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Sex & Nudity

  • The show contains frequent moderate sex references and sexualized nudity, and occasional strong sex references.
  • Most episodes of the show involve some undetailed discussion of sexual activity. -- 12 (moderate)
  • Some episodes contains some stronger references to sexual activity including to sexual acts. -- 15 (strong)
  • One episode contains brief sight of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick having sex, although this is in long-shot, shown only for a few seconds, and all nudity is blurred out. -- 12 (brief moderate sex)
  • Many of the episodes show the family members posing for photoshoots wearing some provocative clothing or in sexual poses. Some scenes include blurred, but relatively strong, sexualized nudity. -- 15 (sexualized nudity)
  • Sex/nudity as a whole -- 15

Violence & Gore

  • The show contains very infrequent mild violence.
  • One episode of the show (series 13, episode 2) contains moderate references to violence and sexual violence.
  • The episode in question involves Kim Kardashian describing, in some detail, her traumatic experience of being robbed at gunpoint. This includes a brief reference to sexual threat when she describes how, at one point, she believed she was going to be raped. -- 12
  • Mild violence includes a woman slapping a man in the face -- PG
  • Violence as a whole -- 12


  • The uncensored version of the show contains occasional strong language and infrequent coarse language.
  • Very infrequent use of coarse language including "cocksucker" and "motherfucker" -- 15
  • There is occasional use of strong language ("fuck"). -- 15
  • Frequent use of moderate and mild bad language (including "God", "Jesus", "shit", "piss", "dick", "bitch", etc.) -- 12
  • Language/manners as a whole -- 15

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The show contains very infrequent mild drugs references
  • Alcohol/drugs/smoking as a whole -- PG

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The show contains some intense family situations, arguments, and scenes of emotional distress.
  • Threat/horror/intense scenes as a whole -- PG
  • Ratings: U -- Universal (suitable for all), PG -- Parental Guidance, 12 -- Unsuitable for under 12s, 15 -- Unsuitable for under 15s, 18 -- Suitable only for adults.
  • SHOW AS A WHOLE: 15. Unsuitable for under 15s.
  • Viewing advice: coarse language, strong sex references, sexualized nudity

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