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Episode #13.14

Khloe explores the possibility of becoming Kim's surrogate but receives some shocking news in the process; the sisters pressure Kourtney to step up her flirting game; Rob threatens to bail on his 30th birthday.


3 Jan. 2010
Shape Up or Ship Out
Kourtney feels Scott isn't taking her pregnancy seriously and issues him an ultimatum: if he doesn't start putting in more of an effort, their relationship is over.
10 Jan. 2010
Must Love Dogs
Kim finds a Chihuahua roaming the streets, and she unsuccessfully tries to find its owner but can't bear to leave it behind.
24 Jan. 2010
Body Blows
The Kardashian clan heads into the boxing ring! Bruce and Kris are deeply disappointed when all of the girls back out of attending an important charity event. Meanwhile, Kourtney gets a reality check when she and Scott baby-sit for three kids and she starts to question her ability to be a good mother.
31 Jan. 2010
Weekend from Hell
Kourtney arranges a special weekend trip to Santa Barbara with her sisters that unexpectedly turns out horrible. Meanwhile, Kylie turns jealous when Kris helps her sister Kendall launch a modeling career.
14 Feb. 2010
I Want Your Sex
Khloe decides to make a sexy "love tape" for Lamar to take with him while he's away. But Khloe ends up beyond embarrassed when the tape ends up in the wrong hands.
21 Feb. 2010
Blame It on the Alcohol
While in Vegas for Kim's 29th birthday, tempers flare when Scott gets belligerent during Kim's b-day dinner and forces the entire family to question Kourtney's relationship with him.
28 Feb. 2010
Delivering Baby Mason
Scott tries to make things right with Kourtney and her family after his unacceptable behavior in Las Vegas. But Kris believes Scott has crossed the line and doesn't believe he deserves to be a part of their family.
22 Aug. 2010
Kim's House Party
Kim moves into her gorgeous new mansion and becomes obsessed with keeping it in pristine condition. Meanwhile, Kourtney needs to decide whether or not she can continue living with Khloe when she refuses to let Scott on her property
29 Aug. 2010
Blind Date
Eager to get Kim back in the dating scene, Kris makes it her mission to find her newly single daughter a new man. Meanwhile, Khloe grows extremely frustrated with her family when they keep trying to bribe her for Lakers playoff tickets.
5 Sep. 2010
The Missing Ring
Khloe is torn when she realizes she has lost her seven-carat engagement ring and opts not to tell Lamar. However, the tables turn when Rob and Lamar find her ring and decide to teach her a lesson about lying.
6 Sep. 2010
My Bodyguard
Kris convinces Kim to take on professional security to accompany her to events. But when Kim finally meets her hot Australian bodyguard Shengo, she starts to develop a serious crush on him.
12 Sep. 2010
Botox and Cigarettes
Kim decides to try Botox to get rid of the lines around her eyes, but she ends up having a bad physical reaction to it that ends up making her more self-conscious than before.
19 Sep. 2010
Kourt Goes A.W.O.L.
When no one in Kourtney's family makes an effort to attend Scott's birthday party in Las Vegas, it pushes her to consider moving to New York with Scott.
26 Sep. 2010
Match Made in Hell
Khloe's incessant teasing of her brother Rob and best friend Malika pushes them to plot a prank against her.
3 Oct. 2010
No Boys Allowed
Tensions arise between Bruce and 12-year-old Kylie when she breaks the rules by inviting a boy up to her room. But when Kylie runs away without telling her parents, will Bruce realize he may have come down too hard on her?
10 Oct. 2010
Kris 'The Cougar' Jenner
Unhappy about getting older, Kris starts to feel down on herself about her looks and hires Storm, a hot personal trainer, to help her get back into shape.
17 Oct. 2010
Dash No More
Friends set a reluctant Kim up on a date with NFL player Miles Austin; Bruce and Scott begin to spend time together; Kourtney wants to close the DASH store in Calabasas.
24 Oct. 2010
The Kardashians Take NYC
The girls go to New York City for the 4th of July, where they visit friends and celebrate Khloe's birthday. Scott, trying to convince Kourtney that their future is in New York, takes her and Mason to meet his parents. Kim and Miles step out as a couple for the first time, earning her Reggie's scorn. Meanwhile, Bruce, stun by Kris's assertion that he's become a fuddy-duddy, hits the L.A. club scene with Rob and Rob's pals, and gets more than he bargained for.
10 Oct. 2010
Junk in the Trunk 2
The Kardashian family shares their favourite moments from the past few years and never-before-seen footage.

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