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28 Aug. 2007
The School Run
Schoolmaster Pete Brockman and his wife Sue, a part-time P.A.,feel 'outnumbered' by their three children - Jake,a worrier,about to start secondary school,five-year-old Karen,inquisitive about everything and Ben,at seven already a compulsive liar. It's back to school and Ben is claiming it's Show and Tell. He wants to take Pete's drill to school and Pete has to give him a fiver to stop him. Having demonstrated the use of a fork as a weapon Karen is discovered to have nits in her hair and wants to keep one as a pet. Sue sends her boss Veronica a less than polite email ...
29 Aug. 2007
The Special Bowl
Dinner-time at the Brockmans is a noisy affair, as Ben's friend Deion joins them and proves to be another liar - with his stories of a drunken father who puts rats in his bed, and a mother in jail for attempted murder. Ben doesn't help by wrapping him in toilet paper to make him into an Egyptian mummy, and blaming him for hiding his meal under a cushion. Karen refuses to eat as she has not been given her usual bowl - in fact it is a replacement for one Sue broke, and hoped Karen wouldn't notice. A remark from Jake forces Pete to admit that a joke he made about a ...
30 Aug. 2007
The City Farm
On Karen's birthday,Sue drives her and her brothers,Grandad and Angela to a farm park,getting stuck in traffic where Ben makes rude gestures to other drivers. On arrival they are eventually joined by Pete,who has been asked to write a statement of regret by his headmaster for his supposedly racist comments - which have now featured him on a website. Sue and Angela argue over Angela's care of Grandad,who goes missing for a while,and Sue and Pete are further put out when Angela gives all the children ten pounds to spend.Whilst washing their hands Karen notices bruises ...
3 Sep. 2007
The Quiet Night In
Pete comes home from watching Ben play football,having learned that his son has told people that his father knows the prime minister and is terminally ill. He and Sue decide to have a quiet night in during which he will write his letter of regret. However he refuses to back down over calling Kamal,the boy in question, fat. Sue's divorced friend Jane turns up to collect Alexa,her little girl who has been playing with Karen. She is a nervous,intense soul who pours out all her troubles,at first to Sue and then to Angela when she pops round. After everybody has gone Pete ...
4 Sep. 2007
The Mystery Illness
Ben claims that he is too sick to go to school but Pete packs him off anyway. Ben however returns early having convinced the new school nurse that he was ill - in order to get out of swimming. Angela arrives,upset that her boyfriend Trent has dumped her. The family rallies round. Sue gives up her efforts to clear the waste disposal unit and calls a plumber after a trying day in which her boss Veronica has kept on at her to find a printer supplier. Eventually Sue resigns over the phone. Pete too looks like he might be unemployed after an 'accidental' conversation with ...
5 Sep. 2007
The Dinner Party
Having stopped Karen from leaving home Sue tells Veronica that she will not be returning to work. At least Pete has kept his job and Jake solved his bullying problem,by engaging a bully of his own. The Brockmans hold a dinner party for friends Ravi and Kuj and Angela, which goes well,despite Ben's breaking the eggs into the mixing bowl shells and all and Sue's need to con Angela into thinking they are eating a free range chicken. Ben acts as waiter and asks for a drink of gin. His parents' allowing him to do so does not have the desired salutary effect. Angela ...

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