probably something you should be aware of.

I give it 3 stars for it's ability to truly impart an emotional impact, even if it is disgust and for it's message to teenagers in regards internet stranger-danger.

Over-all, completely gratuitous.
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negative rate awful example of what not to do in a movie... a simple history but with no artistic values or goodies to watch, with no other intention than to shocking our system without reasons...unless watchable reasons. some people with real mental problems do a film, so what? almost any Adam Sandler movie is the same but this contains gratuity mental violence.... With some The Blair Witch Project-style, this movie is not really a movie, is a visual palimpsest with nothing to offer.... really impossible to watch, obviously not for minors but also not for anyone who enjoy watch real cinema.... Avoid if possible....
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Highly Disturbing
dragon_maiden8 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I am having a hard time rating this movie for I have somewhat mixed feelings about it.

I'd like to start off by saying that I wish I had never watched this. Not in the usual sense of "why did I waste my $3 on this horrible movie," but because of the highly disturbing nature of the film.

As for the acting, I felt in the beginning that it was a movie made to show in high school about what not to do in the sense that the acting was... lacking. Overacting, longer pauses then would normally be in usual day to day conversation, etc. The best acting was done by Amber Perkins, the young woman who played Amy, Megan's best friend. However, the story itself and the premise behind it was not bad in and of itself. However... imagine mixing an unrated version of Criminal Minds with Saw... using teenagers. Graphic depictions of horrible acts flooded the last 45-60 minutes of the movie.

I do not believe that the actions of these young girls as depicted in the movie are all that far fetched. I personally know a young girl who acted the same way as these in the movie when she was the age of the characters.


The movie contained kidnapping, rape, murder, and... I'm not even sure how to describe it. Kidnapping in and of itself is frighting. However, the depiction of what happened to the girls afterwords, specifically Amy. However, at one point in the movie, there were two "photos" shown of what had happened to Megan. They depicted her in a "contraption," for lack of a better word, that she was stuck in, naked, where her mouth and eyes were forced open. Then a scene with Amy shows the "13" year old girl being raped by the man she was kidnapped by. While genitalia was never shown, the girl being bent over the same contraption her friend was stuck in, with her face being shoved down onto the board along with her screams, his movements and grunting and his bloodied hand afterwords, were. This was shortly followed by the reveal of Megan's lifeless, emaciated and just-beginning-to-decompose body.

As I said, this is a movie I wish I had not seen. For the reasons mentioned in the paragraph just above.

However, if you feel you can easily stomach these violent and disturbing images... the movie in and of itself is not all together horrible.
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This movie is the main argument as to why IMDb should have a rating less than 1
Arifs Vicotaum11 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
My god where to start.... this movie is so horribly bad that it actually made me write my first review here on IMDb. First of all, the "acting" is an insult and so is the directing and editing. Michael Goi clearly has no idea what he is doing. Technical screw ups aside, which on their own are already enough to drag the movie down to hell, the whole idea, concept and story are messed up as well.

First of all, the whole "Let's pretend this is actual footage" thing just makes no sense. Never really liked the concept to begin with but this movie just doesn't even try, let's ignore the fact that it would never be allowed in a realistic scenario and that a lot of the stuff in the movie wouldn't have been recorded in the first place by a sane teen, how exactly would you get a hold of effing skype calls in the first place? Next issue is how the girls act.... Michael Goi just has no bloody idea. If aliens were tasked with portraying teenaged human beings this is what they would come up with. Doesn't help that no one in the movie can act for their life. Next, for all the people who are saying that it's the message that counts and not the movie. Two things. One, not gonna say that the internet can't be a dangerous place where teens can screw up, but this is just blowing things out of proportion and is nothing but silly fear mongering by a man who doesn't understand the internet and in the spirit of a pre-civilization human is afraid of that unknown. All in all, the message isn't half as important as people think it is. Two, it's still a movie and it can be criticized as such. It's the ever lasting social justice warrior bullshit of "But the movie has a nice and positive message and is a force for good and as such whoever dares to say a bad thing about it is evil!", well guess what, not the world doesn't work like that. Even if this movie cured cancer, stopped all wars, collected kittens and brought them to orphans and then provided them with loving parents and fed every single hungry person in the world, it was still be a bad painful to watch movie.

And finally, about those 22 final minutes people like to bring up. For one it's shameless padding and two, during that rape scene that actress actually smiled, nearly chuckled. I mean bloody hell, can you get any more unprofessional than that? I burst out laughing at that point. I guess if you have a weak stomach and stuff and are easily offended those last parts can be problematic, but all i see are desperate attempts and a little Michael Goi standing in the background and screaming "Ohoh! Look how disturbing it is! This could be your daughter/sister right now! Please by scared by that and like this movie for the great message it's sending! Be disturbed!". This is just pathetic. It's not even a bad movie in the sense Troll 2, The Room or Birdemic are. It's not an enjoyable bad movie, it's just plain bad.

Overall rating, less than zero.
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The scariest drama among all horror movies
crazzzik5 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
8 1/2 days of work will keep you sleepless for weeks.

The movie does a great job showing lives of two young, somewhat spoiled teens as well as turning into a gruesome depiction of horrors of child kidnapping. The acting is good for a non-Hollywood actors and looks presentable overall. Even thou there is not a single picture or footage from real cases, it remains believable throughout the movie and beyond. The message is incredibly clear, you'll know.

I would not recommend this movie to anyone who have not seen death or struggle in real life to compare to. Final 22 minutes of the movie will stick to the walls of your brain without ability to scrape it off. Think well before seeing this movie, because you will not be able to "unsee" it. For those who compare it to something like Saw, Hostel, Silence of the Lambs or another horror Hollywood movie, you can't. The difference is that this one is done to believe in actions that happened in the movie. You will have a strong feeling that it actually happened. Don't let the genre trick you, it is more of a horror than a drama.

I would not recommend to watch this movie if you want to play on your nerves. Please see it for awareness sake ONLY.

Bottom line: It is well done movie made to raise awareness of internet predators and child kidnapping. If you dare to watch it, prepare to get shocked.

And keep your kids safe!
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A Very Underrated and Important Film
jayt21711 May 2011
Unsettling, yes, disturbing, yes. But even though this isn't the film I thought it would be when i picked it up at my local video store, i was intrigued and mesmerized by what this movie's subject matter really dealt with. Sure, people are bashing on the film for it's content because it is, probably the most disturbing film ever made, but even so, I think that those involved in the making of this film weren't overall trying to make a buck out of a gruesome situation. I think they were passionate about getting the message out there to people who don't realize, THESE THINGS DO HAPPEN!!!! Sure not every online predator has the intentions that are shown in this film, but to all the haters out there wishing cruel things upon the crew and those involved in the making of this film, completely missed the point of this film. Simply put, believe it or not, there ARE people like the predator depicted in this film out there, and more than likely, a lot more than people realize. This movie truly moved me, and opened my eyes to a truth most of us are unaware of or even consider half the time: the true harshness's people can be capable of. 'Megan Is Missing' is the most real experience of evil, that even Hollywood hasn't been able to make a film worthy of comparison. I have never felt the feelings I felt while watching the last 22 minutes of this film, and I'm pretty positive I'll never forget them either. I award this film 10 stars out of 10 because 'Megan Is Missing is hands-down the most brutally honest, daring, and important film ever made, with a message that exceeds it's 80-some minute runtime. I believe everyone should see this film, even if you have a weak stomach. As harsh as this film is, it may just save someone's life.
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Its only a movie.
Snaggletooth .13 May 2011
Well, I guess after reading the rest of the reviews here I can categorise how this has been received as either being a great horror movie, a rubbish horror movie, or those that find it a "sick" movie. Funnily enough, its the last category of review that I find the most interesting. Do folks generally read up on a film, and what its about before they watch it? I would tend to think they do. So those of you who thought this was "sick" - can I ask just wtf did you expect to see? An inane Adam Sandler comedy? A Hollywood blockbuster with Bruce Willis? Maybe a animated Disney film? Do you catch my drift? Why did you bother going to see this, or renting it, if you knew it wasn't for you? Many people avoid "horror" movies simply because they just don't like them, but in here we seem to have a few idiots who are claiming that this is the "most disgusting film ever made" (lol) - you really haven't seen many films have you my friends? To call this sick is a huge overstatement, and while its purely a work of fiction, I find it quite unsettling that someone here asked that the director be shot - hmm....who's "sick" now eh? A work of fiction inciting a work of real-life murder? Nice! Actually the guy who directed this has been around for a long time, and a lot of his work is comedy, and while I found a few bits of the movie unnerving myself, it still played quite well and it certainly didn't stay with me beyond the time it took me to watch it. Maybe it was full of plot holes and maybe the acting was a bit hammed up now and then, but for a flick shot in a short space of time, and on a small budget, I think it wasn't bad at all (that digging scene is way too long though - the first cinematic hole ever dug from start to finish without a cutaway? lol). Anyway, I suppose it would make parents of teenage girls think twice about who their kids might be talking to in their bedrooms in this age of rampant social networking. But beyond that, I've seen much sicker than this, and I didn't ask for those directors to be killed even once.
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Imagine if E4's 'Skins' was better written.
JesusIsCute12 May 2011
Megan Is Missing creates realistic characters, some likable, some just plain nasty. The relationship between the two main girls, Megan and Amy, is extremely involving, i found myself smiling along with them and their intimate chats, and laughing with them too. Despite the subject matter, this film does have a sense of humour right up until the kidnapping occurs. The writer/director has a clear insight into the minds of teenagers and the way things work in that world. Some of the scenes in this film, and the emotions conveyed could have been plucked right out of my own childhood. When the kidnapping occurs, the atmosphere of the movie becomes grim. People become hysterical and the characters you didn't like in the first half of the film, you'll absolutely hate now. Well made film here, but only watch if you're in the mood for something disturbing. I'd be surprised if this didn't become a cult classic.
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They went missing, and...?
Paul Magne Haakonsen26 January 2013
This movie was nothing at all what I had expected or hoped it would be. The first three-fourths of the movie is basically just teenage girls goofing around, trash talking and being teens. However, I will say that the last quarter turned out to take a more interesting twist, however, it hardly made up for suffering through the first three quarters.

You should take heed that there is a lot of explicit sexual dialogue in the movie, which I sort of found inappropriate and too much, especially coming from girls who were only 14 years old.

The story is about a teenage girl who meets a stranger on the Internet, and then ends up missing. The whole community is in an uproar, searching everywhere for the missing teen. Then her best friend goes missing as well, and no one knows who is behind the ghastly abductions.

Acting-wise, then "Megan is Missing" doesn't really hold anything overly impressive. The performances put on here are adequate, but not memorable. And I was mostly just offended and outraged at the way the teenagers behaved and talked, more than I had feelings or sympathy for them. So on my account, the movie failed to properly deliver its messages. And it was only the more gruesome events in the last quarter of the movie that managed to fully turn out to be interesting in my opinion.

"Megan is Missing" is the type of movie that you watch once, and then never again. For a movie that is based on real events, then it turned out to be a rather one-dimensional and non-emotional portrayal of the events.
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Eric Lorenz21 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
We left the last 22 minutes uncut from Amy's cam to pad the movie some more. Amy pleading in the barrel for the last 15+ minutes of the movie (it may have been more, I had to fast forward) while Josh is digging is excruciating. Not many movies make me angry, but this one did.

The only part that was somewhat shocking even if they did show the barrel every time Josh went to see Amy in the dungeon/holding cell (wherever it was). We all knew Megan was in there, but the image of the decaying Megan was nicely done when he opened it up.

Don't get me wrong, I love horror/suspense movies like these but pass on this one. It's not worth your time.
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